TIE Fighter Total Conversion for X-Wing Alliance

I can confirm that this installs painlessly, requires only X-Wing Alliance (on sale for 4 bucks), and is absolutely amazing.

It’s one of the best games of all time, but respectable for a contemporary systems. I mean, it’s not amazing like Everspace 2 or such, it’s solid. Plus, its Tie Fighter. At 16:9/10.

Looks like I know what Im doing this week, weekend, etc. Can’t wait to get my TIE Defender again.

Is the TIE Defender still OP beyond all belief?

I mean I hope so, its the main reward for taking down Zaarin and required for most of the end-game missions in the original and expansion campaigns. Actually, take that back, Gunboat spam works too, but the T-D/F is still the jam.

Wow, that looks fantastic. I will grab XWA on the cheap from Steam while I can.

Probably, as it needs to be for that part of the story to work.

You gotta problem with that?

Don’t really have a problem, just remember playing with the TIE Defender in the last mission I think, and soloing the Star Destroyer of the enemy Admiral or whatever it was.

After all the bullshit you have to endure with flying in those deathtraps known as TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers, the TIE Defender is the scene in the movie when Clark Kent has finally regained his powers and returns to the bar full of bullies.

I’m not sure soloing the SD was the INTENTION there, but I could easily see how it could happen.

That’s a very good way to put it.

I can always get behind a good Superman II reference! And that’s a great one.

The only reason I hesitate in re-installing XWA right away is the audio in that trailer still sounds so rough, despite being improved, reportedly.

It’s not really rough at all.

Well, I’m comparing to modern games. I’m currently playing Dead Space 2. The audio in that is so crisp, so amazing. Going to Tie Fighter, I’m guessing, is going to be a downgrade.

Yeah, that sounded like iMuse through and through, and that is EXACTLY what I want.

The TIE Fighter Collector’s CD-ROM is the definitive edition of TIE Fighter, and it looks like they built off of that.

There’s a Windows 95 edition that ripped out iMUSE and replaced it with straight redbook CD audio, which was terrible. It’s the same as dropping a John Williams CD into a stereo, but it is not iMuse.

iMuse forever, mate.

Oh the install for this allows you to install SC-55 midi for it, which is a nice option.

This look amazing.

The XWing Unity port does look better (imho) but it is still a ways off…

Huge 1.1 patch

TFTC v1.1 Changelog

General Changes

  • Added two new MIDI Soundtrack options: Soundblaster AWE32 and Gravis Ultrasound (GUS). You can select them from the Babu Frik Configurator along with the Roland SC-55 and Remastered soundtrack options.
  • Updated the Roland SC-55 Concourse track to match the other three as it was playing a different track.
  • Buffed Missile Boat maneuverability to match that of the TIE Advanced. This should make it feel more like the OG version in terms of how it flies.
  • Added the ability to choose your warhead loadouts when starting a mission in the hangar or returning to the hangar mid-flight. This affects all missions that assign warheads to the Player.
  • Added a verbose message that will display when landing gear is down and s-foils are closed if the Player attempts to fire. The message will include the shortcuts for both actions.
  • Restored the file ExplosionSparks1.wav with the base XWA/XWAU version as it causes annoying overlaps when played repeatedly causing that electrical buzzing sound.
  • Restored the target locked sound with the default XWAU one.
  • Updated Pilot rank progression point requirements, now includes Rear-Admiral (final rank) which was missing.
  • The MC80 Reef Calamari Cruiser has had its weapon systems rebalanced. It’s not quite as deadly now. This ship only appears in the Reimagined campaign.
  • The following Classic missions have received balanced changes after feedback from the community: B0M1, B1M5 (Hard), B1M6, B2M2 (Hard), B3M3 and B4M1. See below under the TFTC Classic section for more details.
  • The following Reimagined missions have received balance changes after feedback from the community: B0M1, B1M2, B1M5, B2M2, B2M3, B2M5, B4M2, B4M4, B7M1, B7M2 and B8M5. See below under the TFTC Reimagined section for more details.

General Fixes

  • Fixed issue with TIE Bomber having S-Foils. This caused problems in tutorial B0M3 Classic and Reimagined when the Player respawns after being destroyed and then being unable to fire.
  • Fixed issue where Medium Transports were unarmed. They should be armed which affects Reimagined missions B3M1 and B6M3.
  • Fixed issue where unusually high numbers of combat points were being awarded for killing certain flight groups across multiple missions.
  • Fixed several spelling errors, typos and lore errors for both Classic and Reimagined.
  • Fixed numerous missions that had a spinning white Imperial logo when it should be blue.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in briefings and mission titles in several missions for both Classic and Reimagined.
  • Fixed issue where Proving Ground inflight message audio would not play.
  • Fixed issue where multiple items in the Pilots Room in Reimagined had incorrect descriptions assigned to them.
  • Fixed issue where you were unable to target incoming torpedoes with the ‘i’ key in some missions.
  • Fixed issue that could cause the first rank of the Secret Order to be awarded in Reimagined B1M1 when it should be B1M2 that you first attain the rank (at a minimum).
  • Fixed issue where Rebel owned Stormtrooper Transports and Shuttles fired green lasers at you when they should be firing red.
  • Fixed a duplicate entry in the Credits cutscenes
  • Fixed issue where some of the new ships added to TFTC had no icon in the inflight map.

TFTC Classic

  • Fixed issue with Mission Craft list being empty during briefings in the following missions: B0M2 (Updated), B2M1, B2M4, B2M5, B4M1, B4M2, B5M2, B5M3, B5M4, B5M5, B6M1, B6M2, B6M3, B6M4, B7M2, B7M3, B9M6.
  • B0M1 (Classic & Updated): Reduced AI skill of all the subsequent Z-95/X-Wing group waves to Veteran after completing primary goal.
  • B0M4 (Updated): Added inflight messages and audio after you are destroyed to explain to the Player how to use the Landing Gear and S-Foils shortcuts
  • B0M4 (Updated): Re-recorded audio telling you to switch to Ion cannons with ‘X’ key when it should’ve been the ‘W’ key.
  • B0M4 (Updated): Fixed text error on victory debriefing.
  • B1M2: Reduced AI skill of T/Fs Beta and Gamma.
  • B1M4: Adjusted flight path of M/FRG Fogger and Player Wingmen to avoid potential collision issue when following their waypoints towards the end of the mission.
  • B1M5: Fixed issue where TRNs Modd and Leven were unable to deploy their assigned mines.
  • B1M5: Reduced AI skill on B-W Gold and A-W Red on Hard difficulty.
  • B1M6: Altered arrival conditions and AI skill on X-Wing and Y-Wing flight groups that appear only on Hard difficulty.
  • B1M6: Changed orders on GUN Tau 2 to escort Player
  • B1M6: GUN Mu 1 given 200% shields and given a wait order to account for the Player having to hyperspace in
  • B1M6: Reduced AI skill of some mines
  • B1M6: Reduced AI skill of X-W Blue and altered its arrival condition time
  • B1M6: Changed set speed of Guns Nu and Mu
  • B2M1: Ripoblus shuttles have a separate Hard mode version which accounts for how they deal with the Dimok M/CRV. This should balance things better on Hard difficulty for them.
  • B2M1: Buffed CNVYR Asbo to 200% shields for greater survivability
  • B2M1: Moved the starting point of the convoy back slightly
  • B2M2: Reduced AI skill of M/FRG Dromon
  • B2M2: Buffed VSD Protectors hitpoints by 30%
  • B2M4: Changed arrival conditions of the 3rd wave of Z-95s so Player is less likely to be overwhelmed
  • B2M5: Fixed issue where if all 3 ships in a T/A flight group were destroyed, the next group would not spawn in making it impossible to complete the mission.
  • B2M5: Fixed issue where ESC Tropsobor would not enter hyperspace after all T/As had completed their mission, which could cause mission failure.
  • B3M3: T/F Alpha 2 given escort order to Player
  • B3M3: Reduced many ships both friendly and enemy to half missiles so the battle lasts longer. We felt it was too easy and quick to destroy both FRG Huntress or M/FRG Ludwick.
  • B3M3: Reduced AI skill of A-W Gold 1 (Hard).
  • B3M4: Made some waypoint and speed adjustments to M/FRG Ludwick to try and avoid potential collisions with friendly fighters causing its destruction.
  • B3M4: Fixed issue where VSD Stalwart would attempt to hyperspace away after the end of the mission.
  • B3M5: Fixed issue where some Shuttles were firing endless amounts of torpedoes when firing their lasers.
  • B4M1: Removed flight group Z-95 Red 1. Redistributed these lost ships into Z-95 Gold instead as an additional ship in its flight group of which there are 5 waves.
  • B4M1: Reduced Z-95 Gold AI skill
  • B4M1: Reduced AI skill of TF Beta and Gamma.
  • B4M1: Increased M/FRG speed on its first waypoint order
  • B4M1: Removed concussion missiles Y-W Red and Y-W Gold
  • B4M1: Increased arrival delay on Y-W Yellow to 30 seconds.
  • B4M1: Fixed attack orders on T/B Eta
  • B4M1: Adjusted hyperspace exit vectors for CARG Stimner and Vernack so they don’t collide with each other or the M/FRG Shamus
  • B4M4: Slightly altered the Players starting position to avoid potential engine wash damage from the M/FRG Shamus.
  • B6M3: Changed X-W Blue to have half missiles.
  • B6M3: Adjusted speed of FRTs Anterab and Degathem to 9 mglt faster and moved their hyperspace exit vector closer. This should reduce the waiting time a little on this mission.
  • B6M4: Fixed issue where ISD Glory would target the Y-Wings you need to capture, potentially causing mission failure.
  • B9M1: ATRs Omega 5 and 6 buffed to 200% shields to give them a better chance to dock with the platform.
  • B9M5: Altered flight path of R-41 Dhlovo so it doesn’t fly into M/CRV Hashim 1 potentially destroying it and causing mission failure.
  • B9M6: Fixed Prevent condition, it should be CARG Mssan 1 not M/CRV Hashim 1 that has to survive.
  • B10M4: Adjusted start position of GUN Mu and are now two waves instead of a single wave so it should have a better time of disabling STRKC Nuance.
  • B11M4: Fixed issue where several T/Fs and T/Is started far out in deep space instead of being launched from friendly Strike cruisers.
  • B12M7: Reduced the threshold of the destroy Rebel fighters condition from 50% to 33% due to a potential issue with not enough Rebel fighters spawning in due to the branching Starship arrival conditions of this mission which would mean the Player could not complete the mission.
  • B13M2: Fixed issue where ATR Omega could crash into the wing of VSD Zeplin as it finished its docking causing mission failure.
  • B13M2: ATR Omega boosted to 200% shields for greater survivability against enemy A-Wings.
  • B13M2: Changed B-W Red to half missiles.
  • B13M7: Fixed issue where you could sometimes fail the mission if one of the escape shuttles completed its mission after you completed your other main goals.
  • B13M7: Fixed issue where CRV Vorknkx could fly into ASTHAN To Phalion and destroy itself.
  • B13M7: Fixed some issues with attack orders and conditions relating to splitting the Player flight group up.

TFTC Reimagined

  • Fixed issue with Mission Craft list being empty during briefings in the following missions: B1M1, B1M2, B1M3, B2M1, B2M2, B2M3, B2M4, B2M5.
  • Fixed an email regarding your transfer to the VSD Protector appearing too early (before you completed B1M6).
  • B0M1: Reduced AI skill of all the subsequent Z-95/X-Wing group waves to Veteran after completing primary goal…
  • B0M4: Added inflight messages and audio after you are destroyed to explain to the Player how to use the Landing Gear and S-Foils shortcuts.
  • B0M4: Re-recorded audio telling you to switch to Ion cannons with ‘X’ key when it should’ve been the ‘W’ key.
  • B0M4: Fixed text error on victory debriefing.
  • B1M1: Fixed issue where your wingmen would clip into each other when exiting the hangar on mission start.
  • B1M1: Rotated PLT/1 D-34 so its accessible hangar is facing the Player’s direction for the mission. Should reduce some confusion in trying to find the correct hangar to dock to until landing lights are added to the model.
  • B1M1: Reduced speed of NDB Cinder once it is inspected so the TRNs are able to keep up and disable it.
  • B1M2: Rotated PLT/1 D-34 so its accessible hangar is facing the Player’s direction for the mission. Should reduce some confusion in trying to find the correct hangar to dock to until landing lights are added to the model.
  • B1M2: Lowered AI skill of Rebel X-Wings and Y-Wings. This should make them less accurate and easier to avoid their strafing runs on you. It also means they shoot their torpedoes a little later.
  • B1M2: Added a Reinforcement Request option (SHIFT+S) , this will spawn in 4 TIE Interceptors that have 2 additional waves. They will primarily target Rebel ships.
  • B1M2: Buffed the CRVs Ubote 1-5 hitpoints by about 40%. They need to be a bit tankier to last long enough for the ISD Hammer to arrive and blow them up.
  • B1M2: Fixed issue where X-W Derk would target Rebel ships, including SHU Scutz which could cause mission failure if they destroyed it.
  • B1M2: Fixed issue where GUN Nu 1 would immediately fly home once arriving late in the mission.
  • B1M5: Moved all starting Rebel fighters further away from the cruisers and closer to the hyper entry point. Also added 5 more fighters (2 A-Wings and 3 X-Wings) to this initial engagement to keep your friendlies away from the cruisers for a longer period. The subsequent reinforcement waves have also been adjusted slightly so they come sooner. This should change the dynamic of the battle enough that only towards the end will your Gunboat allies start dropping left and right as they get too close to the cruisers.
  • B1M5: 3 more X-Wings added to the battle when GUN Nu arrives on the scene.
  • B1M5: Altered skill levels of some Rebel ships, a couple lower, some higher.
  • B1M5: Added an extra 4 Gunboats to Rho squadron (reinforcement request wave). This brings it to 12 total Gunboats that can reinforce you.
  • B1M5: Fixed issue where TRNs Modd and Leven were unable to deploy their assigned mines.
  • B1M5: Fixed some waypoint/pathing issues of various ships around D-34 in Region 1.
  • B1M6: Fixed some waypoint/pathing issues of various ships around D-34 in Region 1.
  • B2M2: Fixed issue where most friendly TIEs would end up sitting still due to 0% throttle on one of their orders.
  • B2M2: Added a squadron of Z-95’s to Ripoblus attack force. They will be near the first M/CRV and engage the Players squadron and other TIEs
  • B2M2: Added 2 extra Cloakshape Fighters for the Ripoblus
  • B2M2: RLD Dromon will appear when 33% of Ripoblus are destroyed OR the container is inspected. (Previously it was the same except it was an AND condition)
  • B2M2: Changed primary goal condition to be tied to RLD Dromon’s destruction rather than a percentage of IFF Ripoblus destroyed.
  • B2M2: Reduced PLT/1 Youst to Rookie AI.
  • B2M2: ATR Sword will no longer immediately try to hyperspace out and will instead attack PLT/1 Youst.
  • B2M2: All Imperial TRNs have had their AI skill raised and shields set to 200% for better survivability
  • B2M2: Removed duplicate Torpedo option in the hangar
  • B2M2: Added a wave of Gunboats from Mu squadron who will arrive along with TRN Epsilon to help disable PLT/1 Youst.
  • B2M3: Reduced first wave of Y-W/Bs from Ace to Veteran AI.
  • B2M3: Fixed issue where BONUS goal for SHU Nazaar would not complete.
  • B2M4: Fixed incorrect attack orders on GUNs Nu 5 and 6 as they were targeting and destroying SHU Pantele causing mission failure.
  • B2M4: Fixed attack orders on all Gunboats from Z-95s to V-Wings. This is because we changed the Z-95’s in the mission to V-Wings very recently but forgot to update their attack orders
  • B2M5: All Y-Wing/Bs removed and replaced with normal Y-Wings. Though we heavily nerfed the rear turret before, we acknowledge this is just more frustrating than fun to play against in such a large engagement in a paper thin TIE Fighter.
  • B2M5: Additional Y-Wing squadron from the Ripoblus has been added. This is because removing the Y-Wing/Bs had a knock on effect on the mission difficulty, so you could essentially do nothing and still win.
  • B2M5: Added prevent goal on SHU Omlaut so if you decide to destroy it, you fail the mission.
  • B2M5: Several changes to several FG AI skills and some fixed orders or changed target priorities.
  • B2M5: Streamlined Prevent goals into a single goal (All Imperial starships must survive).
  • B3M1: Fixed issue where all the Heavy Lifters would respond to Player commands.
  • B3M1: Altered primary goal so you only need to find the the station parts.
  • B3M4: Changed arrival condition of SHU Shakker so that it launches when CRVs are at 0% shields instead of 25% hull. Should give it time to launch and escape before the CRVs destruction.
  • B3M4: Removed ‘Thrawn’ cargo from M/CRV Horvus 2
  • B3M4: Fixed issue where VSD Stalwart would attempt to hyperspace away after the end of the mission.
  • B3M5: Fixed issue where M-CRV Gespen would try to enter hyperspace even though the INT Tormentor is still present.
  • B4M1: Changed T/B Eta and Psi orders from Protect to Escort due to potential friendly fire incidents.
  • B4M1: Adjusted hyperspace exit vectors for CARG Stimner and Vernack so they don’t collide with each other or the M/FRG Shamus
  • B4M2: Reduced Gun Platform AI to rookie.
  • B4M2: Added a couple of extra waves of friendly T/Is and T/Bs from existing flight groups.
  • B4M2: Updated attack orders on all friendly ships so they shouldn’t leave you alone with enemies still left on the field.
  • B4M2: Re-recorded inflight line which referred to you as Alpha 2 when you’re actually Alpha 1
  • B4M3: Moved attacking Y-Wings start point further back and gave a couple of them only half missiles.
  • B4M4: Updated protection orders to reduce over-zealous AI firing on friendlies due to a stray friendly fire shot.
  • B4M4: Added reinforcement request wave that will concentrate on attacking Y-Wings. Two waves of 4 T/Is.
  • B4M4: Reduced AI skill of enemy YT-1300s.
  • B4M4: Buffed SC/2 Habeen Prime hitpoints by 35%.
  • B4M5: Fixed issue with low orbit backdrop in Region 1 showing incorrect pole textures.
  • B5M1: Fixed VSD Protector showing up as a friendly craft.
  • B6M2: Fixed issue where you couldn’t dock with IRC T/D Research Base.
  • B6M4: Added extra line of dialogue when arriving at the T/D Research Base telling the Player to standby for T/D Kappa to launch.
  • B7M1: Added a reinforcement request wave for the Player of two waves of four T/As. They will also accept orders from the Player.
  • B7M1: Buffed INT Harpax hitpoints by 20%
  • B7M2: Buffed ISD Devastator hitpoints by 20%
  • B7M2: Re-recorded line in the main briefing that referred to you having three wingmen when you actually have five. Have also removed a reference to Vader flying with you at the start as he only does that later in the mission.
  • B7M3: Fixed issue where ATR Escape circled around the docking hangar of the VSD Stalwart for a couple minutes before docking.
  • B8M5: T/B Z-Iota 1 now have half missiles.
  • B8M5: Reduced T/B Z-Iota 5 from a 4 ship flight to a 2 ship flight (two waves so a total reduction of 4 ships)
  • B8M5: Reduced T/A Z-Delta 5 from a 4 ship flight to a 3 ship flight (three waves so a total reduction of 3 ships)
  • B8M5: Fixed issue where enemy fighters were attacking the hyperbuoy towards the end of the mission.
  • B8M5: Fixed issue where enemy bombers would mill about doing nothing after VSD Stalwart escapes. They will now attack the Player or any other remaining friendlies.
  • B8M5: Altered hyperspace exit vector so you don’t almost hit the FRG Thrasher or suffer engine wash damage (if it survives).

Training Scenarios

  • T1M1 (T/F): Reduced AI skill of all the subsequent Z-95/X-Wing group waves to Veteran after completing primary goal.
  • T1M1 (T/F): Moved starting containers further away from the Player so when playing this in Reimagined, the explosion splash damage will not kill the Player (assuming they remain stationary).
  • T2M2 (T/I): Fixed incorrect goal text regarding Z-95s.
  • T6M1 (T/D): Fixed issue where killing the containers spawning their respective craft would cause all such craft to withdraw from the area. The containers are now invincible.
  • T6M1 (T/D): Moved container for the TIE Defenders to a different position because of the gimbal lock problem when facing the ‘poles’ of the map.
  • T6M4 (T/D): Fixed issue where Rebel Escort Carriers were firing green lasers.
  • T7M1 (MIS): Fixed incorrect goal text when failing to destroy all containers.

Known Outstanding Issues

  • You may notice when looking at the ‘poles’ of the skybox map, you will find you’re suddenly fighting the game in keeping on target, almost like two magnets repelling each other when you try to bring them together. This is due to a game engine issue that is present in all the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series of games which is essentially some form of gimbal lock. Without understanding how and where in the code of the EXE this issue occurs, it is not possible at this time for us to fix it or even if it’s fixable at all.
  • Turning off the cockpit causes a problem with damage stacking when you are being fired upon, causing your shields to drop dramatically quicker. This is a known issue now within the XWAU mod relating to one of the hook DLL files. As long as you have the cockpit on, this is not an issue. A fix for this is in the pipeline but unknown when this will happen
  • The Pilot rating system (shown in your career stats in the pilot room) is currently broken so do not expect progression of this to function as it should. A fix for this is possible but unknown when at this stage.
  • Using the film room to record something and then playing back can cause the game to crash. This is an unfixable issue currently due to the differing versions of TFTC. We advise you use modern capture software if you want to film something such as Fraps, Shadowplay or others.
  • If you are awarded a Secret Order tattoo AND and a Battle medal, the two images will overlap on each other after the cutscene finishes. This is currently not something we’ve been able to fix.
  • When selecting training or racing missions, this can cause the Tour of Duty button in the simulator to become greyed out. This can be fixed by going into the campaign room if still available. A permanent fix for this is unknown at this time.

So I streamed this for a couple of hours today and I was near tears with how good this is. Totally verklempt. They’ve done a MASTERFUL job of recapturing the magic from the original game. I’m just floored.

Next I have to try setting up my full HOTAS and VR.

What, I can play XWA in VR now?