Total War: Three Kingdoms

I always thought people worried when publishers didn’t let folks see the game before launch. I guess people just like to worry.

Interesting, I’ll have to check out his video.

Sounds good to me, I get pretty tired of those battles.

Sounds meh

Glad I’m not the only, since I know that’s the heart of the game. I think I just moved past RTS babysitting type of gameplay. I love watching the battles and I wouldn’t mind having some high-level input in them, but after a while setting up all your lines, control groups, and formations over and over just starts to wear me down, as does having to tell a regiment when they need to change facing to brace for the cavalry or when to stop shooting their own infantry in the back, etc.

It’s definitely a me problem and not a TW problem. I feel the same way nowadays when playing the Wargame/Steel Division RTS series, even though I used to like them.

This sounds really good overall. I don’t mind the samey units, since I like that aspect of Shogun 2. And the improved strategic layer and diplomacy sounds great.

Ok, heading out to preorder this. Getting a new machine in a couple weeks too, so it should be great.

It’s pretty long. Conclusion is at 20:15.

He says if you’re the kind of person that wants to focus on strategy and the overall picture you’ll be in for a real treat. But if you really love the tactical battles most, you might be in for a bit of a disappointment.

Is he talking about the quasi fairytale campaign or the historical one?

I don’t think he specifies in his conclusion if there’s a specific campaign type he’s focusing the conclusion on. I’ll have to admit I was working on an art project while I was watching it, so wasn’t paying to it 100%. That’s partly why I went back and double checked the conclusion and posted that to make sure I was reporting accurately.

I read the Eurogamer review and it had NEVER mentioned the elephant in the room: how does it compare with Koei’s RoTK series? CA is invading other people’s turf, and for so long the only competition to Koei’s games are themselves, e.g. RoTK 10 v 11 v 13, I find it odd there is not even one mention of Koei’s series.

ROTK is very niche. I don’t expect there’s any experience of that series from mainstream reviewers.

That’s exactly me. ;)

I was pretty annoyed they delayed this but looks like it was the right call - cannot wait to dive into this next week.

Okay, update. He says he prefers playing in the historical mode, although he doesn’t really have any complaints about the romance mode. He find the romance mode heroes a bit too overpowering for the way he wants to play. He says the romance mode heroes are fun enough to play and those that want to play that way should enjoy them. But he just prefers more historical battles. He also says that the dueling system (a romance-only thing) doesn’t work all that well because more often then not the AI seems to be smart enough not to duel you unless it’s likely to win the duel.

Just like the Koei games!

Well, they’re flooding the Influencer channels with content about the “pre-order” bonus rather than the game itself, so that seems to indicate they’re not seeing the kind of preorders they hoped.

The problem with CA and Total War at this point is that they have their tactical combat system completely worked out after decades of tuning, so they can plug numbers in and a “nearly perfectly” balanced unit gets spit out - and which is also tuned to create battles of 5 - 20 minutes in length. Going back to the drawing board for a truly all-new combat model just… isn’t something they’re interested in doing, it seems. They seem perfectly happy with their “unit generation” equations and really, really don’t seem to want to invest the, whatever they would need to invest, (time, risk, resources, talent?) at making something new when what they have now works so effortlessly, so that they can spit out dozens or even hundreds of different units and always have them work almost without fine tuning. Notice how easily TW has dozens and dozens of different units, while traditional RTS games like Starcraft can add a single different unit which blows up the entire meta balance.

So while there are differences between games, basically every TW game feels like every other TW game since Rome 2, and 3K isn’t going to change that.

Gotcha! Thanks for the explanation.

A good analysis @Enidigm.

I do wish they made a new combat model where unit mass and pushing and weapon type mattered more.

Also, those arrows and their trail…not my thing.

Leaning now towards picking this up, thought I’d check GMG to see if they had it on a bit of a discount only to discover they must of had some kind of falling out with SEGA, none of their titles are there now.

Update: In case anyone is interested you can pick it up 18% off at Fanatical, comes to $49 bucks. Preloading it now…

Man this is so tempting despite knowing never to pick up TW games at launch. ROTK mashup man.

On the flip side I have spent more cash on the never discounted ROTK games in the first place