Total War: Warhammer 2

which faction? most ppl like skyre

So the infantry is pretty much garbage there to hold the enemy in place.

good heroes:
engineer (movement, artillery buffs)
priests (summon clanrats as tanks)

to kill something like gatling guns, the sniper guns, and artillery.

I started with Eshin, and I don’t have any of that stuff (except garbage infantry), and I keep getting chewed up by my nearest neighbor.

Eshin is all about abusing gutter runners and skirmish from what I gather.

Just shooting stuff with slings and whatnot while running away constantly since it’s all AP.
And as many assassins as you can shove in an army since they get buffed to silly levels.

I never got the hang of them and they start in a really rough neighborhood, but I did win with them somehow (mostly by using their Delete Faction ability on the only remaining faction I needed for my win con iirc).

Yeah,my neighbors are very aggressive. I have been making gutter runners but they still get mauled by the enemy crossbows. I guess I should just get used to it.

On the strategic layer the #1 tip is abuse ambush. The AI doesn’t like moving stacks near your powerful stack unless it thinks it can win.

Too true. Part of really getting good at this game is just learning how to exploit the AI. The AI is computer-perfect at hit and run tactics and loves to use them. A tactic that the AI uses a lot is having an army swoop in, sack a player city, and then retreat just far enough that the player stacks can’t get there to retaliate. It’s super annoying and leads to horrendous and aggravating chases to get an AI army to engage with a player army.

The counter is to learn how to ambush and/or quickly raise disposable stacks (regiments of renown are great for this) to blunt an AI offensive before your cities get sacked down to level 1 settlements.

Yeah, just is a startling contrast to my Vampire Counts game where: a.) units don’t route, b.) I haven’t had to deal with very much artillery, c.) the neighbors haven’t been up in my shit as much.

Yeah they don’t do great against other ranged, which is always the issue I had.

I think that’s where the assassins and spawns are supposed to come in to tie them up so they can’t shoot. Or just a ton of microing one pack around while others shoot them in the back.

There’s 2 types of gutter runners, one has nets (good against melee), one has dodge. That should help with ranged

I don’t play a lot with eshin but you kite. You separate the enemy and fight the fastest enemies first, whittle them down slowly.

Agree with what others have said. My personal approach to Skaven is “don’t play them” because they require a level of micromanagement on the battlefield and in their economy that I find obnoxious. When I do play Skaven I generally drop the difficulty to easy/easy for the first part of a campaign so that I can power through initial expansion with garbage disposable troops and autoresolved battles. Then once I have access to better stuff I set the difficulty back.

Only Eshin is really like this.

Everyone else can just make a gunline, artillery and barely move at all.

Yep! I didn’t explain it well, but that’s my Skaven strategy. Power through the early game on easy where Clanrat/slave armies can actually defeat fearsome foes such as Empire Swordsmen or High Elf Spearmen in order to get to the point where I can build an army like you describe.


(1-4) of artillery (both types), machine guns, jezztails

anything else is optional. warpfire can be fun but a bit micro intensive

One change i’d add is mortars - they make sieges soooo much faster as they can easily clear walls. Sometimes I make one army focus on sieges with 4-5 mortars.

I just did a battle against some attacking dwarves with an army consisting almost entirely of gutter runners and the hit and run worked much better than I expected, combined with my grey seer just absolutely wrecking face with his warp lightning.

In conclusion:

This game is pretty bad at explaining itself a lot of the time. Night Runners have Dodge and Gutter Runners have snare nets. The game doesn’t seem to offer any explanation of either of these. When you right-click a unit it brings up a little browser window with these traits listed, but you can’t click on them or mouse over them. Likewise a recruitable assassin says he “enables poison attacks”. Ok? How the hell is anyone supposed to know what this stuff means?

This game has always been bad at explaining itself, at least in terms of tactical mechanics. A lot of the greentext stuff in the top box of a unit card isn’t mechanical descriptors, it’s just flavor text or the devs opinions on the proper role for the unit. And sometimes it’s wrong. Unfortunately one has to learn to read the stats and know what some of the abilities do before one can take in a units strengths/weaknesses at a glance.

There are also always a bunch of little emblems at the bottom of a unit card with descriptors but none of these seem to be expandable, either!

I don’t have a problem with the ability icons, bit then I own both games in the series and all expansions for both. I’ve been doing this a long time. I believe hovering over the icons on the bottom of the unit card will pop up a brief explanation. If you want more detail on any of them just ask in this thread. Myself and I suspect several others happy to elaborate on any that seem puzzling.

Pop ups are a huge pain to me.

“Someone is rallying, now you can’t click on units or abilities.”

“Cool. Maybe let me turn that off.”


So I have to pause and just wait for it to go away.

Well, what about the dodge/snare nets thing? What does “enables poison attacks” on a hero mean?