Vince Vaughn - why do people think he's funny?

I thought he was very good in his serious movie roles… but as a comedic actor I’ve found his delivery almost always horribly lacking. Always seems most of his lines are bland dialogue. I think he’s very personable, but when I hear him deliver comedy what I get is, “blah, blah, blah, drooooone”…

All the ads I’ve seen for “The Break-Up” seem the same. It’s like he’s reading off a cue card. Anyone else think the same?

Dodgeball, Starsky & Hutch, Old School etc…

Swingers. Mostly because of Swingers and, as of late, Wedding Crashers.

It wasn’t exactly him being “funny” but the scene in Made where he saves the day with the starter pistol totally made the movie worthwhile for me.

Pretty blah in Old School (which I loved), great in Wedding Crashers and we’ll just not talk about Be Cool.

I read in a review somewhere that no one natters like Vince Vaugh.

Some folks might find his nattering annoying. I’m usually amused by it. Especially in Made.


“So this is mine? The per diem is for me. No one but me gets his hands on it.”

People think that Vince Vaughn is funny for the same reason that people expect objects released from the hand to plummet towards the Earth.

Vince Vaughn and The Rock were the only parts of Be Cool that didn’t make me want to throw up. It was almost worth the rental fee to see the two of them frolic around in that horrible misbegotten mess of a film.

He’s so tall and dreamy.

Vince only has two modes: Drama Vince and Comedy Vince. I like Comedy Vince but I hate carrots. Other people, they like carrots, but they hate Comedy Vince. Personal preferences.

Drama Vince isn’t amazing, but I think he’s alright, too.

“Watch me bitch-slap Gretzky.”

Makes a lot more sense than people who think Robin Williams is funny.

I assumed they were laughing at him.

Come on man. Dodgeball.

there was that Inside the Actor’s Studio with Robin Williams where he was just in this crazy “LOOK AT ME! I’M THE CENTER OF ATTENTION!” and the audience was just dying and I was just really embarrassed. I remember thinking Williams was funny, but now I can’t actually remember why. Mork & Mindy? Comic Relief? Ick.

Oddly enough I think he does much, much better in non-comedic rules like Awakenings, World According to Garp, and Good Will Hunting.

One Hour Photo, Insomnia…Yeah, I’d much rather see him do that than crap like RV and insert Disney shite here.

I found his rendition of the physician with a heart of gold, Patch Adams, to be particular touching and poignant.

I was all like, “Finally, a doctor who doesn’t care about all that dryball boring tedious sciency medicine stuff, but rather uses laughter to cure illness. After all, it is the best medicine!” And then I remembered it was Robin Williams and thought it was genius to have a guy who isn’t really a comedian play a guy who isn’t really a doctor.

Once that stupid murderous lecherous cretin cures cancer with a clownshoe, I’ll listen.

You need Swingers or Wedding Crashers (I know it came out after Dodgeball, but we’re helping jpinard here!) under your belt to like him, specifically, in Dodgeball. Dodgeball was a funny film; Vaughn was not the reason why, really.

Lance Armstrong was the reason why.

R.W Did a nice job in Aladdin.
His show from Broadway(I think it was) was great as well.
Can not think of anything else I’ve though he was funny in, though.

Vaughn had some funny moments in Old School and Dodgeball, but they’d probably be funny with almost any other actors as well.


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More like man’s man, but in reverse.

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