The XBOX One

What do you use your Kin for?

Isn’t instagram just pictures of food & models? What does that have to do with games?

Whatever Clippy tells me to.

Spencer and Major Nelson confirmed on Twitter today that there’s going to be no kind of forced integration with Facebook or anything.

It sounds like this is mostly about giving Instagram the same functionality YouTube is supposed to eventually have with Stadia - the ability to launch into xCloud games and stuff directly from the website.

Mixer was removed as it’s own tab from the Xbox dash a while ago too, so unless you “opt-in” to this kind of stuff (which I won’t be), I imagine it’ll be pretty much invisible to you. They also said you’ll have the ability to stream to more than Facebook Gaming from your Xbox.

Honestly, after reading up more, I’m not really clear on what Facebook even got in this Mixer deal.

Some of the “talent” will probably move over (Facebook takes over the contracts for those who want to do that), and I guess they hope the people who watch on Mixer will follow as well (there’s a Facebook page that links to the Facebook pages of Mixer streams you follow). So they’ll end up with more streamers and people watching streams on their platform. But, yeah, I can’t imagine Facebook paid much for this “deal”.

New games coming to Game Pass soon:

I played Observation when it was released on Epic Games Store a while back, I liked it. Sort of in line with Tacoma, Turing Test and Deliver Us the Moon (all of which are on Game Pass, oddly enough). The Messenger is already on PC Game Pass, as is Night Call.

It will be nice to finally be able to play Night Call. I still launch that game regularly on PC, hoping it will work, but I still can’t get past the title screen. Over the last few months, the curiousity has just grown and grown from looking at that title screen. What could the game be about? What kind of graphics did they use to represent being a cab driver in Paris? I wonder if you get to see any famous landmarks? How deep can you talk to your passengers?

Also there’s a new video out showing a quick look at some new [email protected] stuff coming soon -

I recognize Falconeer, which I believe had the developer show up to discuss in the game’s thread here. I like the look of Trash Sailors and Dead Static Drive, personally.

Yeah, those three really stood out, but they all had a neat style. I’m glad Xbox seems to have repaired its rep with indie devs.

Yep, those are games all right.

Sweeeeet. I almost bought WRC 8 in the last sale. I had that exact thought, that it will probably be free with Gold or Game Pass soon, so I shouldn’t do it.

I already own Saints Row 2. I haven’t heard of the other two.

Meh. Two rally racers in 3 months? Anyone who has any interest in SR2 has already bought it during one of its numerous $2.49 sales. Maybe there will be folks on the multiplayer for a week or so. But I don’t think that’s been the case with other 360 BC GWG titles. That was me trying to be optimistic. And failing.

Well, I wanted to play Saint’s Row 2 again someday, might as well do it on Xbox.

Juju has decent reviews

Juju looks really cool in that video. But there must be some reason why I’ve never heard of that particular Xbox 360 game before. Looking at metacritic, it looks like it didn’t get enough reviews to even be formally scored. Gamespot gave it a 60/100 though, so that can’t be good.

So I linked a video a couple days ago about new [email protected] games coming this year, but apparently I missed the other five videos with many more games on the way. So, here you go:

Lot of really nice looking stuff in there.

Speaking of the graveyard of MS corporate ADD…

So much for my thought that I might pick a Series X at the MS store in my town.

It seems like Microsoft is cutting dead weight. I wonder… is this in response to COVID, general belt tightening, or shoring up the bottom line for a big loss leader in the XSX?

A little of column A, a little of column B I’d imagine. My employer closes down underperforming stores as normal business and decided that COVID was a good time to dump a bunch of stores at once by simply never reopening them.

Okay, just cruised through all those videos. They definitely put the ‘hits’ in the first one, but there were a few more interesting games in the rest, mixed in with what felt like a dozen pixel art side-scrollers.

Ok, that was mean, at least one of those looked interesting, Carrion by Devolver- that’s some cool shit right there. And I guess Backbone technically fits that description, too, but isn’t that sort of game.

Voidtrain, The Ascent and Everspace 2 look good as well, but we’ve seen them before. Also, Universim could be cool.

Thanks for posting those.

I just got done watching these. Thanks for posting them!

I thought they all had really interesting looking games except for Spotlight Series 6, the last video. In that one I was only interested in Voidtrain, the rest looked uninteresting to me. And there were a couple of 2D pixel art action games in the previous videos that looked uninteresting, but other than that, they all had a lot of potential.

I’ll put it this way, if this was back on the 360, where every XBLA game had a demo? I’d be checking out nearly all these demos. As it is, most of these will come out and I’ll never even know it. Which is sad. I miss demos.