VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

I thought the same, the protagonist voice felt… amateur?

Yes, absolutely.

I am - creatively…

I had to stop at the screaming! Who wants that in their ear?

Thanks for the explanation. Yes, occasionally we lose a phase here and then certain things stop working, but not others. Oddly, our fans spin at about 15% speed until it’s fixed. We do have a three-phase socket outside, contractors have used it a couple of times. Either way, sounds like powerline here would be a gamble anyway.


Yeah, this is gonna go great…

Please post more of this amusing exchange

I think I’m ready to order some prescription lens inserts from VR Optician. They seem to get the best all-round reviews. The WIDMOvr inserts are a close second choice, but a few reviewers mentioned they felt a bit flimsy if you were taking them off regularly (which I may do if my wife starts using it). A bit too many negative reports for VR Labs, and while VR Wave looks potentially useful with a magnetic attachment system, several mentions of them sticking out the furthest so they touch your eyelashes.

But I am willing to be swayed if anyone has any strong opinions either way. I’m sure any of them will work just great. Better than the hassle of using my glasses anyway.

For you Beat Saber dudes plugging away at the Hard levels some recommendations:

  • Baeleric Pumping in volume 1 and Unlimited Power in volume 2 are actually difficult and interesting Hard tracks. Those will teach you advanced rhythms and techniques you’ll need for Expert. Some of my favorite Expert tracks are terrible on Hard, for instance Rum and Bass is dead boring and easy on Hard–I full combo’d it first try with fast/disappearing arrows on–but is one of the absolute best Expert and Expert+ tracks.
  • Crab Rave is a really good song to practice for patterns. Nearly every swing of either blade alternates ups and downs, so good practice for integrating different rhythms of your two hands.
  • Pop/Stars is how I moved from Hard to Expert. It’s varied, fun, and cool to dance to.

If you’re looking to buy add-on packs, I have them all. Here’s my ranking:

  1. MonsterCat - Some of the best songs in the game. A must have.
  2. Rocket League - Really energetic songs with some of the best flow out there.
  3. Timbaland - Complex, interesting, cool
  4. Panic at the Disco - mostly just for Greatest Showman, which is a blast to play)
  5. Imagine Dragons - these songs are long and repetitive, but have some of the most difficult and interesting patterns in the game
  6. Linkin Park - fun to rage to
  7. BTS - this is actually pretty fun, but all kind of sounds samey
  8. Green Day - bleh. Fun because I know the songs, but the songs are boring to play.

Nooo, my poor ego! I tried that for the first time last night (on Hard) and had an absolute blast with it, but it was not easy. I guess with practice I could see myself handling it fine. Baeleric Pumping absolutely kicks my ass on Hard. I have no idea where to even start with it, frankly. Well, other than practicing at 50% speed until it becomes muscle memory.

But good tips! I need to get past the difficulty hump that I can see fast approaching. I’ve just about hit my limit about halfway through the Campaign now, but I can do this…

I’ll definitely be getting some of those add-on packs, at least for music I like listening to.

@schurem what’s the status on your RMA?

I have these lens holders, plus the prescription lenses from Zenni Optical. Saved me about $200 over what the other places would charge. I do have a pretty strong prescription though.


Hi Matt, new member here. A couple of you friended me on Oculus presumably because I’m a (real world) friend of krayzkrok, so I found out where you were all hiding :)

Thanks for your interesting ranking of the Beat Saber DLC. I’ve been playing since November and finished the campaign before starting to get the extra music packs. Weirdly, I have the bottom five in your list but not the top three. There’s no accounting for taste I guess!

My experience has been that the add-on packs are on average one level harder than the built-in ones. So ‘hard’ for the Linkin Park dlc is about the same as ‘expert’ on $100 bils etc. Do you find this as well?

I’ve found with Beat Saber that my sweet spot between challenge and enjoyment are the hard levels - they’re easy enough that I can usually get a full combo, but challenging enough to make me feel like a jedi. On expert I’m mostly just anxious about ‘that really difficult section’ that’s coming up in the middle, and whether I’ll have to hear that really depressing music slowdown effect when I fail.

At the moment my ego is lifted by constantly beating krayzkrok’s best scores on hard using the modifiers if necessary :D but he’s gradually catching up! If he gets these new prescription lenses he might even be able to see well enough to move to Expert :D

Anyway, Beat Saber is the only action game I play - everything else is puzzlers and narratives (oh, and Flight Simulator 2020!) I am 50 years old after all. Having more Oculus friends might encourage me to play more multiplayer stuff though. I tried playing Beat Saber online with krayzkrok and it worked pretty well even with his terrible wifi, but we didn’t try it while in a ‘live party’ so I’m not sure if the voice coms would be a disaster while the music is playing. Anyone tried it?

That looks good.

I had a call with them just now. Still on track for next week. Wednesday the guy said.

I see your nefarious game. But I will catch you.

Welcome to QT3 by the way, took you long enough to find us. ;)

Lol. Those top packs do lean toward electronic music, so if that’s not your bag totally understandable :) I still think they’re really good packs though.

I think the Linkin Park pack in particular is slightly harder than the other packs. And there’s some variation in the patterns for a couple of the others that make them seem harder until you get used to them, but–at least on Expert/Expert+, which is what I usually play–I think they have reasonable parity with the core packs.

That said, the free Camelia pack is insane. They’re all at least one level harder than standard.

And welcome to the forums!

So true - and loooong as well, which only makes it worse!

Welp, still no response from support, so I just put in for a refund via Oculus and ordered another Quest 2 from Amazon, which should arrive tomorrow. Gonna take this dead unit to the UPS store at lunch to return it.

Hopefully the Amazon unit works.

I finally got unstuck in the Beat Saber Campaign. I couldn’t get past level 14, until I realized the goal for minimum hand movement counted movement even when I wasn’t slicing. Then level 14 was easy. 15 wasn’t bad either, so I guess I will see how far I can progress again.

Welcome @ArenjiChaos

Well, if the second unit is also broken you would have an incredible back luck!