Twilight Struggle tournament redux


What I suggest is that each player start a game against each other player in his/her group, except the four-player group in which I suggest

@Greatatlantic v @Brian_Reynolds
@CF_Kane v @dtolman
@Greatatlantic v @CF_Kane
@Brian_Reynolds v @dtolman

Games should be using “deluxe” cardset (+) with US +2 influence to start. I think a 14-day timer for the first round at least would be good.


Btw, a note: I will be very busy at least until Wednesday night, so if I don’t respond in a timely manner, it’s not because I’ve forgotten.


then, can we start the tournament?


I can barely keep what I’m doing in one game straight between turns. I don’t know about 2. Are we playing random sides or bidding?


Note my online handle is “Cattlesquat” so that’s where to find me :-)


@Maulet I created a game and invited you. Timer is 21 days, there was no 14 days option.
@quantum_mechani Your username in TS must be something else …


I think @Brooski meant by “14 days” for us to select “7 days” (which is what each player gets, for a maximum total time of two weeks). I started my first game against @Leglaen with that timer.


Yeah I think my username should be simply qm there.


Perhaps I missed it, but what is your handle, @Baconsoda? (I’m Leglaen on TS.)


@SadleyBradley and @Sonoftgb my Steam username is millertime059, so looknfor that


done, created a game with qm


Yup, worked.


And mine is tgb


Yes, go ahead and get started. I actually thought there was a 14-day timer but 7 or 21 days is fine. If someone wants to play just one game at a time it’s fine. It’s all fine! See you guys in a few days.


yes, my nickname in TS is Maulet


Good game, Maulet. I learned something new from it that apparently I have been playing wrong since forever in the physical version, I always thought control only needed battlegrounds but turns out you also need more total countries.


congrats quantum, great game!! mostly in europe where I was lost all time, although I dominated middle-east and asia, but they weren’t enough


Email notifications no longer seem to be working for me. Anyone else running into this?


It happens from time to time, and Playdek is usually very quick to fix it.


7 days seems like it may not be long enough…