I don’t think this is in the MCU. There was no Marvel Studios logo in the trailer.


No one will offer a straight answer on this yet. There were reports that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man (or Parker) would at least have a cameo in the movie, there were reports that those reports were false. Holland was spotted on the set, but no one can confirm if he was actually shooting anything.

Basically no one knows how the deal that got Spider-Man into the MCU films works on Sony’s side.


The trailer I saw had the Marvel logo right after the Columbia logo.


The logos won’t tell us anything either way. Any Marvel property could have the logo that just says “Marvel”, the logo that says “Marvel Studios” means it’s actually produced by Marvel but isn’t necessarily a requirement for being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Spider-Man: Homecoming did not have the Marvel Studios logo. For that matter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Netflix Marvel shows, while only tenuously connected, are additional examples of properties that are canonically part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but not produced by Marvel Studios and as such won’t have that logo.


Are you sure? The trailer did.


Those shows reference the MCU but the MCU happenings are not bound or affected by the shows. It’s a 1-way relationship. Venom may be the same way?

I just don’t see how you make a movie about Evil Spider-Man without having a connection to Spider-Man, unless they fundamentally redesign the character.


Whoops, you’re right! I checked the movie before my post above, but didn’t check far enough. The Sony and Columbia Pictures logos show up first, then there’s the whole opening scene with Vulture, then the Marvel Studios logo does indeed show up (prominently).

I maintain that Marvel Studios not being involved in the Venom film does not necessarily preclude connecting it to the MCU though. It may not be connected, but I don’t think we can conclusively say that yet.


Now here we go, why not just wait until they had this trailer ready instead of releasing that silly one earlier?


You’re right. I’ve never been a huge fan of Venom, and the last trailer didn’t really entice me to care much more about the movie. This looks… a lot more promising.


I like that they’re really emphasizing the symbiote as its own creature, the two of them actually having conversations and fighting for control.

It’s been years since I’ve seen Spider-Man 3, did they do that there? I can’t remember if the suit had an actual voice in SM3 or not, but I like what I’m seeing of that so far here.


I don’t know that I ever watched 3. Spiderman, Toby, lost it’s appeal for me after two. To be fair, I’ve never found Spiderman to be that interesting to begin with. I get the appeal though, but the new one in Avengers has really softened my heart to the character like never before and this trailer shifted Venom from maybe not to why not?

I don’t know if it’s canon or a canon, but the way it talks… this looks like a promising origin movie, no background needed, a little dark. I generally don’t like any of the origin movies, so I am cautiously optimistic. They should have started with this one and not the half trailer they showed earlier.


It fell flat for me. I like that they’re doing the costume right in the visual and the in his head sense, but this character is a product of Spider-Man himself and that’s all different here. Obviously, you can’t have Spidey in the Secret Wars, come back with the black costume, find out it’s trying to bond with him and control him, get Reed Richards to blast it off him with a sonic gun, have it escape and find Spider-Man again, go through an amazing battle with the costume and the Vulturettes until you need giant ringing bells to “destroy” it… but that origin is FAR more powerful than what I see here.

Not to mention Brock’s connection to Peter Parker, which I won’t spoil if it does eventually come up sometime in the film…

No, this is not my Venom. I stopped buying comics just after Venom and Carnage become huge things. I have the first appearances of each of them. I loved the characters at the time because of how they became what they are. This isn’t that. It’s not even close from what I can tell. Also, that motorcycle scene is hokey.


Well that saddens me. I mean I like the trailer but it would be nice if they made a movie that people who are fans of Venom can like alongside those who are, well not so much.


I’m a fan of venom and I thought it looked like a fun time, I’m just hoping it gets tied in to Spidey somehow


I wonder if Todd McFarlane will get royalties? He must be super pissed that Rob Liefeld is raking it in with those Deadpool movies.


Nobody is getting royalties on Marvel characters. McFarlane also didn’t create the character of Venom, although he first drew him when the suit was changed into that character.


This looks horrible.


I don’t know who watches that and gets excited. This feels like an epic fail to me.


Who could forget Elton John’s famous ballad, “Turd in the wind?”


I feel like this is a good example of what happens when you take a contingent property and try to jump directly into the spin-off version of it.

Like, Venom kind of makes sense in the context of Spiderman. And after a couple dozen years of Venom stories, it kind of evolved into the whole symbiote-universe thing with Carnage, and Anti-Venom, and all that nonsense. Like boiling a frog, each individual step is fine.

But, jumping directly into Venom on its own, with all the symbiote stuff fully formed…it’s just too much all at once. Even Spiderman 3, for all it’s weaknesses, understood not to do that.