Total War: Warhammer 3

Analysis/mechanics discussion. For my money Indypride just does a better job than everyone else on this stuff.

Edit: Quite a lot of mechanic discussions for the faction actually.

Yea the worst part about Warriors of Chaos is everything past stack 1. Basically you have to create a master stack and feeder stack… oh but wait two stacks in the same province destroy themselves. Also pretty much all Chaos forces suck, the way to win is just make giant Shoggoth armies. Nothing else can really handle it.

It was fun marching Siggy forward and laying waste to all.

It wasn’t fun having a one province vampire come up behind me and become the strongest faction in the world settling everything that should be left for dead. Thematic maybe, but that eventual having to turn around and do it all over again? Not so much fun.

They patched out the two-stacks-cripple-each-other thing quite some time ago. Technically it still applies to Marauders but nobody should use them past about turn 15 anyway so no big deal. And feeder stacks aren’t the way to go. When recruiting a new stack, the correct methodology is to recruit a new lord as a replacement lord for an existing well-built stack. That way the new lords lack of +horde growth skills doesn’t cripple the stack. You take the recently-fired original lord, wait out the five turns in the penalty box, and them recruit them to lead the new stack. And give it all the original stacks troops, because the original stack has the building and horde size to replenish quickly. At the end of all that faffing around the result is two mean chaos stacks ready to take on the world.

Also I’d disagree that all Chaos forces suck. They aren’t great in a lot of areas but their heavy infantry is fantastic as heavy infantry goes. Chaos Chosen with Halberds are a fantastic line troop against almost anyone. Especially if backed by a Hellcannon or two to force the enemies to close up and not sit back and shoot. Mix in a few of the Chaos Knights, plus some heroes on flying steeds, and you’ve got a stack that can match up well against nearly anyone.

Or for those who prefer analysis:

Battle stuff, nothing really new.

Also CA’s new PR guy is great and the above video led to this:

Forgive the Reddit nonsense, I don’t lurk on their Discords, so it’s basically the only way I see his responses, but he responds quite a lot and is fairly open about stuff, which is a huge change from the usual stonewalling CA has used in the past.

You just can’t beat Total Warhammer for epic battles - that looks dope as hell.

I mean, nah. I get it though, i love playing with my Chaos. But you can’t really make real progress until you get those Shaggoth stacks running. When you do most armies the AI sends against you get autocrunched. The Chaos Warrior army stack is fun and all but is in a different league.

Man I cannot wait for this! 2022 is a long ways away. This and the CK3 DLC are what I’m most excited for next year I think.

This and distant worlds 2 maybe. New dell i guess but its about time.

Wow this cpu has really handled things well for 3 years. But Total War is usually why I upgrade.

Apparently someone screwed up and revealed Ogres are the pre-order in some banner ads.

So, probably Ogres tomorrow?


Pre-order race, Ogre Kingdoms confirmed! Release date as well, Feb 17, 2022!

FAQ updated too

Brb getting something to eat.

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GamePass is so damn good.

Hmm, good for new players, but for most of us in the thread, I assume that’s not going to do us much good if we need all purchases on the same “platform” to play Mortal Empires (or whatever the WH3 equivalent is) along with all our DLC.

Generally just tossing the URL will work for embed. Discourse will sort it out.