Torment: Tides of Numenera


Yep, its a “spiritual sequel” to Planescape: Torment coming from . . . inXile?

Kickstarter starts tomorrow.


The Numenera setting certainly gives them the freedom too develop surreal ideas for their game that are in the spirit of Planescape. I think I like this better than if they secured the Planescape IP. Easier to be inspired if they are forced to put their own spin on things rather than just trying to relive old glories.



Thanks, my thread title about it was a mess!


And the kickstarteris LIVE! The kid is pretty funny!


It’s already at 148K, about half an hour after the launch. Could be the new top funded game maybe? I pitched in at the $50 level myself.


The $20 and $25 tier rewards look identical. Unless I’m missing something.


Man, 190.00 dollars in about an hour? And yeah, those two tiers look the same.


There’s a limited number of $20 slots, so I guess that’s a bonus for early supporters.



In. It’s over $200k already.


They have a $45 level which gets you Torment + Wasteland 2, in case you’re like me and you missed the boat on the Wasteland reboot (after doing some googling, I fout out that’s not a discount from getting in at the $20 level here and ordering Wasteland 2 from their store… but if you miss the $20 early bird special then the $45 level would be cheaper than ordering them individually).

I was going to get the $45 level but at the last second I decided why bother, since it’s the same as ordering the 2 games separately. So I’m in for the digital download here.


Excellent first video there, hooked me in right away, pretty exciting things going on for old school gamers these days.
Hope I have enough coin to back all these games on Kickstarter lol.


Over $260.000 now. Talk about a massive start, man.


The video was a great first impression. I think the response is high enough that Amazon is having trouble processing payments. There is a small part of me wishing that we could see a finished Wasteland 2 (and get a feel for the quality) before jumping into this next project.

The barrier to entry though is small enough to take a bit of a gamble. If it is good, the idea sounds great.


Wasteland 2 videos were enough for me to fund this.

I’m concerned about the 900k number. RPGs are expensive. Seems to me that lots of kickstarters are setting the funding goal so low that if they barely meet their goal they really won’t be able to produce something worthwhile.

Then again, they can reuse all their tools from wasteland2, and the user-sourced modeling they’re doing is really cool.


Stusser, at the rate they’re getting pledges, I think they will have more than 900k to work with (I assume you mean it’s low given what they’re promising to do). But yeah, it would make sense to coordinate any infrastructure and tools with the Wasteland 2 project.


$300,000+ now. Now that’s what I call a vertical lift-off.


Obviously they’ll blow waayyyy past that goal. I just think they should have set the goal to what they actually need to make the game.

But hey, maybe people have looked at this analytically and figured that setting a lowball goal is more effective at attracting pledges. Very possible.


314k, and it’s going up by thousands a minute. I don’t think this will have any problem burning past its funding goal.


And the developers said they will be adding their own money to the game regardless if they hit their mark or not(which they obviously will) to make the game the best it can be.


354k - and backed!