VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Alyx is on sale.

Humble VR bundle. The good ones (imo) are Paper Beasts, Until you Fall, and A Fisherman’s Tale.

If you haven’t played Alyx yet, don’t miss out. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Alyx bought, really looking forward to it.

Looks decently fun.

Looks cool, but there are no solos!? It’s all rhythm/chords? I wonder if the finger tracking could keep up with advanced players if there were.

A clearly bigger game than the first part.

Anyone running VR, and specifically airlink to Quest2, with an AMD rather than nVidia? Thinking about a 6800 build for the next four years or so.

Just a callout that airlink doesn’t work with mesh routers. Very odd given how increasingly common they are.

Mesh is the signal jumping from one to another device, right? It sounds like the opposite thing you want for VR, where every ms of latency is bad.

More interesting news in VR. New VD update with finally the Video tab enabled

Wow that looks wonderful.

I know it’s old news already, but I finally got around to playing Population One on my Quest. Really impressed with that game so far. Some of the best multiplayer I’ve experienced yet in VR.
Anyone else play it?

Lone Echo II will release soon, on October 12th.

Yay! Looking forward to this one.

Sweet Surrender (fps roguelite) and Neverboard (social board games thingie) are out in Oculus store. The last one give one free game and other three are to be paid.

Unplugged track list is out:

Larcenauts has a new map and new hero.

Blaston has a free weekend on Steam, and a new update with new weapon and new mode.

Walkabout minigolf new map is out, and something I didn’t notice from the trailer, there are wind mechanics.

Surv1v3 is added to Viveport Infinity.

Not a bad day for VR.

Well THAT looks like my jammy-jam, sold. Thank you!

There was another similar game, Compound, on Steam, right? Have you played it? It would be nice to compare both.

Compound is my favorite VR game currently. It’s SO FUCKING great, and this looks similar which is why I had to have it.

I kinda remembered it was you who mentioned loving Compoound, heh.