VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

So 1990€ + 21% tax, + 159€x2 for two base stations, + 299€ for 2 Knuckles would be a cool 3000€ price tag if I wanted to buy one.
Hah hah…

Yeah; nice res, and eye-tracking, and I’d be keen to see the difference in the lenses.

But other than that… too expensive for what it delivers. May be good for someone who already has all the other SteamVR stuff you need.

Unplugged is pretty cool guys. It works pretty much as advertised and has more polish than I expected. That said, the hand tracking can still sometimes be weird (though I still love hand tracking with VR).

Also, if you play it, prepare yourself for some super cheesy FMV tutorials. You have been warned!

There are some other new games, also released yesterday:

This video is cool

Leak of the new Quest

Wow. I’m not sure about those dinky sliders in place of analogue sticks but cameras on the controllers is fantastic - assuming they’re not draining the battery life too much. I guess they save battery by not powering LEDs but you’d think cameras take more juice.

When I read that somehow I got “screens on the controllers” and not cameras, and was wracking my brain how that wasn’t a very stupid thing.


It’s pretty good having the controllers handling their own tracking, if it works well. I don’t think any other device has tried that yet.

And it frees up the headset to track only your hands, meaning it can do controllers and hands simultaneously.

I’m pretty sure it will have normal sticks, that wasn’t a finished device photo.

I hope so, but are you sure? I thought that was a leaked video they were actually going to show at Connect in a couple days, so it seems weird to include non-finished hardware. Or is it some internal-only thing?

Ohhh Supernatural is adding a boxing mode! Yay!!!

Anyone try Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok on Oculus Quest | Oculus yet? It seems like it has promiss.

It appears to be a VR version of the classic / rebooted Shadowgate game from a few years back, obviously completely rewritten from the ground up for VR. At least, I assume that’s what is going on based on comments. I enjoyed that game, so very tempted. Reviewers say it feels like a VR version of Knightmare, which was a British TV show / game thing from my childhood.

There’s a Supernatural-like game that doesn’t require a subscription called PowerBeatsVR which I’ve had my eye on for a while. It takes a similar approach of being set amidst stunning scenery, there’s more emphasis on boxing and less on using bats, and even better you can use your own music and it does a creditable job (apparently) of creating routines from it. Plus it’s subscription free because it doesn’t ship with licensed music tracks. I think I’ll give it a shot as my next VR exercise game.

Haven’t had much time for VR lately with work, and now that I’m back home and ready to go… we lose power for several days (and counting). Sigh.

Reminder of the live conference from Facebook, today at 10.00am pst

I bought Thrill of the Fight a couple days ago and I really enjoy it. Feels like a proper simulator, being able to literally dance around your opponent and hit him from the side or back of the head. I’ve been playing on easy so far so they aren’t that hard, but regardless, I’m winded and sweaty after a fight with enough rounds and feel it in my shoulders the next few days. I tried the Creed demo and while the graphics were more impressive, the stupid stamina gimmick and silliness about staying in sync with the character and running and whatever really made it feel gamey (but I guess I can see it being a good alternative if you don’t have the space for TofF. What’s interesting is that I’ve never been a fan of boxing or boxing games in general, but actually doing it makes all the difference… the same way I don’t follow sports at all, but love playing them IRL.

6 hours 41 minutes from… now!

I too enjoyed Thrill of the Fight as well! The boxing mode in Supernatural is AWESOME though!

Yes it’s a real workout. Alas I only have a 3x3m area to work with, and the game definitely demands a larger space if you’re to do it properly. Otherwise you’re just shadow boxing, but with space and the ability to move it becomes a better game. I’m working on making my office area a little larger so hopefully I can get back to it.