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Speaking of Valheim, check this out!!!

Amazing boat mod

Been playing with this the last couple of days, it’s a real game changer. Being able to have a floating, permanent base is really really fun.

This is my issue with games that are released slowly over time. I played this with two buddies and we played all the content that was out when we finished at the beginning of the year. We had a big base, moat, walls and had a blast. I just can’t see ourselves starting up to play one more bio. We definitely more than got our money’s worth but am I little sad we won’t see it to the end. Maybe once it’s 100% finished we’ll jump back in.

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Ya, i’m in a similar boat. I played solo thee times (initial, a lets play, and then one where i accumulated all my stuff into a barely explored map for future development), and mp twice, the second of which was about 6 friends and we had a blast exploring the world. We’ll do it again…but i cant see us having more than one in us, so we probably will have to wait till release…which at the pace they’re going, wont be for four years or so, assuming they dont need an engine update before that time…

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Ditto. Awesome game, but building up a game world takes a lot of time, and continuing from an existing game world sucks. I don’t mind diving back into the world to try new things - new content and DLC is fine - but they really should complete the core game and then make the additions be things that enrich existing maps, so that you don’t have to start over from scratch with every major update.

How close/far away is the game now? It’s been on my wishlist forever, but I’m only going to play it once.

Their first update in feb 2021, was version 0.146.8. This latest patch will be 0.212.5. It’s the first sizable content release since it went into early access (nearly 2 years ago). Assuming the new biome is feature complete, that’ll be 5 biomes(ok fine, 6 - but the mountains are like half a biome) fully integrated in the game. There looks to be 2-3 more (desert/hot lands and tundra are likely full biomes, and a water/sea biome has been talked about, though i dont know if that will be a full-fledged one(with exploration and the like) or just a more fleshed out ocean (with more flora and fauna, but no exploration)). My guess is likely no better than anyone else’s, but I don’t see the full game releasing before 2025.

There are currently 6 biomes in the game (Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, Mountains, Plains, and Mistlands); 7 if you count Ocean - though unlike the other two, Ocean has no “boss fight” (sea serpent is not a summonable boss like the others).

There are two biomes remaining: Deep North and the Ashlands.

When those two will be ready is anyone’s guess. It’s taken them more than a year to do the Mistlands biome, so unless they speed up significantly now, it’ll probably be another couple of years before the game is “done”.

Can you play as a wizard now or is that sill an NPC thing?

This thread made me decide to fire up Valheim again last night after not having played in over a year. I totally forgot how calming and zen the game can be in those times you’re fiddling with inventory, repairing and building stuff, gathering resources and crafting. That was the majority of what I did last night as I re-acclimated to the game after such a long absence. I portaled between my original large Meadows homestead and farm and my Swamp/Mountain adjacent forward operating base with my fully upgraded forge setup and slowly sank back into the groove of the game.

Then suddenly as day turned to night outside my farm ominous music began and I heard combat noises from the fields. I look up and…SKELETON SURPRISE. Oh shit! The game should have started playing Yakety Sax as I rushed around in near panic frantically being chased by dozens of skeletons. I was able to bottleneck them where I could (my covered bridge, the outer doors to my homestead) and thankfully I had my silver sword and silver shield still on me, so I was eventually able to whittle them down and wipe out the stragglers. The ground of my farm/homestead was littered with bone fragments and misc other skeleton loot. I’d forgotten how things in Valheim can go from peaceful to perilous in a heartbeat.

I need to defeat the Mountain boss and move on to Plains as I think I have accomplished all there is to do in the Mountain biome. I did see a whole lot of new crafting recipes pop up the first time I ate something and used my crafting stations though, so I will need to check out what has been added over the past year before moving on to a more difficult region. It looks like I can’t cook turnip stew anymore until I craft a cooking pot upgrade, so that will be task #1.

I played it a bit, up to just entering the Swamp after the Ent boss with my then D&D group. It was pretty cool but I shelved it for now.