US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Probably nothing, because apparently that’s always what he says.

He’s probably thinking that President Pence sure would make this all a lot easier.


They all are. They fear Trump’s base. Trump would stir them up and never stop if the Rs moved to get him out of office.

They basically need to bribe the guy to step down. I think his lust for money is about the only thing that might overcome his ego.



Negotiators have done a good job this time keeping the details secret so Trump’s advisory group of Hannity/Coulter/Limbaugh can’t tell him how to vote.

And by waiting until the last minute, they jam Trump up and force him to own a second shutdown if hit happens.


There’d better not be any f’ing money for the border wall in this agreement. Or giving away anything else without an abundant of goodness coming back the other way.



As of 2015 DHS stats we have 12,000,000 illegals in the country, and apparently we only have 40k beds for them? This sounds like an excuse for ICE to be pretty lazy about snatching them all up. Can’t we just construct a wall out of ICE beds and kill two birds with one stone?

Right now my phone calc app tells me that 12,000,000 ÷ 40,000 = 300, and I just don’t see how each of these beds will hold 300.


Wondering if that is for repair/improvement of existing structures only.


Hannity already yelling about this. :D


Trump got bent over, and GOP clearly signaling they want zero part of another shutdown


Nothing makes me happier than seeing people like Hannity angry.


I’m always amazed that an idiot who barely graduated highschool is now driving policy for the most powerful nation in human history.


Per the estimable harridan Ann Coulter, it’s basically 55 miles of bollard fencing and a reduction in detentions. She’s also very unhappy. :)


“Alternative Fence.”

And I’m pretty sure Coulter is a lich.


That’s a significant chunk of the money they have been asking for…but it’s only enough for 55 miles?


So we just have to find and destroy the phylactery, is what you’re saying. ;-)


The cost of an entire wall is something north of $25b by most estimates. Given that some of that $1.37b is probably for existing maintenance repairs, well…(let’s also not discount the probability of Coulter exaggerating wildly, too.)


I’d rather see him angry after the bill was signed.


Mitch has apparently had it with Trump’s TV pundit cabinet.


AKA, hanging him out to dry. They are hitching a shutdown squarely on Trump this time, should he choose not to sign this.