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Jesus Christ.


C’mon. Last night’s episode was positively Shakespearean.

it is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.


What the hell did I just watch? In a show overflowing with stupid plans and decisions, this episode featured some of the stupidest yet. I get that the Saviors wanted to infect the Hilltop folks, hence the melee weapons and bows and arrows dipped in gore, but once it was determined the Hilltop folks had lots of automatic weapons why would you continue to advance into a turkey shoot? Then, when everything goes quiet, they just assume the Hilltop folks are cowering scared inside the main house…so the advance, en masse, while doing the whistle…I mean, how have these idiots survived this long?

But it wasn’t just Saviors. The night after the battle, knowing full well what happens to someone when they die, the Hilltop chooses to put wounded community members into the common areas with everyone else. The explanation given is that since they were wounded by weapons, not bitten, it’s OK. Except everyone knows (and has probably seen with their own eyes) that a wound, even a treated one, can have complications which end in unexpected death, which then leads to…yeah. Not having the wounded gathered together, with a few people to care for them and stand guard against the obvious…c’mon.

Three episodes remain this season. If they can’t manage to wrap up the communities VS Saviors storyline by then, I’m probably done with the show.


Don’t forget the kid who undid the gate so he could shoot someone.

I have children, so I know how barnstormingly dense they can be at times, but… come on.


And the prisoners were totally unguarded. And didn’t the kid use a key? How did he get it?

And it appeared that, even with everything going on with the Saviours, that there were precisely ZERO others guards around the compound.

And I may be wrong but didn’t one of the newly turned fall headlong down the staircase literally into a room full of sleeping people (and surely at least one would have been unable to sleep in that situation or needed to pee or something) and NOBODY woke up?


Yes, yes and yes. Overflowing with the stupid. Morgan cannot run away from this show fast enough. Run Morgan, Run!!!


You are all correct. I’ve started rooting for the zombies. Seriously, when Rick and Negan were playing haunted house I kept thinking, oh please just bite them.


I started doing that right before I quit watching a few seasons ago. Every once in a while they get a small victory but the odds are always stacked against them unfortunately.


Also, the show had driven me into such torpor that I completely missed why that dead guy kept showing up to shout “You know!” at Morgan. Lady Bismarck also couldn’t remember what he was supposed to know, so we both started shouting “We dooooooon’t” every time he appeared.

I don’t think this is where the writers want to audience to go, but with the quality of their work recently I can’t be sure.


He was shouting at Morgan, “You know! You know you need to get off this show!”
Which is how Morgan will figure out he needs to run all the way to Texas to be on Fear the Walking Dead, which has actually become the better show at this point.


yes but personally I find Morgan’s mental health issues incredibly boring and uninteresting so I hope they don’t travel with him.

Just watched today’s show…wtf happened at the dump?


Someone came flying up, saw there was a scene from Walking Dead below him, and flew away, thinking “Aww, hell no!”



This show is turning into a trainwreck. They make every character so unlikable (how is Rick even redeemable now?). New showrunner next season, but it’s someone with no experience in that role and whose only writing experience is on TWD, so that’s not a promising change.


TWD’s version of the ROFLCopter.

I have to admit, this episode did surprise me in that I was definitely not expecting them to find the kid alive. I thought for sure that they were telegraphing Morgan or Carol finding him, and that it would then either propel Morgan into madness again (and be his catalyst for leaving the show) or be Carol’s excuse to go nuts on some Saviors. Instead it was Rick and Morgan who went loco, with Rick finally sinking to Negan’s level, essentially lying his way out of the situation and then turning on the people who trusted his word.

At this point, the season should end with Rick killing Negan and then turning to everyone and proclaiming…“I am Negan!”. Then either end the show for good, or make next season about different people altogether, or maybe Daryl and a handful of others who leave and set out on their own again. Rick as a character is done. I have zero interest in him, and would prefer someone else take over the lead spot.


I’m wondering if the degradation of Rick’s character is the show’s way of softening the blow of his death, perhaps in the season finale.

What I’d really like to see is the events of the last 2 or 3 seasons retold from the pov of Negan and the Saviors.


I’m too lazy (and at this point don’t care enough) to look but hasn’t Negan been generally shown to keep his word, unlike Rick?

Agree about Rick’s character. Daryl has become a bit player; I suspect he is only still around because they are too scared of the fan backlash to get rid of him.


He actually seems to be getting about as much time as anyone but Rick. The guy who has been rendered invisible is Jesus, who is the 2nd main character at this point in the storyline in the comic.


I’m a week late commenting on this episode but it just occurred to me that you’re probably all hate watching this as well. At this point I’m having more fun nit-picking little absurdities than I am with anything going on with the insanely inconsistent characters. Anyway, my two favorite observations about the episode where the Hilltop was attacked…

– The night of the attack it’s so dark outside that the Saviors are flailing blindly as soon as the lights go out. The next night there is a full moon in the sky because it looks cool.

– Do you know how much noise a person makes when they fall down stairs? Was that guy made of of foam?


hahaha, that was so ridiculous. Same with the Saviors walking into machine guns while whistling (how are there any Saviors left after those traps?) And the “strategy” of letting the saviors through the door at all if they had any chance of getting out of that killing zone. And leaving 38 prisoners (essentially as large as your defending force) in a chicken wire enclosure right next to the wall instead of just locking them up indoors. And Maggie and Rick storming out the doors alone after the Saviors, looking all tough. And and and


What the hell happened at the dump, I feel like my DVR skipped something (probably due to the embarrassment)? Neegan was strapped down with 3 “rows” of ropes (shoulders, mid torso and waist) then camera cut and he has his hands free (except the shoulders) with a gun, flare and the pile of pics. My wife and I rewound a couple times and came to the conclusion it was just one of their shitty time shifts but then nope it was the same continuum. After review I assume the goodies came out of the suitcase sitting near by that the we saw in the previous shot but wow that was even bad for TWD.