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I think the series (and I assume the comic) took their cue from the Romeroverse, where everyone comes back, regardless of cause of death. Those bitten suffer a severe infection and high fever that causes death, but they would have come back anyway, even if they were just hit by a truck.

One thing I notice they continue to play with is the Walkers in a greater state of decomposition as time progresses. If that’s true, shouldn’t the ZA peter out eventually? Between the dwindling food supply and loss of mobility as the body decays, it seems to me within a couple of years the pendulum would swing the other way, and the Walkers become just an annoyance.’

One of these days someone will create an epilogue where is bullet to the brain at the time of death is just another accepted part of the procedure.


Pretty sure that in a situation where the body was decomposing, the brains would go pretty early on, and thus end things automatically.


I’d be interested in watching again if they brought back the cure arc. Maybe they have it planned for season 15?


I’m curious how come these folks haven’t made their way north to where winter freezes everything over? That would seem like a likely deterrent to the undead, no? I don’t watch the show regularly and have only caught episodes here and there when they’ve run those week-long marathons before a season premiere so maybe that’s been addressed? And I know the show mainly takes place in Georgia but it does get cold and snow occasionally, especially in the north Georgia area, like Atlanta. Has the show ever depicted the changing of seasons and its effects on both the survivors and undead?


It hasn’t and it should.

Since the Walkers are clearly decomposing (compare them to the Walkers on FTWD) but their brains are still functioning (if you can call it that), I’m willing to buy into the premise that whatever it is that’s animating them also protects the brain.

But as time goes by they are looking the worse for wear, and should have an effect on the threat they pose.


Aren’t they supposedly in Virginia now? The whole “head to D.C.” thing that got scrapped when they ran into the huge herd of walkers and Eugene confessed ended with them being in suburban Virginia (Alexandria), or so I thought. Virginia certainly gets freezing temps in the winter, and snow is not at all uncommon either.

I doubt we will see winter though. Too difficult to film consistently and it doesn’t mesh with the storylines they’re playing out.

And yes, they’re already transitioning away from walkers being a real threat unless you get trapped somehow. It’s been 18+ months since the majority of the walkers were “born”, so not only have the walkers deteriorated with long-term exposure (making them easier to dispatch), but survivors have adapted tactics that make it easier for them to avoid or eliminate any threat walkers pose. As Negan is proving, it’s other people who are the real danger in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead.


For a Daryl-centric episode, that was kind of … boring? I mean, I suppose it was a nice glimpse into the daily operation of Negan and the Saviors, and now we can hate on Negan even more for not only torturing Daryl, but also essentially raping Dwight’s wife and taunting him with it daily, and we now have sympathy for Dwight and Sherry and pretty much everyone else under Negan’s yoke. But once again TWD takes an entire episode to convey what could have been done in around 15 minutes of show time.

The more complex and far-reaching they show Negan’s empire to be, the more difficulty I have believing that one guy and barb-wire wrapped baseball bat could possibly control it. Even if revolution and/or armed resistance weren’t a factor, at some point a small cabal of his own trusted guys would have killed him and taken over by this point.


Last season and this season seem to be conflicting on the Negan front. Last season they basically had Negan as a cult leader. When he met a new group, he beat one of them to death to show he was serious and then let the rest be providers. If you were a steady provider, you were treated well and eventually brought in to the fold. Some of those groups became his most trusted people.

Now, I have no idea how he ever brings more people in to the group. I figured he was bringing Darryl to his place as kind of a “royal captive” kind of thing, where we would see the other side of Negan. See him treating his people well, including Darryl, which would cause some fun conflict later when Rick starts his inevitable rebellion. Kind of like the early days of The Governor, before that situation went pure good v evil as well.

Walking Dead needs more grey


The more episodes we get without Andrew Lincoln, the better! Rick Grimes is the worst thing to happen to zombie mythology since Monster High.

When I was talking with my sister about Walking Dead, she said something about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s dimples making Negan less scary. Now all I can see is dude’s dimples.

Also, I really liked Dwight as a weirdo baseball player in Everybody Wants Some!! Even though the writing in Walking Dead is still stupid as all get out, I’m glad to see they’re going to make Dwight a sympathetic character.



What the hell were those stones? that had the dust/smoke coming off of them that Michonne found near the end?


I thought last night’s Rick-centric episode was one of the better ones in a while.


Well I don’t watch the show anymore, but I keep skimming reviews. Apparently Negan’s crew burned a bunch of stuff they took from the Alexandrians, was that it?


Yeah. It was the mattresses that were burning. This show needed an extra 30 minutes to do what exactly? I think I am done.


The mattresses and maybe some other furniture that Negan’s guys took from the Alexandrians. It was basically a giant “fuck you” to Alexandria. Negan’s people don’t need that stuff, they just took it to prove they could and remind the Alexadrian’s how powerless they are to stop it from happening.

At the time, when Negan’s guys were taking all that stuff, I said to my wife “Why? It’s not like there aren’t thousands of brand new beds/tables/chairs/etc. waiting to be looted from stores all over the place, why take their stuff?” The burnt stuff provided the answer…“Because we can.”


So am I the last one left standing? Woo-hoo, I win! Well, lose.

My favorite Stupid Moment this week was Jesus’ little wallrun jumpkick. Just so sad. Hey, TV people, that’s what stuntmen are for. If that’s all the actor can manage, bring in a pro. Jesus also did a kind of highkick attack in which he almost – almost! – got his foot up to the level of his belt. Dude does fight choreography the way five-year-olds play soccer.

I do enjoy watching Trevor in real life, though. Ogg’s a lot of fun! Remember when Negan asked him if he had a pen on him? And he did! Dude carries a Sharpie around in a zombie apocalypse!



Haven’t been able to work up the want to watch any further. I’m still DVRing, but haven’t watched an episode since the premier. I’ll probably binge after the mid-season finale.


MY favorite Stupid Moment of the week were the two teenagers; Carl and Enid; their trek to Hilltop. LOLerskates, indeed.


Yeah, LOLerskates took the cake for dumbest moment. Forget for a second why there was a backpack full of roller skates next to the road…what was their plan should they roll up on a couple of walkers? It was obvious neither of them was very good at skating, so it’s doubtful they could fight while wearing the skates. On the flip side, maybe they can combine the skates with dirt bikes later on and form some sort of elite Roller Derby Zombie Kill Squad. I smell a spinoff!

Were we supposed to infer that Trevor’s group was raiding Hilltop at the same time Negan’s group was visiting Alexandria? If so, that means the Saviors have a hell of a lot of heavily armed goons, so even if Hilltop, Alexandria and The Kingdom somehow all team up they’re going to still be outnumbered and outgunned. Better hope those Trojan Pigs disable a whole heck of a lot of Negan’s guys…


Post-apocalyptic roller skating is totally a thing. I saw it in a documentary called Solar Babies.

Jamie Gertz was in it.


I was really disappointed there was not a roller skate walker fight scene. That would have been awesome.