The XBOX One

Much though I love Double Fine, Microsoft would be kind of insane to throw money at them

Gears 5 is gold!

I had a lot of fun with the Technical Test, even though I normally don’t play multiplayer much these days. Hope the co-op PVE is just as good.

Aw crap, I downloaded the Technical Test, but totally forgot to play it. I’ll have to remember to uninstall that one of these days. I wish things like that would get automatically uninstalled.

Sure, but that wasn’t the plan when it was Black Tusk. They lured away a bunch of top talent originally, too, and got as far as showing a teaser for Shanghai Heist at E3 before being retasked. We don’t know what will actually come out of the Initiative yet, either.

Hey, Slay The Spire was relaxed today for Xbox, and included on Game Pass. I’ve been wanting to check it out for a while.

Microsoft has announced an upcoming [email protected] open house, so if you’re in the area you can RSVP and check out some upcoming games. But the article includes an announcement of some new games coming to Xbox as well:

Thanks - that looks really cool. I’ll probably go.

So I’ve been clicking on the Games With Gold tab every day, waiting for Forza 6, even though I could just look at the date and realize it’s not time yet. But today I searched for Forza 6 and it’s available for free now, finally. Yay!

And I noticed that there’s an add-on bundle that’s normally $100. This contains the VIP pass, all the car packs, the Nascar Expansion, the Porsche expansion, everything ever released for the game. And it’s currently on sale for $5. So I couldn’t pass that up. Bought.

Just in case anyone was wondering, looks like once MS has fulfilled existing commitments made by studios they’ve purchased to release games on other platforms, new games will be released solely on MS platforms.

I hope they continue to do Play Anywhere though with 1st party stuff. Even if not many 3rd parties join that program. It’s rare, but when I do have games on both PC and Xbox, it’s really convenient for it to sync up save games and let me go back and forth.

Same here. That is such an amazing convenience.

I was hoping I would see more of that in Game Pass games that are on both PC and Xbox like Void Bastards but that hasn’t materialized yet.

I thought only first party games were Play Anywhere.

Well that is mostly the case, but there are other titles like Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Steamworld Dig 2, Everspace, The Long Dark , etc. that also support the feature (though it isn’t a huge list).

I was naïvely hoping other games in the Game Pass library would support it too.

Actually the list is bigger than I thought it would be, but I guess I haven’t been paying attention. Plenty of third party stuff there.

It’s been really good for Astroneer. Allows us to play it multiplayer from my account on the PC and my daughter’s on the Xbox.

Next GWG:

Hitman 2016
Earth Defense Force 2025

We Were Here
Tekken Tiger Tournament 2

Pretty “bleh” month.

Games With Gold and PS+ are becoming a pretty bad value in general for me. Any “big” games I already own, and past that it’s just the odd indie title that grabs my interest.

We were here, that looks like it could be nice.

I feel like I was already given free Hitman Season 1 from somewhere. I thought it was Xbox Live Gold, but it must not have been.

I never know if this stuff is coming to PC. XBox branding is confusing. Wouldn’t mind giving an EDF a go.