Titanfall 2 - Maybe this time it will retain players?

For anyone who still has not bought this game, it’s the free game with PS plus on the ps4 this month.

Yeah, I’m gonna dig into the campaign tonight, I think, if I can resist the siren song of RDR2…

It’s fairly short and the best FPS campaign I’ve played in God knows how long

I had forgotten how amazing this game’s multiplayer is.

Omg! It’s sooooo gooood! I just played two “battles of attrition!” In the words of the immortal Kuben Blisk, and it was so damn much fun.

I went ahead and created a Qt3 Network on PS4 since one did not exist. It’s just Quarter To Three. Clan tag Qt3. Happy hour is 9pm Eastern. Feel free to join up if you’re playing for the first time!

All my progression was on PC so it’s like starting over here.

Me, playing my beloved Ion against a bunch of new Legion players:

I think there were 24k players online last night when I hopped on. Numbers are up!

All the time I spent playing Apex absolutely translated to Titanfall 2. I didn’t know the maps well enough and got slaughtered on a few of them, but the ones I remembered I did very well on. Incorporating wall running back into the movement box was super easy after all the sliding and climbing in Apex. I was still doing very well against Titans whether as pilot or in my own Ion!

I played a bit of the campaign again. Man… it’s just so good and wastes no time putting you into the fun. One little easter egg I caught at the start… Lastimosa is seen putting the knife into the SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) kit right after you exit the VR at the start. What an awesome little thing I totally didn’t catch the first time through when this came out. And of course when you get it later, the Smart Pistol is fucking bonkers, as it should be. That’s such an awesome moment in the game. :)

The play is similar, but ultimately you have a lot more mobility in TF2. The double jump alone is a huge change compared to Apex.

Right. I mean, I played a ton of this game when it first launched, so I knew coming back would be awesome. What I think is really noticeable, and I hope is the case for first time players who only played Apex, is that it’s just stacking a couple more things on what you already know. It’s made Titanfall, which I think was hurt by its unapproachability due to the complexity of movement, a heck of a lot more approachable, especially in multiplayer.

You’ve got all the tools spread across the cast of Apex in small quantities here and there as well as most of the movement capability. Now you’ve got the double jump and wall run thrown in there along with some more extras and it feels like a natural progression. I’m sure that’s why I feel a lot better at the multiplayer game and I’m just skipping around like a crazy fool on Hard in the campaign with no issues.

I hope to god we get Titanfall 3 from all of this.

They better make TF3.

Having played both (although not, like, a ton, and way more Apex than TF), I don’t really see what Apex Legends has at all to do with Titanfall other than the devs saying, “It’s totally in the same universe, you guys.” Who would even guess it if they were not told? The tone is different, the mechanics are different…what is there that ties them together?

Well, all the weapons are the same, and all of the skills from Apex are in fact skills from TF2.

Essentially, Apex’s gameplay is TF2, where you have pre-set classes instead of being able to build your own, and with greatly reduced movement (albeit still higher mobility than most shooters).

Right, what @Timex says. Yes, it’s a Battle Royale, but the game engine, the weapons, the movement, the classes… it’s all Titanfall. It’s also set some years after the events in Titanfall 2 and kicked off with old this guy…

I mean, each gun in Apex is literally the next version of the gun from TF2. P2016 is now the P2020. G2 is now the G7 in Apex, etc.

It’s all tied together. When you finish the campaign, you’ll also see through all those events how many of the abilities came to be. Hell, even the areas look the same. Similar building designs, vehicles, technology stuff, etc. I’m not sure how you can arrive at a conclusion that it’s just developers waving their hands.

Up to like 80k players online now. It’s time to get some Titanfall 2 in.

I just finished up the single player campaign and it was pretty good. Played on hard and it was about the right amount of challenge. Most areas I didn’t die much but there were several where it took many tries to succeed. BT made for a great companion.

BT is the best.

Even if you aren’t traditionally a multiplayer person, you might enjoy the co-op frontier defense mode.

I am so bummed the PC player count is so low. Really wish there were more people playing. Love the multiplayer.

Wonderful video about the making of one of Titanfall 2’s best levels: