VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

I just played some Beat Saber and seem to do OK when playing easy, normal, hard, 90 and 360 degrees - but try to do expert or one saber and I struggle to even complete it.

So far I haven’t used any modifiers to make it harder or easier. Does anyone use modifiers much? I saw that you do sometimes @Matt_W .

Yeah, I can play everything (except the Camilla songs) pretty easily on Expert, but only about 1/3 of the songs on Expert+, so my sweet spot is Expert with the fast modifier. I also kind of motivate myself by trying to climb the rankings, and you can’t get anywhere on those unless you’re using modifiers. In my experience fast is relatively painless, disappearing arrows isn’t too bad, and ghost boxes is murder.

Very occasionally, I use no fail if I’m just stuck on part of a song and want to practice the rest of it, but I’ve never used slow.

New, crazier minigolf course

New survival adventure game, for Oculus and PSVR

Youtubers play Wraith

A third person Wipeout game?

I wish Walkabout minigolf would come out with a traditional mini golf course you might find in real life, but one of the nicer ones.

And another one. From the creators of Blaston, Angry Birds VR and more

The cross-platform game will also launch on traditional gaming PC platforms as a non-VR title that’s playable with other PC and VR gamers. More info on that to come.

I struggle on some of the Hard tracks, to be honest! Balaeric Pumping, I think it is, way too fast and complex for my tiny brain to handle. Of course I thought the same about Breezer on Hard, which is the mandatory level 11 in the Campaign. I took some advice and practiced at 50% speed, slowly ramped it up to 100% and then beat it, so my brain (and body) can handle it with sufficient practice. I dread to think what Breezer is like on Expert.

Watching people in YouTube videos play some of the Expert and Expert+ levels, I can’t even comprehend how that is possible. Blocks fly way too fast to even read the direction markers, in dense groupings, and I can only assume you have to learn The Force to do that. I’m sure my technique is “wrong”, as in I have a blast just flailing around wildly jiving along to the song. Yesterday I learned there about 8 different possible “grips” to use for the controllers! It’s a rabbit hole.

Until then I will bumble along playing Hard. :)

Well this is fun, damned thing won’t turn on, even when plugged in.

Ohhh no, ok stupid question time. Are you 100% sure the cable is plugged “all” the way in? Fresh batteries with enough voltage and all that? Sure the ports are USB 3.1 and working? Same for the video output port?

I thought my headset was broken and was sure my cord was ok used alk the way into the headset… after a week of trying everything I found out it had to go in extra far in a way I wasn’t used to.

By plugged in do you mean via the power adapter into the wall or via USB into the computer?
Did you charge it up yet and have the light by the power button turn green? I don’t recall if they ship charged up or not.

It’s plugged in directly to the wall. I’ve pushed in the cable as far as I can, and I know the adapter and cable work because I tested them on my phone, which began charging when I plugged them in. So far there’s no light at all on the device, so I’m waiting to see if it turns green. Hopefully.

Google says up to 2.5 hours for the first charge. I can’t recall how long mine took. Pretty sure I plugged it in and went about my day before coming back. Could have been hours.

Connected the Link cable to the USB-C port on my GPU, then to the Quest 2. Still nothing. The cable charges my phone, though.

I’m just gonna leave it be for a while and hopefully come back to a green light.

I guess you tried holding the power button down? Try holding for 30 seconds.

Pretty sure my Quest 2 had charge when I opened it. You should at least get a red/orange light if it is plugged in and charging.

It’s not sounding good for sure. :( That really sucks.

Hoping you can get a quick swap turnaround time.

Yeah there’s no light at all.

Try the holding the power button for 30 seconds thing. Then prepare for opening a ticket and RMA. :(

Did that, nothing.

That sucks Brian. I hope you can get another quickly.

Me too. Thanks for your support y’all.

You’re sure you are pushing power, not the volume button?