The "Zachary Levi" Chuck as Captain Marvel? Shazam!

My cousin had no idea it existed either, but I know the shows from reviews on sites like IGN (and I think Qt3 is where I first saw the trailer for Titans and dismissed it - but now with Doom Patrol and Young Justice, and people do seem to like it, I guess I’ll try it).

It’s only a 7 day trial, and it’s $8 a month for the sub which isn’t terrible. There isn’t much content which, honestly, is a bit of a relief because while I don’t mind subbing for a month to catch up and maybe another month at the end of the year to finish seasons off, I don’t know if I need another monthly fee and MORE stuff to watch. I still haven’t even watched Travellers, and I found out last night the IMDB streaming service (did anyone know this was a thing?!) let’s me watch Fringe for free (with ads, nothing terrible so far though)! I missed Fringe, so I’m watching that now.

That was quite the aside.

Here’s the first trailer. As mentioned, it’s more obvious that it’s two kids there - though they do look very similar once they’re very caps as @WhollySchmidt notes. .

So I got to see an early showing of this today, but only got to see about 65% of the movie. My daughter ran to the bathroom and started throwing up so we went home. This was seriously disappointing because this movie was GREAT. Very funny, and the comparisons to Big are apt. Anxious to go back and see the whole thing in 2 weeks. Thumbs way up for me.

Nice! Glad to hear you liked it. All the reviews so far are surprisingly strong.

Wonder how many people Shazam is going to kill in this movie, can’t have the power of Gods and not indulge in some wanton murder… /s

Keep it in your pants, Kid Miracleman.


Saw the WHOLE movie today after the sick kid incident. My review stands - a wonderfully fun superhero movie. The final act was a little weaker than the rest but still enjoyable and had some nice twists. Recommended to just about everyone. My 13 year old twins LOVED it.

Saw this last night with the family and definitely a win. The cast is great and they milk the premise nicely.

I read that the director just finished two horror movies and it really shows, creating a strange dichotomy. Some of the scenes were very horresque, cutting directly to kid comedy. I felt for the family next to me with a kids under 5.

From adult perspective I enjoyed it more than Captain Marvel. Like a toned down version of deadpool as far as comedy.

This was very good, probably the best DC comics movie yet. Unsurprisingly it’s the closest to capturing the Marvel formula: the right mix of drama, action, emotion, humor, heart, and genuine stakes. Not afraid to hit the characters hard emotionally but also willing to let them rise up afterwards. A nice tight script.

If you happened to have read the Shazam backup feature in the early New 52 Justice League run, it’s very surprising to see the same characters handled with a lighter touch to great improvement. Johns’ Billy Batson was just a jerk, the film lets him be a loner but not unlikeable.

So I had little to no interest in this movie. My sister went with her family, and they made what they’re calling a parent of one rookie mistake because they said my nephew was terrified, but didn’t want to leave. He’s six. She would not recommend this to young kids, and the horror type pieces were not that clear in the trailer. They take full responsibility though, and now I have visions of my nephew having two sets of hands hiding his eyes and ears. They didn’t leave because he wanted to stay. He did like the rest of the movie and went to sleep later so probably minimal scaring.

She kept comparing some scene she won’t fully tell me about to something akin to Jurassic Park.She won’t tell me in full details because she’s convinced I will see it and actually really like it… despite my reaction to the trailer.

Yeesh, 6 seems pretty young for a PG-13 movie. I’m sure the kid will be fine, though.

Almost all if not all of MCU is PG-13. He does fine with those but… Jurassic Park is also PG-13… I mean the range on PG-13 is actually really big. It sounds like Shazam might be just under R due to like two scenes or something.

There are some scary monsters/demons that are definitely not 6 year old appropriate. I would say a minimum of age 10.

Yep I will agree with the thread. I went to the movie by myself to scope it out and even though my older kids watch MCU stuff the main villain in a couple scenes is just too much. Not until they’re older.

The movie was pretty damn good though, and managed to surprise me at the end even though in hindsight I should have seen it coming. Which in my mind is the best kind of surprise.

This is a pretty mature PG-13, with the violence and two emotional scenes that I think are over PG-13 and veer into more R territory because I just don’t think many young teenagers are really going to comprehend those scenes - you’d have to be seriously jaded to write them off. Combined with the off screen decapitation that occurred about 0.4 seconds after it was implied I would definitely not recommend this to kids under 10.

Saying all that, we enjoyed it (my son is 16) and I think there were many fun scenes as he learned his powers & started with a new family that was awesome - so many of the negativity in the two scenes I mention above are counterbalanced by a great couple who runs the group home of adoptive kids.

The villain had a slightly different twist on why he wanted to kill the superhero which I appreciated.

Our theater was mostly empty - probably 20-30 people at most. I was surprised.

Quite enjoyed this. A lotta great comedy beats, so-so superhero action. Up there with (or I think for my tastes slightly ahead of) Wonder Woman as DC superhero movies that somehow didn’t suck, not really batting with the best of the MCU but oh well.

I’ll be interested to see when/how/if Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam enters the mix. (Seems like Black Adam might be the champion the wizard considered a mistake that he was talking about in his hologram speech?

At one point there is a nod to Big that is so on the nose that it’s groan inducing hilarious.

It’s not a good movie, but man is it a fun family film.

Malkav you’re spot on with Black Adam, of course they’re going to make him a good guy so… ugh.

I’m a bad parent Vesper. My 8 & 10 year old saw it and they only thing they didn’t understand Was the strip club jokes