Tiger Woods in Surgery After SUV Crash

Rollover crash in LA. Jaws of Life had to be used. Multiple leg injuries.

Sheriff says it’s not life-threatening (although career-threatening is not his bailiwick). Sounds like two broken legs. He was already dealing with a bad back. This could be it for Tiger.

Dude for a second I thought this was a bump of his night of the fight with his ex-wife. This is crazy. What’s the deal with Tiger and crashed SUVs?

Can you imagine that on-call? “Yeah uh, we have a VIP with multiple leg injuries and we need you back for surgery, Johnson. I don’t care who you’re with right now, get over here ASAP.”

Yeah, I was wondering that too. He’s 45 so he’s pushing it already for being competitive on the tour. If these are serious leg injuries he’s probably out for the rest of the year to rehab them.

I read recently that his clubhead speed was down so he’s lost distance. He may lose more if his legs lose some power.

One thing for sure: he’s not playing competitive golf this year. The Masters is in two months.

The chances of him ever catching Nicklaus just dropped to the lowest level yet.

It’s sort of crazy because 20 years ago, it seemed a certainty it was only a matter of when, not if, he would surpass him.

Time takes its toll, even without golf clubs to the head of car accidents.

Hmmm. Clear, dry day with perfect visibility. No skid marks.

Asleep or DUI.

My first thought was: He was drunk.
My second thought was: Okay, that was unfair.
My third thought: “Single car accident,” no you probably had it right the first time.

I hope he fully recovers. And gets help if this is another DUI scenario.

The first officer responding said that he didn’t notice any smell of alcohol. Which means nothing. He’s Tiger Woods.

No blood tests due to injuries and I’m sure they gave him other painkilling medication right away. His recent stint of being asleep at the side of the road and use of pain medications, the one car accident etc. don’t leave much doubt it was involved but I’m sure we are all pulling for him and thankful nobody ELSE (wasn’t his ex wife’s name something like that?) was involved.

Very true. I feel bad jumping to a stupid conclusion with no evidence. Sorry.

It was 7am when it happened. He was driving to do some kind of photo or video shoot with a golf magazine. He was going down a hill that apparently is well-known for being dangerous. I think he was just in a hurry and didn’t drive safely on a road he didn’t know. The car he was driving was a loaner too, so he may not have been familar with it.

I’m guilty of drawing the same conclusion, Rich, just noted they didn’t do any testing at the scene (I speculate they needed to help him with pain right away hearing compound fractures both legs).

I’d propose, substances, not alcohol, but yep. We could probably even come out and say painkillers.

You’d still try to brake.

Not if you were on the phone. So common these days.

A double compound leg fracture would be a brutal extrication, but the SUV doesn’t look like they had to cut very much. Probably rolled the dash back a little and yanked him out the window.

Yep. In the before times when we commuted to work, we had to turn left on a busy divided highway for our place of employment. So many times I would glance in my review and see the driver behind me looking down instead of in front of them.