Tokyo Olympics 2020

The Super Mario summer games will be here before you know it! And if you’re in Japan, they need your old phone.

Which one will light the torch?

When should I stop thinking about Akira every time I hear or read about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? Have we already passed that point?
I know, not the right thread, but even I am loath to start a thread for an event 11 years in the future. Or 7, in the case of Paris.

It would really be nice if the Olympic Committee would just bite the bullet and establish a rotation of 4-6 cities for each of summer and winter games. It’s only going to get worse in terms of lack of bids, unless you’re going to let Putin do them all.

Going for the archaeology gold!

No photos of what the temple looked like before it was demolished, sadly.

If anybody still doubted Japan was a cast society.

I don’t think unpaid volunteers doing a lot of work is actually unique for the 2020 Olympics or Japan. I am under this happens at many of those events.

Not unique - that said, I think they promised everyone a stipend to cover transportation and food costs of the volunteers and there was a small riot when that turned out to be $10/day (1000 yen).

every olympics, every fun-run, every marathon. it’s just galling that the olympics has billions of dollars in tv deals and is rife with corruption, awash with side deals benefiting pocketbooks of plutocrats.

Transportation, food, and a chance to see some of the top athletes of the world, there was a time i might have done that, hell I might even be tempted to do it now. I was into the Olympics once. It was th only sporting type even I heavily followed.

1000 yen, of course, is not going to cover it.

$10 is one ramen.

It should be quite a bit less than that.

I assume Olympic prices though are like stadium prices.

When I went a few years ago it was probably around 700 yen or $7 for a beef bowl so yeah I just rounded up. I mean a hot dog is $5 in freaking Manhattan.

About 950 yens nowadays for something half decent. Tokyo is about 50 to 100% more expensive than the rest of the country. There are exceptions, like that local chain (name escapes me right now) who still sales a bowl for 500, but you better be prepared for half an hour of a queue, and no water served - have to buy you tea from a vendor machine right outside.

Well if you’re going to serve a bunch of unpaid volunteers meals, you’d assume you would not send them in mass to restaurants but bring it in or give them vouchers to the vendors and none of that should be retail.

Is this also one of the standing only restaurants too? Those were fun.

Wait, why are they tearing down KYOTO? That’s the emperor city you need to capture to win.

It’s only one of those terrible “fixed stool” restaurant. The cute standing restaurants are an endangered species indeed :(

I found standing restaurants peaked back in 2014. I revisited a lot of them in 2018 and they all had stools now. (not fixed though)