These Are The Voyages-Star Trek TOS Remastered and Reconsidered


I was admiring how many named crew we get in TOS, and now I see we have a Senior position!

If the rest of Trek proves interesting I might give some of the skippers a go. But I only have so much free time!

I didn’t even consider this! We’ve already had a few aptronyms in Trek. I’m going to have to start noting down the ones I see.

Not even the one where you can see her blue drawers?


There are no new movies. They ended with the TNG Dune Buggy ride. Certainly not with Chris Pine. He was busy making all 6 films in that Smokin’ Aces franchise with JJ Abrams.


My favorite Smokin’ Aces movies were the ones that took place in space.


That’s kind of cool they did that. Space heists. That’s novel.


I mean the big one where their spaceship comes out of an ocean was where they were kinda jerks about it. Sure, it may have been helpful, but they really messed with the people’s unique culture.

But them being jerks does fit, so it works.


Yeah but also I’m pretty sure the prime directive in the Smokin’ Aces universe is to mess with as many cultures as possible, so at least it fits.


I love the Internet.


Indeed. I’ve been trying to replay these episodes in my mind as you all talk about them, but not only do I have no memory of this episode, but I can’t even recall what it’s about even after reading all your descriptions! Either that or you all suck at making me recall it. :) I did watch it apparently, but maybe I was just waiting for it to be over so I could get to the next one.


Ok, that one is pretty good. Nice call-back to that one Smokin’ Aces movie where a bunch of space-bees blow up their space car, but those jerks show those space bees who’s boss in the end by playing loud music at them.


I found this intriguing. Lens flare! And a little foreshadowing for next week…


We should have a sidebar for reused tech. The spinning light will be used again and again. As will others in future episodes. It was even a joke in the movie Airplane 2. By none other than Shatner himself.



TOS Week 9 Guest Star Death Match Final Round

As we approach the 10th episode, pick your favorite guest star from the ones we have seen so far. . This will be held every 9 weeks (ish) .

This is the final face-off to determine the Week 9 Winner!

The Below Poll Closes at 0001 EST on WED 03 OCT 2018.

Note: To Participate in any poll you should have seen all episodes referenced in the poll.

  • Gary Lockwood as Gary Marshall in Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • Sally Kellerman as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner in Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • Roger C. Carmel as Harry Mudd in Mudd’s Women

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Man I am ansty in my pantsy for this week’s episode.


Big Clint Howard fan, are you?



Oh, no, are we talking The Corbomite Manuever?


Yessirree! No spoilers!! Excited!! There are some first timers. Hence me being all cryptic.


That episode is thematically the most TNG-like, IMO. We shall see. Otherwise, my lips are sealed. Or fingers.


Fewer meetings and more poker playing from the conn.