The XFL returns in 2020

Make football great again, I guess.

Maybe, after Trump is booted out of the White House, he can kill this as well.

Yeah, I trust McMahon’s word about as much as I trust Trump’s.

Over-under on games actually played: 0.

They should sign up Tom Brady when Belichick cuts him 2 years from now. Make his health company one of the prime sponsors. Let him play till he’s 50. He can even leave a MAGA hat in his locker if he wants.

I think there’s a kernel of a good idea here - I think there’s a lot lost in between CFB and NFL that a competitor professional league can harness. Maybe teams with direct ties to specific CFB conferences or something.

If it was treated as a true minor league, with NFL teams perhaps having an interest in the XFL teams and no bidding wars for players, maybe the XFL could work in a few markets. But as competition for the NFL (or even college) it doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

hahah, I had to Google this. It’s so crazy that this is an actual thing.

There are several defacto minor league football leagues, including Arena, Canadian, and any number of failed minor leagues. There’s clearly just no demand for it.

Might as well just invest in Legends Football League (possibly NSFW).

I think those minor leagues are trying too hard to compete against the NFL and not trying to cultivate college football fans.

I think a pro-league that has the looser offences found in CFB could get popular.

Maybe. I’m not exactly sure how you cultivate college fans, when “college” is the key for many of them, rather than a specific sport per se.

It possible, but I don’t see it.

Collage football already is the “minor leagues” for the NFL. This needs far more than McMahon’s 100 million to work. Also him owning all the teams sounds like a mess too.

Except for the one team that wears gold lame and speaks with a lisp named The Flamers, who are the bad guys and always lose.

So the first XFL game is on. Anybody watching it? Its mostly football with weird kickoffs and no extra points but 1/2/3 point conversions. Oh and they they let you hear the calls being made and have reporters doing occasional questions to the HC during the game. Gimmicky but…sorta fun too.


That kickoff seems like a pretty good compromise of allowing an actual run back attempt while reducing the issues of high speed contact across the entire team.

I watched about 10 minutes. It is basically college football for ex-college players who weren’t quite good enough to be in the NFL. For example, Cardale Jones.

I liked the kickoff changes, they would seem to reduce injuries but also increase the odds of a kick runback touchdown, since all you have to get through is a single line of defense.

Otherwise, I guess no extra point kicks. I don’t care either way.

Otherwise, the talent level looks pretty even, so I would expect competitive games. The live coaches and interviews just struck me as distracting.

I have been watching some of it.

I have no idea whether it will keep my interest for a whole season, but I am curious to see where some old players ended up and to see how they perform. I am interested enough that I may check out what teams they have and look at some rosters for players I know.

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