Vampire Survivors - How did no one think of this before?

Maybe discussion at this level of detail on non-VS games could move to a different thread?

I guess you can count me in as a new convert for this game. It’s just a never ending stream of unlocking stuff! How can I refuse?

I honestly didn’t know an Xbox game was allowed to have this many achievements.

after doing everything in VS, I fired up Soulstone Survivors, Scarlet Tower and Rogue: Genesia. (all on steam)

All three had redeeming features and I like where this genre is going.

How much time was just for that?

not sure, about a week real time but no idea gametime since I left it on over night a few times trying stuff only to find out my controller timed out since I forgot to plug it in.

Started playing this yesterday via GP on the Series X. Well, this is a lot of fun. It took a while for the rhythm of the game to click with me, though. I kept trying the first level over and over, maybe making it to 13 minutes or so- after the first horde of skeletons show up, and then the werewolves are a pain. But then I switched to doing the second level, got the bit that shows you how weapons evolve and was like ‘oooohhh, that’s what I should be aiming for’. So evolved the whip and holy water, and absolutely wrecked. So I started systematically playing each character so see what ‘their’ evolved weapon was like. Now I’m regularly getting to the end of the levels, wrecking as I go, heh. I just beat the 4th level, having evolved 4 of my six weapons (didn’t even have access to the items to do the other two). And on that note, I noticed that the two weapons I couldn’t evolve- the Laurel and the Lance, were basically what saved me on that run, despite my overwhelming firepower- like the designer knows they’re something of a crutch, and if you want that 6-evolution Achievement, you gotta get better than that, heh.

Probably not going to go down the rabbit hole of other games in this new genre, but this game is pretty tight.

How do you switch to the second level? I just keep repeating the first (Mad Forest?). I can’t see any option to choose another level. I get to the bit where you get absolutely dogpiled around 15 mins in and can’t get any further.

I didn’t remember how it happened, so I just looked it up- you get your character level to 20 (time is irrelevant). I did that and saw the unlock, but I didn’t try it for quite a while- I thought I ought to beat the first level before moving on. That was a mistake. The second level is easier in some ways, plus you get the aforementioned bit that shows how weapon Evolution works, and from there you’re off to the races.

DLC announced. I’ve more than got my 4 bucks worth on the base game. Easy day 1 purchase.

trying out yet another of the genre today, Army of Ruin. Missing the second stick aiming I got used to in Soulstone and Rogue: Genesia, but has twitch chat integration and it is kinda neat having chat vote on upgrades in real time.