The "Zachary Levi" Chuck as Captain Marvel? Shazam!


My cousin had no idea it existed either, but I know the shows from reviews on sites like IGN (and I think Qt3 is where I first saw the trailer for Titans and dismissed it - but now with Doom Patrol and Young Justice, and people do seem to like it, I guess I’ll try it).

It’s only a 7 day trial, and it’s $8 a month for the sub which isn’t terrible. There isn’t much content which, honestly, is a bit of a relief because while I don’t mind subbing for a month to catch up and maybe another month at the end of the year to finish seasons off, I don’t know if I need another monthly fee and MORE stuff to watch. I still haven’t even watched Travellers, and I found out last night the IMDB streaming service (did anyone know this was a thing?!) let’s me watch Fringe for free (with ads, nothing terrible so far though)! I missed Fringe, so I’m watching that now.

That was quite the aside.


Here’s the first trailer. As mentioned, it’s more obvious that it’s two kids there - though they do look very similar once they’re very caps as @WhollySchmidt notes. .


So I got to see an early showing of this today, but only got to see about 65% of the movie. My daughter ran to the bathroom and started throwing up so we went home. This was seriously disappointing because this movie was GREAT. Very funny, and the comparisons to Big are apt. Anxious to go back and see the whole thing in 2 weeks. Thumbs way up for me.


Nice! Glad to hear you liked it. All the reviews so far are surprisingly strong.


Wonder how many people Shazam is going to kill in this movie, can’t have the power of Gods and not indulge in some wanton murder… /s


Keep it in your pants, Kid Miracleman.