Walking Dead on AMC


This really has spawned as negative a reaction as I’ve seen for a show. And I don’t think anyone minds cliffhangers in general - it’s the inclusion of a senseless one here, after already jerking around the audience previously in the season. It’s the most iconic moment from the entire run in the comics, and they completely screwed it up.

It’s not as if they can keep the recipient a mystery until season 7 either - it’ll be widely known in a few weeks when they start filming. It’s hard to imagine it being anyone other than Aaron, Glenn, or Abraham.


This is an excellent point, too. One of the actors will be shaved and cleaned up, looking for work in the off season, and everyone will find out. The dramatic moment they planned for will be as lame as the one we all know is coming in Game of Thrones.


Are they really going to change the victim because it makes for better television. That’s the one thing this show has been good about.


Hard to say. It makes the shit earlier in the season kind of nonsensical… if it needed any help.

I am officially through with TWD.


I think they were hoping for a 2016 version of the national “Who Shot JR?” conversation from 1980. Instead, they’re getting “Fuck this show.” It looks like a cheap stunt.

Heck, I even liked the series-end to The Sopranos, but this just pissed me off.


Well, just to clairfy, it’s not that I’m optimistic that no one has died. Instead, I’m confident in the abject incompetence of the show’s writers for failing to make it clear that someone has died.



Ah, so you’re a cranky “realist,” similar to rest of us. Oh, well - I was hoping I’d finally found someone over the age of five that hadn’t yet experienced their faith in the benevolence of the cosmos getting smashed out of them like so many cells of gray matter from a certain character’s head.


Well it seems everyone has kicked the shit out of most of the things I came to look for; excellent.

To the Carol issue. Is her turn in the graphic novel? I hate it so much. That said I’m intrigued by the Wolverines who show up and how that will play out.

Who’s left in Alexandria? I mean, that we care about?

Neegan and the Saviors. OK, so they’re a pretty impressive crew. Big. Must take a lot of work to feed all those mouths. And pre-Rick and Co. Alexandria escaped their notice this whole time?

That Alicia Witt band was pretty much 50-50 men and women and women were calling the shots even. Why is that not apparent in any of the other run-ins with them along the way?

Related to this, and not to be creepy, but how come there isn’t any implications at any point during the making of threats and menace that the big strong men are going to take all your women and, you know, have their way with them? So the successful 21st Century post-Apocalyptic survivors not above the ‘might makes right’ way of doing things. But they draw the line at sexism and racism and bigotry too because apparently every band of survivors must be a polyglot of ethnicity.

And was it the intent for the Saviors en masse to only show Hilltop a little of their hand to keep them guessing at their real numbers? Why? Why not roll in all your heavies, make an example of someone, and put them all to work and talk half of everything or whatever? Besides the fun that Rick’s folks had in figuring out the mystery of Neegan and the Saviors, how does this help them or make any sense?


Ha ha, we watched Walking Dead.



It will either be the cop-out disposable red-shirt guy they brought along, or the person who’s POV we also see through at other points during the episode. So one of the four captured earlier. I hope it’s Glen.


I just finished Season 6 of The Walking Dead. I didn’t care much for the ending that kept us wondering who died till next season, but there was one occurrence that I have a question about. They took a very sick Maggie through dangerous territory to the doctor at Hilltop. Didn’t they have antibiotics at Alexandria? If they didn’t before, Dwayne, Denise and Rosita found a lot of medications at the apothecary and certainly antibiotics would be included. Why didn’t they use those to treat her? That is likely what the doctor would have done if they could have reached him.

Just a bit less than two weeks till Season 7 starts.


I think they wanted to take her to Hilltop because they had a doctor familiar with treating a pregnant woman, which they didn’t have at Alexandria. When she was at Hilltop originally, they made a big deal about them having a real doctor as opposed to a vet who kinda knew how to treat people


They may have been cautious since she was pregnant, but I think they would have used antibiotics sooner. They waited till she was very ill before they did anything.


There was also an ultrasound machine at Hilltop, and they suspected something was wrong with the baby, so they were trying to get her to the doctor AND the machine together so she could be diagnosed and treated. I’m not sure antibiotics would have been enough for her situation.

That said, as discussed upthread it was really dumb of them to continue to try to reach Hilltop after the second roadblock made it obvious Neegan’s crew was ready for them. It should have been obvious to them at that point that Hilltop was compromised, and even if they had made it to the town, they weren’t going to find help there anymore.


If you’re going to go there, it was dumb of them to try to corral a herd of walkers and lead it away from town. In fact, Rick’s been a general fount of bad ideas in season 6.


I just want to see who died so I’ll know if it’s worth coming back to this show or not!


I forgot about the ultrasound. That makes a bit more sense. It could be that they had no antibiotics until the raid on the apothecary and that is why they were late using them.


I don’t think those two things are related.


New episode this Sunday (OCT 23). AMC had a two hour summary of past seasons last night and it was pretty, pretty good (even as it showed the obvious drop in quality over the last couple of seasons).


Already renewed for season 8 as well.