Total War: Warhammer 2


And that’s the tricky part. They’re trying to monetize both games at the same time, without too-obviously cannibalizing sales from either.


Well, I wouldn’t even call that an attempt to ‘monetize’ the game. It isn’t ‘new content, so you need to pay new moneys’ type of monetization.The grand campaign is literally the content of both games together, so of course you need both games to run it.
Chances are, that the player who is interested in this super campaign already had TW Warhammer 1.


Sure, but Warhammer 1 isn’t just … Warhammer 1. It’s Warhammer 1 with like 10 different DLC factions, units, heroes and even spells. It’s not an insolvable problem obviously, but they don’t want to just give Warhammer 2 players who haven’t spent 100+$ in Warhammer 1 all the Warhammer 1 content either.

So what does the SGC (super-grand campaign) look like if you have War1 but no DLC? Or War1 but only some DLC? What if you want the SGC but don’t own War1 at all - can you buy into it, and how much would that cost, and what sort of content will it have?


I suppose it will be similar of how TW1 played without dlc? The extra races just don’t appear??

You can’t buy into it. You buy War1 and War 2 if you want it.


Exactly. It’s a tricky problem. Combining the two games isn’t just adding A+B, it’s adding all the permutations of A and B together. And this is a forward looking problem as well, since new DLC will add new factions in War2.

CA has done a good job at occasionally giving away content, apparently at random (they like to call it “Free-LC”) and so it’s not beyond possibility they’ll give some War1 content away “for free” to War2 owners to prevent friction. But how this all plays out we just don’t know.


The solution is to avoid buying the game for 2 to 3 years and then buy the complete version when it gets released. 😀 I am still working on my Rome 2 grand campaign, and after that I have to play Attila which I got on the cheap.


But Warhammer 1 DLC works such that the factions DO show up in the game, you just can’t play as those factions. I never ended up buying Wood Elves or Beastmen, but they certainly exist and harass me plenty in my games.


This is exactly correct, and I would expect the grand campaign to work the same way.


Yeah. I’m not seeing the conspiracy angle. WH1 expanded with some really good faction DLC, and if you didn’t buy it, you still got the boon of more content into the original purchase as non-playable enemies. It was a super good deal to either those that bought it or those that didn’t. TW: WH DLC is of great per dollar spent value to everyone.

Grand campaign will do the same. Pile it all into a map and just have playable/ non-playable as a switch depending on DLC owned.


What I’m waiting for is the return of the History channel series where they recount historical battles using a narrator and TW in game footage (well, and dramatic music). I want that to make a reappearance to really get my head around the historical nuisance, factional feuds, and battle tactics of the Greenskins and Vampire Counts. I suspect Bruce Geryk feels the same.


Okay, this is driving me crazy, and I can’t find anything about it on the internet, leading me to think I AM crazy, but…am I the only one who can’t look down with the camera in the campaign view? I seem to locked to looking straight ahead all the time?


If you pull out with the mouse wheel enough it starts to tip more downward, and there is a point just before you pull into the cloth map interface where you are seeing the normal campaign from a very high perspective but looking mostly downward at it. I have played like this a few times so far, but I’m getting used to the nearly horizontal view. It was a strange choice though, for sure, and if there is a way to unlock the camera a little more I’d love to hear it.


Also don’t forget this is part 2 of a trilogy, so the third game could potentially arrive next year too.

It’s so annoying. Why can’t they keep the same camera controls between modes?


There are no buttons for camera on the right side, some says it a small button by the advisor on the left side, but I see no buttons, and no advisor…

whats going on? Game speed is a tad on the slow side when I have to watch small people move slowly all the time.


Are you playing multiplayer? Because they seem to vanish there (I’m assuming a desync issue, though… just let the host handle it ffs). In single player it’s the right most icon on the top left iirc. You can set it by faction/enemy/ally lots of great options. That all disappear in multiplayer near as I can tell.


yepp playing coop, I can press R to speed things up, but I find no buttons, host doesn’t either.


Yeah fast forward seems the only solution (and only for the AI). I’m sure it’s to avoid desync issues, which were a fairly big problem at times in the first game, but still annoying. Some characters seem to walk crazy slow.


Lizardmen campaign.

Not quite sure what’s to do.

I NAP’ed the human faction to the south as the tutorial recommends. I went West, then smashed up the Skaven to the north. I killed the dark elves to the north. I was going to kill the last dark elf north but they only had one city and everything else was in ruins.

South there seem to be a crappy vampire faction, the human faction I allied with, and two lizardmen factions. I see there’s a confederacy option.

Are you supposed to clear the North, then eat the humans and merge with the lizards?

I started this ritual thingy and fought off two chaos armies. After that it was quiet. I got notification some bozos across the world were doing some countermagic thing. Okay so I guess I have to go there. 10 turns later and I still haven’t reached their territory. Maybe I started the ritual too early and should have consolidated my entire continent first?


Is this a common thing, or something you invented to confuse people? :)


Non-Aggression Pact!! From Civ, I guess? No, I was not trying to confuse people, I thought it was a common term.