Urban Dead

Urban Dead

The server is frequently overloaded, but it’s fun!

[Cue TomChick, stage left]

It is fun. But I’ve had two characters eaten by zombies because the server is overloaded. :( I’m going to pay the $5 to get on the “premium” server and see how that works out.

No zombie cowboys but its pretty decent.

Where to Search for Gear

Hmm… I’ll have to bookmark it and try it again around, say, 2:45am when the server isn’t overloaded.

sniff…consumer Single scared mom here. i just left a secured warehouse in old arkham. nothing useful in there, the old crates were empty. i found my old aaa map and have a mobile phone but it keeps saying, “out of service area - roaming.”

now i’m in st luke’s hospital. some vandals have spraypainted “All Hail the Crimson King.” on a hospital in the middle of a crisis! there are lots of people here, though. thank goodness. two zombies outside. i don’t know if they’ll hurt us.

i say: “thank god. has anyone see a five year old chinese boy? brown hair? skinny? with a blue stitch/experiment626 doll? he’s my son.”

i have no skills other than shopping, never even took a self-defense class. why won’t bush send in the army to rescue us? someone please help!

i also heard rumors that there are people named “wiley” that are murdering people. it’s just horrible.

hahah. oh wow, it’s just like those turn-based games we used to play on BBS over 9600bps modems

rrrrrrrr… brains…

I have a level 12 zombie that managed to barricaded in a hospital with 8 survivors. Silly survivors, you are supposed to kill me, throw me out, and THEN put the barricades back up! Now I get to eat them all. At least, all the ones without Free Running.

The access you get with a donation is pretty sweet.

Haven’t been able to try it at all. The server’s really overtaxed.

Ok, is there a Quarter to Three suburb?

I just randomly ended up in Pashenton. Choosing to be a Doctor doesn’t seem to be the best decision, but we’ll see how long my altruistic self will last before succumbing to the zombie hordes.

I’ll make my way towards Pashenton then, I’m in Miltown, which is apparently the bottom left.

you two are awfully far away. i scrounged up some first aid kits, an extra phone, and a pistol clip but no gun. i will try to get near you two. i’m at South Blythville in the lower left according to the map.

Sorry, I meant lower right (and I’ve gotten as far as Osmondville).
Oh, and my victim’s name is August Personage.

Making my way to Pashenton from Paynerton

There are a number of us from OO around, mostly in East Boundwood.

Don’t keep much faith in barricades two zombies can take apart even the heaviest ones. Avoid ending your turn in Churches and Junkyards, neither have doors and new Zombies will check in on them frequently.

Where To Find Equipment

i saw ralph wiggum with an oo tag in old arkham, st luke’s hospital.

I’ll try to make my way to East Boundwood from Rhodenbank.
I’m FlamingSheep in the game as well as in real life.

So far I haven’t really figured out what I’m supposed to do, other than run around a lot, pick up neat stuff, and hide in barricaded buildings. I guess that’s the life of a citizen surviving a zombie infestation. It’s not all glamour, like in the movies.

My Private is suffering chronic ammuntion shortages so I’m going with a minor in shopping and then bargain hunting.

I’d like to be able to pillage and loot.