Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread


Please don’t think that quick summary should dissuade anyone from seeing it. As @Kelan mentioned, it’s still quite powerful and affecting.

I learned a bit about the other band members during the movie, though for sure, Freddie was the star, then and now. Brian May, however, was something special. A jamming astrophysicist who wrote a good amount of the hits for the band and is considered one of the great rock guitarists of all time. He deserved more time in the movie. Also whoever that actor was looked uncannily like May.


No, but you you’ve prepared this fan. And I’ll wait for rental. :)


While trying to find some clips from the movie, I stumbled across this review, which is similar to how I feel about it.


Ah… This might be common denominator. Its possible that the enjoyment of the film comes down to how invested / interested you are in Rami Malek’s performance?


I hope you committed Rami Malek fans are committed enough to watch Need for Speed, in which Aaron Paul gives Imogen Poots a ride across America starring some very sexy cars. Michael Keaton shows up occasionally to “narrate”.

Anyway, if you want to be a completionist, it’s early Malek.



The Girl in the Spider’s Web.


It’s a lukewarm attempt to reboot the franchise, but Claire Foy is wasted in the role with nothing to do. It’s Jason Bourne with instant magical hacking of any computer or network on Earth. There’s a kid played be a completely terrible child actor.


Concur. I would almost go as far as saying it lacked a soul.


The final movie that I watched for my weekend triple feature was Colette. You can find a link to the Wikipedia page of the movie here and the trailer here. I liked it, I really didn’t know what to expect which was good because it might not have been a movie I would otherwise seek out had I known all about it beforehand.


This is not a happy film, so it will not be popular. But McCarthy does deliver a very good performance, very different from any other role she has done prior.


I saw Bohemian Rhapsody. As a casual fan of Queen (I know their singles, but not their albums), that was sublime. I think I saw Brian May in the opening credits as a Music Producer or something like that, and they really did a great job with the music.

I’m not familiar with this actor, but he was just amazing as Freddie Mercury. I was really surprised to learn that Freddie was Bi (I had always heard from acquaintances that he was gay). The moments the band had together throughout the movie were a combination of sweet and endearing. But definitely the best part was the part I was looking forward to: the music just felt transcendental. The concert scenes at the end weren’t perfect (the crowd looked fake somehow), but it was almost perfect. I just felt like I was lifted along with the crowd into a different state. I got goosebumps and I got tears in my eyes. I always get very emotional anyway when listening to Radio GaGa (I don’t know why!), but just the way it was played in the concert was just ugh, so perfect.

I really enjoyed that experience, and I’m really glad I went.

(By the way, it’s third weekend in the theater, I think, and the theater was over half full).


Woah, you have it queued up to the end of the concert? And later that night, they got to do some kind of encore? I thought that in the movie they said every band got 20 minutes? Did some other band give up their spot so they could do this encore I wonder?

I’m not familiar with this song.

I guess this is a good excuse for me to become more than just a casual Queen fan. Instead of always listening to Classic Queen and Greatest Hits and Innuendo (the only 3 queen CDs I own), I should look into all their other albums too.


I just watched this last night and wow does it get dark.


I actually didn’t mean to do that. =P

We found that after we came home. I honestly don’t remember their Live Aid performance, though I see now why it was special. But when we came home we viewed that and it was … uncanny. The movie nailed it, all of it. I didn’t understand just how much until seeing that later on.

I also don’t know how they got the encore in there, but the sound issues are probably why it isn’t more commonly known.

Great movie. Hell it’s been several days now and I’m still singing the songs in my head. Like you, I need to listen to more Queen beyond their greatest hits.


I just watched the whole thing. Wow, the movie really did almost recreate the whole thing absolutely down to almost every gesture, include where Brian May was standing, for instance. Looks like they didn’t skip much either. The movie went straight from Hammer to Fall to We are the Champions, omitting Crazy Little Thing Called Love (where they bring out a guitar out for Freddie Mercury) and We Will Rock You from the concert.


This makes me happy for the people that were a part of the movie, fans love it.


Maybe Bohemian Rhapsody needs its own thread???


Probably. Sorry if I’m dragging it out, man.


Saw Green Book tonight. Really enjoyed it.


I saw this in theater today. Yes. It totally drags in the middle.


t’s beautiful. I mean the animation is crisp and bright. The village, the animals, everything has personality. Heck the fun gadgets that are used and just the touches of the every day in life in Whoville is awesome, memorable even. It’s probably one of the most creative approaches to the story I’ve seen.

Side characters. They’re just great. The BFF. Max, the dog. The Reindeer, heck even the goat is just got that extra special something to them.


The narrator. I like Pharrel Williams but his narration added nothing to this movie. I would have preferred not to have it.

Cindy Who. Her entire story line felt slow and unnecessary

The music: The only worthwhile music in this are the songs you’ve already heard from the original movie.

I don’t see how a young child is going to get through this movie. Wreck it Ralph 2 is the better movie but the Grinch is a simpler one… and I am not sure I can recommend either to my sister to take my 4 year old nephew to. The 9 year old nephew though, maybe, although Aquaman coming very soon and that weirdo Spiderman looks more like a fit for him.


We are so excited for Into the Spider-Verse! When we saw the trailer, my 9-year old and I just looked at each other and said “we’re seeing that”. The fact that it is 100% on rotten tomatoes (51 reviews) doesn’t hurt.