Virgin Queen Forum Game

So I messed up on my turn there. I should have pinged @CraigM to do the unrest rolls and I didn’t set the war and alliance markers.

@CraigM, do you want to do the unrest rolls and set statuses and then I’ll take my turn?

I painted it red, so now it goes faster. (Actually, my room was red, and I painted it a brighter color, so now the room goes slower and the PC goes faster in comparison).

** Ottoman rolls 5 d6: 3,1,5,5,2

  • Do not drag Unrest markers from the palette to the map–right-click map spaces or keys to add/remove unrest.

  • Holy Roman Empire score: 13 VP

  • Unrest in Augsburg.


Zealous protestants launch a rebellion in Brussels. Protestant regulars seize the city, and fellow travellers in Maastricht, Ghent, and Mons join the cause.

Spain and the Protestants are now at war. Over to @CraigM for the Ottomans. Log below.

  • Protestant plays Calvinist Zeal as an event.

<Chip (Protestant)> - Calvinist Zeal for a 7CP revolt in Brussels.

<Chip (Protestant)> - I roll seven dice and need one hit.

** Protestant rolls 7 d6: 1,1,4,6,3,6,4

<Chip (Protestant)> - Good enough.

  • 1 Spanish regular eliminated in Brussels.

  • Spain score: 17 VP

  • Protestant Spaces: 25

  • Protestant score: 9 VP

  • Ghent is now under Dutch political control.

  • Maastricht is now under Dutch political control.

  • Mons is now under Dutch political control.

<Chip (Protestant)> - Can flip adjacent spaces free of catholic units with protestant religious influence.

  • Brussels reforms.

  • Protestant Spaces: 26

<Chip (Protestant)> - 3 regulars added to Brussels (one for each full 2CPs spent).

  • Spain and the Protestants are now At War.

<Chip (Protestant)> - Over to the Ottomans.

  • Ottoman plays City State Rebels for 4 CP.

<Craig (Ottoman)> - moving Mehmed and 5 units to Cyprus for 3 CP

<Craig (Ottoman)> - Building a galley in Tunis for 1CP

<Craig (Ottoman)> - Corsair, not galley


@CraigM you only have one Corsair on the next turn track, did you take your losses from our sea battle?

EDIT: Regardless of your answer I’m playing Reiters as a response to your besieging Cyprus and placing two mercenaries there, but your answer will affect my actual turn.

Ah I thought you had removed units with your file upload. No I made no changes

Okay I’ll do it, just checking!

  • Spain plays Reiters as a response.

<Greg (Spain)> - Build two mercenaries in Cyprus

  • Ottoman galley eliminated in Barbary Coast.

  • Ottoman galley eliminated in Barbary Coast.

  • Ottoman corsair eliminated in Barbary Coast.

<Greg (Spain)> - Removing 5 hits worth of ships

  • Spain plays Puritans for 2 CP.

<Greg (Spain)> - Taking two naval moves

<Greg (Spain)> - 1-Cagliari -BARB, Venetian fleet to Ionian Sea

<Greg (Spain)> - 2-Venetian Fleet to Eastern Med

@CraigM any intercepts/evades?

Eastern Med will attempt to evade to Finica, Barbary into Tunis.

Also now that you note it, I don’t know there should be any units on the track from before? Don’t ships return to the token pool at the end of a turn? In which case that was from last turn and would be in my ship pool, as the battle last round was the first combat this turn.

Second half of the turn here. I took the one Ottoman ship that was already on the track off

<Greg (Spain)> - Barbary evade roll
** Spain rolls 2 d6: 2,1
<Greg (Spain)> - Failure

<Greg (Spain)> - Barbary battle
** Spain rolls 6 d6: 1,3,4,5,4,3
** Spain rolls 4 d6: 6,4,5,4
<Greg (Spain)> - Ottomans win, retreat to Cag

  • Spanish galley eliminated in Barbary Coast.
  • Ottoman corsair eliminated in Barbary Coast.

<Greg (Spain)> - Eastern Med evade roll

** Spain rolls 2 d6: 5,1

<Greg (Spain)> - Failure

** Spain rolls 6 d6: 6,6,3,3,5,6

** Spain rolls 2 d6: 3,1

<Greg (Spain)> - Ottoman galley eliminated

  • Ottoman galley eliminated in Eastern Mediterranean.

<Greg (Spain)> - Using a treasure to extend impulse

  • Spain expends Treasure for 2 CP.

<Greg (Spain)> - Building a Walloon in Antwerp


  • England plays Double Agent for 3 CP.

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 CP for naval moves

<Panzeh (England)> - Cape Horn Navigation +3 Drake +1 Tech

** England rolls 2 d6: 2,5

<Panzeh (England)> - 2 CP for piracy attempt on Chilean Coast

<Panzeh (England)> - 4 dice

  • English piracy attempt in Chilean Coast.

** England rolls 4 d6: 1,5,5,4

<Panzeh (England)> - 2 hits, VP, Treasure, rolling for random treasure

<Panzeh (England)> - 1-4 as on the map, 5-6 reroll

** England rolls 1 d6: 3

<Panzeh (England)> - Done

BTW, could the next player go ahead and add the piracy VP for me? I’d forgotten to do it during my turn.

On to @Juan_Raigada

Bumping for @Juan_Raigada

Damn, sorry guys. I have a MS delivery this Friday and I’ve been laser focused. Will upload tomorrow morning.

France plays Foxe’s Book of Martyrs for 2 CP.
Two remove unrest actions

  • Unrest removed in Rouen.
  • Unrest removed in Lyon.

Over to @Tom_Mc

Sorry, again, for the tardiness. I have uploaded the game file and over to @CF_Kane.

  • Logging begun
  • Holy Roman Empire plays Taxis Family Couriers for 2 CP.
    <Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - One move from Szigetvar to Buda
    <Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 1 merc and 2 regulars are left behind
    <Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 2nd cp will be the removal of unrest in Strassburg
  • Unrest removed in Strassburg.
  • Logfile written.

I play Scurvy for 1CP to move Coligny and 5 French units to Utrecht. Over to @CraigM

@CraigM ?

Oh shit, sorry. Had family visiting from out of town, and missed the ping.

10 minutes

Playing German Recruitment Curtailed for event.

All Mercs in a single space are eliminated.

I eliminate all merc units the HRE has in Buda.

6 mercs eliminated in Buda.