Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - What if Borderlands, but all Tina's DnD?

TT is easily the best part of any borderlands ever, I might even be tempted to get this even though I am well past burnt on the franchise lol.

Yah I loved Tiny Tina! All in on this!

Is it BL2 or BL3 era Tina in this one? Seems like the younger version but I’m not sure.

Can I just your quote as my thoughts? Thanks.

BABYMETAL and Ashly Burch are like chocolate to me, but man, Borderlands really isn’t my bag.

BABYMETAL, yes!!! Borderlands, uh… not so much. ;)

Hah, same. I got really excited by the notion of a really high-fidelity tabletop-emulating over-the-top metal RPG experience, and then I remembered, “Wait, fuck, Borderlands is about shoo–ah yeah, there’s the guns.”

Apparently, that’s Will Arnett doing the VO for the Dragon Lord. Wanda Sykes and Andy Samberg as the robot and dude at the table, respectively in the last shot.

Nice to see Mr. Torgue again. Lutesplosions!!

Borderlands 3 was such a bore I’d be surprised if this is any good but definitely willing to keep an open mind!

The BL2 standalone Tiny Tina DLC is free on Epic.

Oh weird. They made a standalone version?

So 'twould seem. I didn’t think the OG DLC was standalone, but was too lazy to check.

Smart idea to promote the new game, really.

So what’s the actual gameplay here? The “info” on that Epic link left me feeling uninformed.

Shooter in a fantasy world, with skeletons, orcs, golems and the like. Grenades are magic skills.

Also, Ashley Burch, who is really funny, talks at you a lot. That’s what you’re really getting for your money and I’d argue it’s worth it. She’s great.


Sounding like a broken record, but Tiny Tina is a benchmark in DLCs. It’s also the best place to stop playing Borderlands after you finish.