True Blood Season Four

I promise, I’ll behave this time!

New season starts Sunday, 06/26. There’s a new, spoilerish trailer out.

Looks good, I can’t wait.

I predict it will be good until the last four episodes, which is when they will start setting up Season 5.

I hope they focus things a lot more this time. S3 was all over the place.

I expect even more fragmentation.

I cannot wait, this is one of my favorite shows for some reason. Soookeh! Beel!

True Blood is the only show on TV where the worse it gets the more I love it. Bring on more meat trees!

It is the ultimate guilty pleasure show for me. Can’t wait.

Well said sir! I’m revisiting season 3 now since the girlfriend hasn’t seen it and forgot how batshit insane it is.

Very much that. My greatest fear is that some terrible confluence of fate happens and the show’s quality rises from sublimely awful to merely mediocre. I’d have to mourn the loss of one of my favorite comedies.

Bring it on!

I hope that they can introduce another character half as good as Franklin Mott.

“I’ll moooooouuuurn you!”

Ah yes, he was wonderfully insane.

I swear, they should call this show, “Let’s Shit on Tara Some More”.

Don’t ask for that, because given the writers’ proclivities, you may see the literal thing next season. (Do vampires need to evacuate their bowels like the living do?)

After watching the preview for Season 4, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the last season for this show.

I have been making sure i do not see any spoilers, but I just caught the last ep from last season and I am still stoked!

I now have a dog named Suki. I’m hoping she barks every time Beeel says her name.

Oh yeah, and fairies and witches!

Historically, ratings for this show have gone up significantly each season.

I miss season 1 Beel ;__;

Jerks! My cable box broke, but it’s not showing up on HBOgo yet.