This one hurts...RIP Fred Willard

Had no idea he was 86,. What a tremendous life.We should all live one so full and rich.

Oh. Oh no. Nonononononon. I loved that man. Loved. This is. No. Fuck. No.

That’s so sad. You could count on him to be hilarious in even the smallest role in the worst dreck. RIP good sir.

“Excuse me if this off the subject a little bit, but just take a guess at how much I can bench press. Take a guess!”

So many great movies he was in, and also on Modern Family. RIP sir.

He was working right until the end. He’s going to be in the upcoming Steve Carell/Greg Daniels Netflix series, “Space Force” out soon.

I was absolutely incapacitated with laughter the first time I saw Best In Show and it got to his part in the film.

That was me for the whole movie, but Willard as the announcer was just soo good.

So, yes to that tweet. 100% agreement.

I’ve never seen Best in Show, time to remedy that.

Wow, 86…I had no idea he was that old. He was a hilarious dude. RIP.

Fun fact: In 1978, he starred in a TV comedy pilot called…Space Force!

Huh…there seems to be a discrepancy on when he was born. Google says 1939 (which frankly seems more right) and Wikipedia says 1933. Gonna need to see that birth certificate Willard family.

What an amazing talent. I’m going to miss being surprised by the roles he pops up in.

You are in for a treat!

RIP. His roles in the Christopher Guest movies are probably his career highlights, but I’ll remember him as I first encountered him - as Freddie Hubbard on Fernwood 2 Night.

My favorite bit of his:

God, he’s amazing. A long life in comedy and very well-lived.

I realized he was older than I thought when I saw his funeral organist sketch in I Think You Should Leave. Here’s a clip…

Damn, very accurate thread title. This sucks. I had no idea he was 86 though! He stole every every scene he was in Christopher Guests terrific mockumentaries, especially his turn as the travel agent turned thespian in Waiting For Guffman which remains an all-time favorite for me. Such a brilliant talent. :(

Wow, had no idea he was in his 80s! Such a funny guy. Just saw Best in Show recently, too.