US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


“One of those components is a presidential signature.”

Also apparently one of those components is the appointed dictator of the Senate has to sign it as well. Then 66 other fucks have to sign it because they all have a veto, which is oddly missing from the Constitution, but it’s the Senate so fuck everything and everyone.


I always thought Pelosi was good, but I never liked her. Now I think she’s fucking awesome, and I sort of love her.

Presumably, all those bright young freshmen are watching close and learning.


Just channel flipping, and a question occurs to me… Who is stupider, Trump or the cast of Open Water 2: They Left the Ladder Up?



Sorry for all the dunking. It’s too fun, though.


As if anything about this administration has ever been effective.

I take that back. They effectively have no idea how to govern.


Think about most of his major accomplishments to date.

They do not know how to govern. Everything was done by basically strong-arming the GOP caucus into voting for what he wanted, even if it was highly unpopular to the general electorate. The one time it failed (repealing Obamacare) was only saved at the very last second because a dying Senator gave him the middle finger.

He thought he could use that same playbook against the Democrats, but he can’t seem to understand that they have a popular mandate to stop him.


I think it’s also that when he was trying to govern for the first two years, the politicians he came into (mild) conflict with were fairly inept politicians, like Paul Ryan. He has now run into a politician who knows how to fight in DC, and who possesses a stronger political instincts than his own. Trump knows how to play to his base. But that isn’t good enough to be a remotely worthwhile president.


Is it wrong of me to want to see him “un-cave” on a funding bill that will have passed both chambers with veto-proof majorities?


Yes, but I’m guilty of the same.


A good point here. His base is going to piss and moan and threaten. They’ll be back shortly. They’re as unmoored as he is.


This feels different to me. The Wall is much more central to his brand and message. Obviously I know nothing and could be totally wrong, but that’s just my gut.


He lost the Obamacare battle, but since the GOP controlled the entire government they just rolled on to the next items on their agenda, like that bullshit “tax cut”

Now, his entire agenda is shut down unless he learns how to compromise, which he has shown absolutely no ability to do thus far.

Almost every president who takes a beating in the midterms pivots to the middle to restore lost ground. He’s doing everything he can to nuke the middle.


It won’t matter when Fox News will just constantly yell about what a triumph this is and Trump is the great negotiator we all thought he was, etc. They’ll spin it like crazy until the Fox base believes it anyways.


“We have always been at war with Eastasia.”


Here’s a nice brief roundup of right-wing reax.


Long but insightful twitter thread (I know, I know.) I think we’re nearing the end game here, where trump will need to do something to prove his dominance and salvage his ego - I fear we’re about to head into the most dangerous part of trump’s reign of error:


I, in contrast to the Ann Coulters of the world:


Trump blamed Mitch for the Obamacare failure, and his base followed. The wall is different. It was his core promise, and Mitch didn’t stick his neck out of the shell even a little bit.


Everybody on social media is strutting around like the war is over. I’m not so sure we aren’t going to find ourselves in the same place 3 weeks from now. It’s good for the federal employees that they get to get paid again, but the impasse remains.