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the guy with the pink shirt and glasses is also a good contender! Awesome video! :-)


“If you raise your hands above your head, you will win.”
“Okay.” [Raises hands above head]
“I’m not winning! I’m not winning!”


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Dat preload image.



Where have I seen this before? Hmmm…


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No sweat. It is funny.


Thomas, the next act



Tom might appreciate this one.

African Penguin Nest Cam (live stream)

What’s Hatching?

Penguin parents, Sidney and Bette, laid two eggs on November 7th and 11th. The first egg is expected to hatch between December 14 and 18, and the second egg is expected to hatch between December 18 and 22. If all goes well, the chicks will eventually join the National Aviary’s current colony of 20 African Penguins. This is the fourth set of chicks for Sidney and Bette who have had 6 chicks together at the National Aviary (not including these two)!

The chicks will remain in the nest for the first three weeks. They will then be moved inside to be cared for by National Aviary experts until they are old enough to return to the colony in Penguin Point. This special upbringing will ensure the chicks get the highest standard of care possible, and that they are ready to fulfill their future roles as ambassadors for their species.



That was great. Thanks for sharing!








2018 keeps getting worse!