Total War: Warhammer 2

I think nets are used to kite melee guys

Dodge is useful for ranged defense. You probably want more of this.

Poison, on any unit, whether it’s ranged attacks, melee or a spell, delivers a debuff:

  • Armour-piercing missile damage: -15%
  • Armour-piercing weapon damage: -15%
  • Base missile damage: -15%
  • Base weapon damage: -15%
  • Speed: -15%
  • Vigour: -18%

In short, it lowers a the affected unit’s damage, speed and tires them out more quickly.

Dodge usually give 20% physical damage resistance, and snare nets are a constant AOE that slows nearby enemies.

The wiki is good for info like this.

Sure, but the question isn’t “what does poison do,” it’s, “what does the trait ‘enables poison attacks’ on an assassin hero do?” Does that just mean this hero has poison attacks when in battle? Does it give poison to other units? The wiki doesn’t really have this info.

Yes, that trait gives the unit that has it poison attacks.

An item or banner could have that trait. If so, equipping the item or banner gives the unit poison attacks.


If he gave it to the army it would say (Lord’s Army) or something similar.

Skaven have some rough starts. I got into a bad place with food and gold not really knowing what I was doing and started over with Snikch but am getting my ass handed to me by the dwarves and also a beastmen horde that decided to show up this time. Tried Ikit and it’s rough going early, too. I am not really sure what the point of undercities is. Seems like you can build them for either gold or food, since making gold takes food?

ok the trick about undercities is:

build them where you are not expanding. Donut island, or south america are good places. You can do that with engineers or with a second crap army that just goes sacking, no conquering! I normally do food because that’s in shortage with high expansion

also you don’t need to keep discoverability to 0, they can go down to 40-50 or something and have 0% risk. I think it may be 100 to discover, but heroes can get bonuses so keeping at 40 I’ve never had one be discovered.


back to general skaven

so the cheesiest, boring thing is to keep sacking cities without conquering as this levels up your lord/hero while you wait for nice units (artillery) to be unlocked.

Yeah, generally for Undercities you target the biggest money-making cities on the map (Lothern, K-A-K, Altdorf, Drakenhoff) and then put the % buildings in them and conceal the crap out of them. Other undercities can be aimed towards making extra food or the like, but it’s always a bit of a balancing act since making food costs money and vice versa. Which is where the Big Money Cities come in. They throw the balance so far in one direction you can use the other stuff.

Eventually Food also stops being a real concern. And remember raiding gives food, which can help a lot in the early game before you have the food making stuff.undercities available.

Undercities are for food. Almost any other application tends to be counterproductive. I ran the math once and the break-even-time on founding and building up an undercity as a cash producer is ludicrously bad. There are a few key rich cities that can be an exception to the rule, but it’s not worth stressing over it to much.

However, being able to invest in food production can be key for Skaven. Especially early on. So that’s the only point of undercities. Well, aside from late game hilarious shenanigans involving spawning armies out of thin air or nuking cities.

My general approach to undercities is to found a few with a hero. Scatter them around. I like to play the long game and let them grow. The first undercity gets the concealment building, a food production building leveled up to max, and the building that spreads undercities. Level that one up to max also. Once that undercity starts spawning free undercities in surrounding areas, each of them gets a raiding camp and the zero-upkeep concealment building. That’s it. Each undercity contributes a few hundred a turn which is unimpressive considering the money/time/effort, but more importantly +3 food.

The last warning on undercities is that sinking money into them when you have actual provinces that could use upgrades is probably unwise. Build up your provinces and unlock cool troops and improve your domestic economy first! Only fart around with undercities when temporarily blocked on expansion or flush with cash.

I thought about that free spread thing but it sucks up all the food the undercity makes.

Only do spread in one province. Once it spreads to all the possible places, remove it from the original spot. Yes it’s slow.

Skaven building upgrades have a really slow ROI, like 30+ turns on an upgrade.

They really make money by killing armies and sacking.

The ROI on everything Skaven is pathetic until one factors in the power plant building thingy. The drawback to that of course is that it requires a high level settlment (minimum 3, ideally 5) to shine. Which would be a big drawback except a Skaven player with a good food stockpile can afford to take all capitols to level 5 right as they are conquered.

Skaven economy is really good when it gets rolling. Not quite Dwarf industry or High Elf trade levels of good, but still quite strong.

The main problem I have with this game is that there are too many interesting factions to try so I have a hard time sticking to just one.

I couldn’t agree more. I finally got into Warhammer 2 in the last month or so and have completed a High Elf Tyrion (Eataine) campaign and just got done with a Lizardman Mazdamundi (Hexoatl) campaign, both in Eye of Vortex. Even within those races, the various factions have some real neat mechanics that I would want to try, like Yvresse led by Eltharion with their unique Mistwalker units and the Dungeon of Athel Tamarha, where you can imprison legendary lords.

So I was wondering, from the folks who have been playing this a bunch (@KristiGaines, @ShivaX, @Scotch_Lufkin, @Tortilla, @wisefool, @MisterMourning, @Richard_Holt, @BloodyBattleBrain, @ooomalley, @Dan_Theman) now that we have a pretty much final list of Warhammer 2 factions/legendary lords, whose been your favorite?

This goes out to everyone really and its pretty flexible in terms of why you enjoy who you’ve enjoyed - whether its the unit roster, unique mechanics, starting location, or even just the voice overs lol. I’m kind of intrigued by Settra just because of the memes and his over the top dialogue. I would also add that it can be either Mortal Empires or Eye of the Vortex campaigns.

I found this video which looks at a poll done on Reddit about peoples most played or favorite factions and legendary lords. The Google doc here presents all the data covered in the video. The poll/video/document are about the Mortal Empires campaign.

To quickly summarize, the Top 5 favorite campaigns in Mortal Empires (according to the Reddit poll) are

  1. Empire
  2. Skaven
  3. High Elves
  4. Lizardmen
  5. Dwarves

If you go to the faction’s individual slide, there is a breakdown of what legendary lord gets selected the most. For Empire, over half the campaigns are Karl Franz. For Skaven, its even more lopsided towards Ikit Claw (nearly 70% of campaigns!). High Elves has a bit more even distribution with Tyrion, Imrik and Eltharion being the top three.

Here is the video.

And here is the Google document.

Skaven have been my favorite faction in Warhammer since the 90’s, so they win.
And Ikit leans into the coolest part of Skaven to me: that they have WW1/2 technology in a Renaissance world.

That said it can get a bit easy once the ball gets rolling. Still, firing machine guns at elves and nuking their homes never really gets old.

Plus he starts in Skavenblight on ME, which is great since for so many years it was an empty spot on the map when it should have been super important.

At the end of the day I enjoy most of the factions and LL’s though. Except Tiktakto. His campaign is painful, annoying and basically unfun to me. Tons of micro for basically no advantage and then late game your gimmick basically stops working at all, so you feel weak. You’re not some magic powerhouse or riding a named carnosaur around destroying everything, you’re watching your airforce die to archers and feeling kind of lame.

Tomb Kings feel bad after the growth changes as well. You make no money and need to grow, but you can’t, so it takes forever to get to the fun construct stage. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a really good time with them at the end of the day. Heck I’m not sure I’ve ever recruited a Necrosphinx, because it just takes too damned long to get any place up to Tier 5 (and afford doing so).

Imrik is my favourite. EVERYTHING BURNS. Also pushes you towards using cav early on, which is nice.

Teclis has interesting start positions.

Tomb kings are generally interesting mechanics-wise (or were when I played them anyway), I remember the campaign for the one who starts up in the north west is an interesting start point.

Empire is fun, but mainly because Helstorm rocket batteries go BOOM. (So it’s back to fire I guess). Also pushes you towards using cav early on as well WAIT A MINUTE IS IMRIK KARL FRANZ IN A FUNNY HAT

Skaven seem amazing. Years ago I loved and played a ton of Mordheim: City of the Damned and Skaven in that game (who were Clan Eshin) were an absolute blast to play. So I’m partial to Skaven as my next playthrough, but am intimidated by the micro I’ve read (here I believe) necessary to be successful with Clan Eshin, so I’m leaning towards the popular Clan Skryre / Ikit Claw campaign.

Its too bad about Tiktakto though as I managed to confederate with him as Mazdamundi and he was quite a treat to play around with leading an army of flyers. But you are absolutely right that arrows/bullets absolutely shredded them. I had a nightmare scenario where he got trapped by a High Elf army with half a dozen Sisters of Avelorn and just scrapped out a victory.

The earlier discussion in this thread about Imrik, the Lord of Dragons got me super excited. I’ve read/seen that his Mortal Empires campaign can be difficult, but that may be only on higher difficulties which I’m not comfortable with yet. I got him on my Tyrion campaign and I teamed him up with a fire mage on a dragon and just wrecked armies.

The tomb king faction I think you are talking about are the Exiles of Nehek who I grew to absolutely love on my Mazdamundi campaign since they were my chief allies against Malekith’s Naggarond Dark Elves and then the damn rats of Clan Moulder.

I have yet to try Empire out in Warhammer 2. I loved them and played them a bunch in Warhammer 1 but have not had the pleasure of the sweet new Elector Counts mechanic that they added. I imagine it makes Karl’s “summon the elector counts” dialogue more than just window dressing.

Hmm. Way to hard to pick a favorite. Keep in mind I play a heavily modded game and only play Mortal Empires, but I’d say my favorites can at least be whittled down to the following:

Tomb Kings:

  • Settra ("… does not serve!")
  • Khalida (weaker, but I enjoy the lore & starting conflict)
  • Khatep (who doesn’t love fighting dark elves and using extra lich priests?)


  • Ikit Claw (mad scientist and oodles of tech goodness)
  • Sniktch (ninja rats!)


  • Gor-Rok (starting with Lord Kroak is awesome, although technically all Lizardmen have the opportunity to eventually get him via a three-step quest)
  • Mazdamundi (excellent magic to pair with the brute force army)
  • Kroq-Gar (a much more straight-forward menace to his surroundings)

Wood Elves:

  • Sisters of Twilight (making hawk riders great again)
  • Durthu (stompy stomp stomp)

High Elves:

  • Alith Anar (badass elf with a chip on his shoulder)
  • Imrik (what? I love dragons)

I knew “favorite” was loaded, especially in this game where Creative Assembly have done such a great job making each faction and lord unique and fun. This is exactly what I was hoping for though, something to help whittle down the possibilities.

If you start up Warhammer 2 with all of its DLC, but have not played any of it (like me last month lol) you are presented with (just counted): 69 possible choices for Mortal Empires and 39 choices for Eye of Vortex for a grand total of 108 possible ways to start a game. Its obscene (in a good way) and simply having someone say

can be enough to break through the decision paralysis lol. I’m also glad Snikch is on your list. I believe one of the mods you use is AI General and maybe I will try that when I play Clan Eshin if the micro becomes too much (and the mod works like I hope)