The XBOX One


Goddamnit man, you just made getting out of bed worthwhile today. Phantom like to you!


Aw now I have to try it again. I lost my momentum right after they introduced the gothy faction, but it’s been long enough to want to start over.


You were pretty far along then. I don’t think it’s really spoiling things too much to say the last part of the game feels a little truncated.

But I am so stoked this game is now back compat. I’m not even a big metal fan, I just loved the world they made and all the characters within it. And some great voices - Jack Black, Brian Posehn, Rob Halford, Ozzy - they’re all just great. I’d gotten so used to Ozzy in that reality show, wandering around his house dazed and slurring his words - then in the game he’s so on, and you can clearly understand him, I was kind of shocked actually.


I bought it used and played like 5 minutes before I broke the disc in half because of smoking in the game.


These BC reveals are becoming painful now.


Go play some Brutal Legend, you’ll feel better!



Vermintide 2 DLC is up on Xbox. Game is free to play on Gamepass and DLC is free to play via Quick play mode!

Time to go kill some ratmen!


Looks like an achievement list has dropped for the Amnesia games by Friction, which usually means a release is imminent. I don’t believe I ever played A Machine for Pigs and I don’t think I knew there was a game called Justine, so I may need to check this out.


Pretty sure I saw this on the upcoming games list on the Xbox store (on my Xbox).



Let’s say a friend is thinking of an Xbox One to add just for RDR2 about to come out. If said friend were to go that route, what is the best base, upgrade or combo system going right now?

You know, because my friend would need this information.


I don’t follow.


It’s not an Xbox Exclusive, unless your friend wants to play half a dozen Forza titles and a shitty Halo sequel, maybe they could just get a PS4 and have fun with Spiderman, Horizon, Uncharted, Blooodborne, and God of War too.


I see a crap ton of Xbox One S models that are discontinued. I have no idea why. There are a ton of combos (with games) but I’m not sure what’s hot right now. Is the model X really that much better?


Oh, so combo means bundle? Right. Don’t know about that. If there’s a game you want bundled with the console and it’s cheaper than separate, buy it? Basically, unless money is really tight, get an X. If you have a 4K TV, or plan to get one, definitely get an X.

Re: Kerzain’s point, it’s fair enough if exclusives are important to you, but I’d counter-argue that between them Gamepass and EA Access basically pay for a console in themselves. They’re both astoundingly good value.


Considered, but I actually have an active Live subscription and games played on a 360. At the very least, I would need a PS subscription as well if I went that route, right? Or is the freebie sub, ‘good enough?’


It can be. Depending on how strongly you feel about performance (and if you have a 4K TV), you may want to wait to see a Digital Foundry analysis. But in general, the standard Xbox One/Xbox One S has the worst performance this generation. The standard PS4 is usually better, the PS4 Pro better still, and the Xbox One X the best.

The actual differences will vary by game though.


Excellent summary comparison. I guess i should gander at the game list for both, but I’ve been completely isolated from anything PS exclusive, so I honestly don’t know. PS4 isn’t 4K?


Pro is, though nine times out of ten it’s checkerboarded rather than native 4K.

Like WhollySchmidt says, just check out some DF comparison videos and see how much the differences matter to you.


This seems very linear but in reality it’s more like:

Xbox One < PS4 <<<< PS4 Pro << Xbox One X

In short, get an Xbox One X if you have the funds.