Ultramarine - Warhammer 40k movie


A CGI movie, straight to DVD that may be out next year. Nothing has been finalised so it’s not guaranteed it will be released.

I hope it does appear, I would love a full length version of the Dawn of War intro movie.

Please have Dan Abnett write this.


That would make me very happy.

I want Vin Diesel to have a role in this.

So who wants to place bets as to wether this will be better or worse than the Dragon Lance movie?

Especially if he uses his voice from Iron Giant.

The real question is whether or not this will be as stupendously shitastic as the Mutant Chronicles movie.




It’s CGI, which for me, takes a huge amount of risk for craptasticness out of it.

Heck, the prop budget for the armor (or armour since we’re talking 40K) alone would burn 3/4’s of their total budget in live action.

You obviously never saw the demo reel of the 40k Bloodquest movie. :-)

I hope its good so I can turn to my wife and say "see?’ Then in a few years Ill turn to my son and we can both say “HELL YA!”

Then she can shake her head, and wash some more dishes! You know, for the emperor and shit.

Aside from that, what dragonlance movie?

I *so, want this to be good, and it so isn’t gonna be…

Needs a lot of cinemaction.

Who needs voice actors!








Hate to tell you this, but there’s a ton of professional voice actors in the DoW games. Was there something in particular, or does Scott McNeill just rub you the wrong way?

Needs a website that actually tells you something. One news blurb and some splash text, awesome. Tease me with a render shot or even some concept sketch art.

I do!

looks like it will be cheaper/uglier than what blur produces for relic’s DOW intros or the new space marine game trailer.

The production team’s previous credits include the original highly successful and multi award-winning DVD trilogy BIONICLE®, produced for the LEGO® Company.

I’ve seen two of the Bionicle movies being watched and they are actually pretty good computer animation. I see no special need to worry on that front. Surely this project faces much bigger hurdles first on the way to reach the screen at all and then to any kind of watchable quality.