Anyone keen on playing it real-time in IRC? I’ll mod.

i’ll try it!

How long would it take, if you had to guess? Trying to figure out how long I’d need to commit for before I think about committing.

I’d love to try that.

I’m in.

I’d guess an hour. Maybe two.

I’m in.

I’m in

I’m banned. :-)

For good reason, vampire.

And we weren’t even playing yet.

I’d be happy to try it in IRC.

That sounds either interesting, or horrible - but even if it’s horrible, it’d be interestingly horrible. I’m game, if you’ve got room for this early-bitee.

How the hell would I get on to chat?

You need an IRC client. There’s a firefox extension, which might be the best fire and forget option.

I’ll play. And so will the Fecal Jesus.

There’s an irc channel?

I’d be all over this anytime, I’d just need enough advance warning to go buy booze.

No way I’m going sober for this one. No way.

I’d be very interested in this. I haven’t joined up in any of the other games because frankly, with school starting up again on September 6th, I don’t have the time or the will to keep checking back in on the thread every day. I’m no longer stuck at work in front of a computer screen. Doing this in discreet time, one our or two, would be perfect.

The one caveat would be that, for me, this very much depends on when such a game would be. I wouldn’t be able to do it this weekend, for instance, nor could I do it Monday, Wednesday, or Friday before 4 (classes all day).

This also sounds good.

Holy Terror, what have I done?

Er, I mean “having started up again.”

And ElGuapo, you magnificent bastard, you had a good idea that’s led to a lot of people having fun. Way to go, asshole!