Trying to recall a film title

So I remember from pre-COVID days, all those years ago, a trailer of some odd sci-fi film which had a striking scene of either an android (best guess) or someone dressed in some funky futuristic armor leaping from a dark ledge and briefly flying (not falling) past an almost Tron-like landscape at extreme speed.

My memory is awful, so I recall bits and pieces of things like this, including the notion the film seemed potentially interesting and something I’d watch when it got to streaming. And nothing else.

Does this description sound at all familiar?

Not much to go on. The Scarlett Johansson adaptation of Ghost in the Shell comes to mind, but she’s falling and not flying.

Not a very good movie, I’m afraid, but probably better than the goofy cartoon it’s based on*.


* ha ha if you’ve already hit reply to correct me

LOL - Yeah, not Ghost in the Shell but I appreciate the thought. You ARE wrong about the show imho, but I also recognize I’m not one to demand too much logic from my viewing.


Like how long ago? Pre-covid is not exactly helpful.

If I had to guess, I saw trailers for it in late 2019 but that was for a future release.

Jupiter Ascending? Something like that in the trailer but it’s also 2015.

Was it this?

Yeah, good thought as I know the scene you speak of, but not it. I really wanted to like that film ~overly dramatic sigh with wooden facial expression~

Nah, also too old.

I was going to guess I, Robot, but that was 2004

Well, damn it. Give us an easier movie to guess!

Ready player one probably had something similar, and Alita

Ok how about one that I wanted to watch but bombed and no one saw, Valerian: city of a something or other

2017 is closer at least.

LOL - I’m trying!

Seen both, and yeah. (still holding out hope for an Alita sequel)

Alas, no. Had such hopes for that one, as well. The spectacle makes it watchable, at least!

I’m starting to think perhaps this was a film that got delayed or binned due to COVID. I just can’t find anything linking to it, yet I vividly recall the scene from the trailer.

Are you mostly sure that you saw the trailer in 2019? I can go watch some trailers for you. :D

Was Valerian better than TLJ?

I’m pretty sure I saw the trailer in either 2019 or early 2020, although I’ve gained a warped perspective on time since last March which has only grown worse with recent events, lol. It had a distinct minor studio feel to it, yet a lush (and likely totally CG) feel to the presentation.

It has its merits? But… eh.

Alita: Battle Angel? No flying though.

Yeah, fun film but no dice.

I have no idea but I’m keeping an eye on this thread because it sounds like my kind of movie.