Titanfall 2 - Maybe this time it will retain players?

I just finished up the single player campaign and it was pretty good. Played on hard and it was about the right amount of challenge. Most areas I didn’t die much but there were several where it took many tries to succeed. BT made for a great companion.

BT is the best.

Even if you aren’t traditionally a multiplayer person, you might enjoy the co-op frontier defense mode.

I am so bummed the PC player count is so low. Really wish there were more people playing. Love the multiplayer.

Wonderful video about the making of one of Titanfall 2’s best levels:

Yeah, just playing through this now after picking it up for $5, and that level has some of the best platforming action I’ve ever seen. Very neat stuff.

Hellllsss yeah. How far in are you?

Just past that level.

Edit: this is the best fps campaign I’ve ever played.

It really is very good. I’ve played through it twice over the years, and just the other day I re-downloaded it and stated another run.

Damn, it just keeps going. Feels like I’ve played it a lot longer than the 4 hours Origin claims.

Ok I finished it. Very good, and I was even able to get into a round of Attrition afterward.

Yeah, the MP is also awesome. It’s one of the best SP and MP shooter packages out there. I should get back on it at some point.

It had a free weekend a couple years ago and I tried it at a LAN party. I remember not being very taken with it at the time. Nothing but endless battles royale since has enlightened me to its very excellent qualities.

The thing is, this and Splatoon have some excellent game modes, PvP and PvE. God, ‘game modes’ almost seems old school now…

That reminds me, I should check out Splatoon 2’s SP.

Fuck it. Time to replay the campaign.

Yup. Still the best shooter campaign I’ve ever played. Weapons have satisfying punch. Enemies are smart enough. Mech combat is a blast. Pilot movement is exhilarating. And, awesome awesome level design.

I’ve been having fun doing the odd Attrition match here and there, and yesterday I did Frontier Defense with my brother and a couple other people, which was also fun. Good game.

Finished! Third time through and it never gets old.

BT gets me choked up every time

Every aspect of Titanfall 2 is superb.
It was the best shooter of its generation, and basically no one played it because it had no advertising at all.