Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End


Christ on a stick this game is beautiful. The added downsampling from 1440p is glorious, not a single jaggy anywhere, flawlessly pristine image. I just arrived to Scotland and wow, beauty.

Only two flaws I detected so far, 30fps sucks donkey balls (anytime I move camera fast I can see the judder of missing frames on every refresh) and I still hate how many people I am forced to kill. Why can’t I knock them out instead of breaking their necks? Why can’t I have tranq guns ? It feels so wrong that I catch myself shooting them in the legs.

Obviously this is a long ass and thousand times addressed topic. And for some reason it did not bother me as much in previous games, they felt more “arcadey”, plus you are killing evil warlord’s mercenaries and some shadowy evil order goons there. But here, first big shootout and it is against guards in a prison and at an auction who are just doing their jobs.


I did not like that scene as well.

Unrelated, the DLC is available August 22. I look forward to one last spin in the world.


So I played through all four games this month. They are good (except the first, which is really dull lot of the time) for what they are - cinematic popcorn blockbuster without any big ambition. Characters are fun, setpieces are awesome, locations are beautiful. Gameplay is good to mediocre, though never boring.

But again and again one issue kept coming to my mind, and it is nothing revelatory, I am sure thousands of people have already complained about this. But it still surprised me again and again that with each game, this flaw was never addressed when it would have been so easy to do.

I am of course talking about the almost complete separation of narrative (characters, cutscenes) and gameplay (murdering hundreds of people). I love Nate, Sully, Elena, Chloe…but for the life of me I cannot understand, why didn’t Naughty Dog provide players with the option (only an option!) of dispatching enemies nonlethaly ? All it would take is:

  • make default takedown animation into knock out/chokehold instead of neck snap
  • make Nate have a tranq/stun gun by default
  • lower the amount of enemies in certain sections (wave after wave is more boring than fun anyway)

These do not seem like difficult things to do, hell the series even attempted it in Uncharted 2 at the museum. Why not extend that for the whole game (and sequels)?
In U4 it really took me away from the experience when you have these gorgeous, beautiful human characters in cutscenes, and then in gameplay I am killing dozens (hundreds…) of guards who are just doing their job.
Note that I am not saying get rid of the combat and killing people. Keep that in, but as an option. Give also the option to get over stuff without killing, so those of us who care about consistency of narrative with gameplay can enjoy it (I still enjoyed the series a ton, mind, but I would have even more if nonlethal was an option).

Obviously this is all water under the bridge now, but maybe for the future games (probably not Lost Legacy, releases too soon) ND could address this (but they probably won’t, judging by Neil Druckman’s opinion about it). For me this was the greatest (and pretty much only) flaw of this great series.

Fourth game was particularly bad with this, since it actually played some human drama and characters looked more real than ever. Graphics is just stunningly™ beautiful, ND have fantastic artists and programmers:

I am definitely gonna replay this one someday.


Uncharted 4 has an achievement for killing 1000 dudes called “Ludonarrative dissonance” as a lampshade for how often that discussion has come up.



The Uncharted exists in a pulpy world filled with villains and heroes, where life is cheap and pirating is still considered a viable career path.


Yeah I know, but making a joke about a bad thing does not make the bad thing go away. (I understand that many people do not consider it bad and it does not harm their enjoyment. All I am asking for is an extra option for those who do consider it bad).


Was it the second one where the bad guy says something along the lines of: How many people have you killed to get to this point, and you call me a monster?


I think it was the second one. The second one is also where you start off in the museum, carefully not killing a single person, and then you get to the rooftop, and the game forces you to throw a guard off the roof if you want to proceed, after all that time in the museum avoiding killing guards. And after you throw that guy off the roof, then all pretense about avoiding killing goes out the window. It sort of reads like a statement Naughty Dog is making: Here, we could let you play a game where you’re not killing scores of people, but we’re not going to. We’re going to force you to kill. So deal with it.


The worst - the worst! - was Uncharted 3. I distinctly remember having to shoot the suited bad guys before having been shot at first. Literally the first person to pull the trigger is you. A very Han Shot First thing that put a bad taste in my mouth from the start.


Yep, that was ridiculous already. But for me U4 was even worse because it has such nice human moments, the life at home, the epilogue with Cassie…it just doesn’t mesh at all whatsoever.


IIRC, you can see that guard swim away.


Nathan Fillion finally plays Nathan Drake

In my opinion, he is as great as I expected him to be. Sure low budget etc but I would pay to see a big budget version of this. Just get Emily Rose as Elena.

Also, seeing Chayton is always nice.


Came here to post this. One of the best things. Makes me want to replay 3 or 4. Oh, wait, I think I own only 4. Oh, double-wait, I completely forgot there was a new Uncharted game that I never played! What was that called…?


Lost Legacy and it was very good, must play for Uncharted fans.

I am a bit tempted to replay U4 too, but I only finished it a year ago so I will give it more time.


It is uncanny


That was fantastic.


Cool video and well done. Wouldn’t mind seeing a whole movie of that kind of fun indy adventure stuff. Doesn’t seem to be around much anymore.

Though I am a bit curious as to what that was all about. Can’t JUST be a fanfiction movie can it? Perhaps him showing he can still do action hero stuff?


I mean I have no doubt that Nathan Fillion would love it if the public reaction prompted Sony to finance a full movie with him starring the way Deadpool was greenlit after the test footage got out, if that’s what you mean :)


I guess they are too poor to hire Claudia Black.


That was pretty awesome.