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I own that on bluray, and I watched that review probably within minutes of when it popped up. That’s one of my favorite movies of the 80s, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it. Not being Canadian, I imagine a lot of it went right by me, but Bob and Doug are amazing comedic creations, and I’ll watch just about anything Rick Moranis does. Well, did I guess.



I see your SCTV episode and I raise you a Yacht Rock.


I see your Doobies Yacht Rock and Raise you a Steely Dan/Eagles.


Thanks for this, I haven’t Yacht Rocked for like 6 years. This is your reward.



The Brooks Falls bear cam is back!


I Greatly Appreciate the fact that you posted that link.


Awesome! Very zen to just let it run in the background. Didn’t even know that was a thing.

BTW Here’s a New Yorker article about it.

This season, the one to watch is No. 503, a young male that, according to Fitz, “is showing potential to be a master angler.” He’s been trying out all of the different fishing spots and methods. His success is owed to a combination of “his individual disposition, being willing to go to all those different spots when the opportunity is open, and also his ability to learn."



Indeed. Each year when it starts up, I leave it running all the time while I work. Also worth bookmarking the Riffles cam (also in Katmai National Park).


These animals (bears and birds alike) seem totally unfazed by the power of mother nature they’re in the midst of. And holy shit, I just watched a bear just simply walk up a waterfall.


This is Romanoff Awesomeness…


I couldn’t look away.



Bluecoats (drum corps) kid doing Jaco Pastorius’ electric bass line from Joni Mitchell’s The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines - on a tuba.


This made my day


@RichVR, Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!



Just Jump in the Fire, Rich.