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They made a rather big deal about it earlier this season, after Daryl slammed the truck through the wall and Negan rejoined the main group inside Sanctuary. Eugene tells the Savior leaders he has a plan, but it will require a lot of ammo. Negan asks Eugene pointedly about his ability to produce more ammo at his little factory outside Alexandria, with the implication being that the Saviors are going to be very low on ammo post-escape. This seems to be completely forgotten in the ensuing episodes. Maybe it will still factor in somehow in the second half of the season, but they don’t seem worried about it.

The person in the vision in the end was definitely a sight gag, based on Carl’s vision of the future. In Talking Dead, they interviewed Chandler Riggs and he comes right out and says that the future stuff was Carl’s vision, that it’s Carl projecting the idea of everyone living together, working together to make a better life. Doesn’t matter that that last scene was out of sequence with Carl’s demise, as the whole episode was jumping around like crazy.


I thought it was fairly obvious that it was a flash-forward (soft lighting, etc) which is why I fast-forwarded through those scenes. This show is so dumb, I can’t believe we’re still watching it.


All I could think was, “Good, now maybe Chandler Riggs can pursue an actual acting career.” I recently watching this stinker of a horror movie simply because he was in it:


You can tell it sat on the shelf forever because of how young Riggs is. Like Season One Carl young. It’s ridiculous seeing that in 2018. Almost as ridiculous as Riggs’ IMDB picture where he’s got facial hair.

And I think what Desslock might be saying is related to the comic books. I’ve been told Neegan becomes Rick’s friend or ally or something, but a good guy at any rate, in the comic books.



Oh Ioan Gruffudd, why man, why!? For such a good actor he makes so many poor decisions. Maybe he’s trying to become the Michael Caine of our generation, appearing in as many movies and shows as humanly possible, no matter what the cost to his professional reputation.

I LOL’d at the Chandler Riggs IMDB photo. It almost looks like he had the makeup person put that peach fuzz on there for him. =) I do look forward to what he will do beyond TWD, he’s basically learned to act right in front of us throughout the series, and he’s become fairly talented over that span. He should branch out beyond horror though. The other day I learned Chandler’s dad actually gives Walking Dead tours around the Atlanta area. He needs a better website though…yikes!

I sincerely hope the show does not incorporate that bit from the comics, as there is no believable way that could happen at this point.


I dozed off shortly after The Comedian was randomly yelling at Trevor and then Trevor went all Trevor on the trash people. Frankly, I’m not sure if I have any interest in going back and watching the rest of it. What happened next? What did I miss?



It was worth it for the final exchange, I think.


If they ever explained why the Queens of Garbageland started talking normally again, I missed it.


They did not, but it seemed to be insinuated through her little speech to Rick that the group basically formed their own little world inside the dump, so one could assume that meant they adopted the speech pattern as part of that. The weird art stuff seemed to be all her though, as she did explain that she knew about the place from before the apocalypse when she’d come there looking for things to incorporate into her art.

The entire sequence where she lured her former friends into the grinder was essentially her being forced to destroy everything she’d created with Garbagetown. It was a scene with more depth than we’re used to seeing on TWD, yet it was wasted on the garbage people. Their demise was so utterly stupid. They allowed the Saviors to enter in huge numbers, they assembled ALL of their people in one place, then they allowed themselves to be disarmed. Why? It went against everything they’d done to that point, it only happened that way because the plot demanded it. They honestly didn’t have any kids or older folks or scouts or anyone else who wasn’t assembled in that courtyard? Whatever.

And then to have Simon come right out and ask Jadis about the helipad and solar panels fans had spotted the previous season…and get NO ANSWER. That felt like TWD giving fans the finger.

The end scene with Rick and Negan on the radio wasn’t bad, especially Negan’s reaction, which was well acted so that it felt genuine. Could be setting things up to end as Carl intended, but I still seriously hope not. As much as Negan is correct about Rick having a lot to do with what’s transpired so far, Rick is also correct in that Negan and the Saviors are to blame for a lot of it, and Negan needs to pay.


The only question left in this show is: is the writing and plotting in the show so fuckin’ bad because

a) The writers and producers just don’t give a wet shit any more, or,
b )The writers and producers really are a bunch of yots that AMC located in some starving-writers community college workshop, or
c) Both of the above, or
d) SH1T B0N3RZ


I got burned by Lost, and have steered clear of this show from the beginning as a result.


LOST had certainly a lot of bad parts towards the later seasons when it came to the mysteries behind everything but it still had great characters and some really strong storytelling based around real characters until the very end. Some of the mysteries didn’t go anywhere (and were certainly made up along the road) but it always managed to create a compelling story with its characters.
TWD has lost that ability a long time ago (and never had it at the same level as LOST to begin with).



Not the doctor! Nooooooooooooo!

Wait, who was the doctor?



I guess this might play out more next week but didn’t Laura tell Negan that Dwight had betrayed them? I must be misremembering.


I am a week behind, low motivation to watch at all…

So why did the trash lady decide to grind up all those people, and why did the show have to waste so much time showing us it?


Slainte answers the first part of your question about 6 posts up.


I must confess I had completely forgotten what was supposed to be wrong with Gabriel. And I’m not really any wiser now.


Has Glenn magically reappeared from underneath a trash bin yet? Or are they saving his resurrection for a midseason finale twist?


Gabriel is suffering from an infection (not turning into a zombie) he contracted when he and Negan smeared guts all over themselves to walk through the horde, escape the trailer and rejoin the gang inside Sanctuary. Negan apparently got the infection free guts…or just has a stronger constitution (and thus made his saving throw, though you would think a priest could simply cast a heal spell on himself…but I digress). Anyway, the threat of death appears to be gone thanks to antibiotics from the survivalist’s house, but his weird semi-blindness may be permanent, and his seemingly restored faith has once again been shattered. Not really sure what any of it has to do with overall storyline…probably nothing.

Looks like they finally got around to revisiting the whole “We’re going to be seriously low on ammo after this!” thing I was talking about upthread. Seems like they’re using it as a plot device to buy time for Hilltop, as the shortage of ammo was the only thing preventing Negan from rolling out and obliterating Hilltop immediately after regaining control of Sanctuary. Also it was a nice excuse to have us once again witness Eugene’s smooth style with the ladies. Looks like he will remain a virgin even in the zombie apocalypse. I would like to know where they’re finding all the gunpowder (or elements to make it) for Eugene’s bullet factory as well.


Good shooting, Lawman. Special appearance by Martha Stuart.