The XBOX One


How could you even tell at 480p? Hah.


I do remember the game playing pretty fast on original Xbox. But I obviously don’t really know how it compares. As Tim points out, it’s tough to compare apples to apples, since the resolution was so much lower back then. It definitely looks good and plays fast on Xbox One.


I tried out Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m sure this is a great game, but it’s really a relief to play a game that’s so obviously not for me. I can feel my backlog breathe a sigh of relief behind me. Phew! Not for me!


So Shadow of the Tomb Raider hits Gamepass this month. Gotta be one of the quickest times a $60 game came to the service. Guess it didn’t sell to well at retail.


Heads up, Xbox Insiders - you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a technical test of Crackdown 3’s Wrecking Zone (that’s Crackdown 3’s multiplayer mode) on Thursday, February 7. This is specifically being described as not a beta, but information gathering. Which I kind of thought was a beta, but whatever you want to call it.


I’d be more interested in Wrecking Zone if they didn’t make the city that’s got full destruction look like some kind of TRON city. What’s the point of having cloud-powered fully destructive environments if you’re going to make the buildings all TRON-looking?


So that you can have cloud powered fully destructive environments.


In the unlikely event that you own an Xbox but do not own a copy of the original Crackdown, good news! Microsoft is giving the game away for free. Just go here:

And download away! Still a pretty darn great game.


That’s me. Am I the Xbox Unicorn?


I wrote that post for you, KevinC. Because I care.




Yeah, who knew. I didn’t even bother posting about that yesterday, because I figured there’s no one that could possibly not own Crackdown by now, they’ve given it away so often.


I got an email today asking me to tell my friends that Fishing Sim World is available to play for free this weekend for Gold members, so here I am telling my friends on Qt3.

I don’t know why I got this email.


With news like this, I’m not sure it’s worth being your friend anymore.


But the fishing is pretty fun in RDR2 right? And this is an entire game of fishing so it’s probably even more fun. Yeah, pretty sure that checks out.


Plus RDR2 fishing is a small area of the United States. Here, Fishing Sim World presumably has the whole world available for fishing.



Interesting article with some soft numbers about user engagement with Game Pass.


Several games are leaving Game Pass at the end of the month. I wish Microsoft announced this themselves, since they do talk up games coming into the service. I think people understand that it’s a rotating service, they’ve probably adjusted to this with stuff like Netflix.


Aven Colony, nooo. Such a relaxing builder.

Shadow Warrior… you know, I can’t actually remember if I bought this game or if I’m playing through GamePass… but it is AWESOME. If I don’t own I’m gonna buy it (on the next sale). I think Shadow Warrior 2 is on GamePass to isn’t it? I should play that asap too just in case it’s next.