These people are idiots: political edition

Preferably to a war crimes trial.

I feel Bush was unquestionably a more destructive president and did more to advance authoritarianism than Trump. At least Trump was incompetent.

I think Trump led a hard turn in the Republican Party both against the rule of law and any sense that the objective truth mattered. The Republicans may have been bending that way before, but they’ve now taken a very sharp turn into authoritarianism.

George W’s administration clearly thought that reality revolved around them and that they could shape reality, but not to the extent the Trumpers are now. Most important, I don’t recall anywhere near the complete disregard for the rule of law that we’ve seen with Trump.

Wasn’t it Rove who quipped that the power of the Bush team was that they ignored reality and instead created their own reality? And these guys kidnapped and tortured and murdered people, and ultimately launched an illegal invasion based on lies. The disregard for the rule of law was part of their makeup.

We actually have a dedicated thread for the moral and ethical issues of the GOP. This is more for general idiots who aren’t specifically associated with the party.

I agree they disregarded the international law, but that’s different than ignoring law within the US. Trump is going after law in the US which results in us no longer having a democracy.

Unlike what’s going on today, the reality the Bush administration was creating was within a standard deviation (at most two) of actual reality.

Kidnapping, torture and murder are crimes in the US.

I guess that’s true, but they were creating it in pursuit of a pretty homicidal agenda.

But at least it wasn’t kids in cages!


And domestic spying.

Yes, that too.

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