Wallet Threat Level


Since Tom stopped doing the Wallet Threat Levels on the front page, I’ve missed it. So let’s have a thread of our own about the wallet threat level each week!


This week the Wallet Threat Level should be at least Orange I think:

Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)
South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PC, X1, PS4)
Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 (PC, X1, PS4)
Jackbox Party Pack 4 (PC, X1, PS4, Nintendo Switch)
ELEX (PC, X1, PS4)
Rogue Trooper: Redux (PC, X1, PS4, NS)

Among others. I haven’t heard of the others in any way though, so I’m too lazy to mention them.


7th Continent Kickstarter Threat Level Red Omega.

That is all.


Well let’s see, I kinda want the rerelease of Rogue Trooper, and I definitely want the latest episode of Life Is Strange but then again I already paid for that, so yeah. I guess I’d say it’s at least a threat level Taupe.


Overgrowth appears to be out this week. That rabbit combat indie game that’s been in development for a decade. 30% off. I think I’ll wait a bit.


I think Rogue Trooper hits Switch on Thursday.

EDIT! It says the 17th on Nintendo Switch too.


Already preordered Fire Emblem Warriors and Jydge hits Switch this week. Pretty sure that qualifies for blackwatch plaid, if not the cover of Rush’s seminal album Moving Pictires.


What is this? Out of curiosity I was looking for it and couldn’t find anything about it?


We’re blighted by that hideous SEO name and you still couldn’t find anything about it!


Yeah, Google just keeps assuming I mean Judge.

Okay, here I found a link in the eshop.


Guessing he’s come for our jybs.


Yeah, the name is completely stupid, but 10 Tons makes great twin-stick shooters (Neon Chrome, Crimsonland, etc.).


Oh man, is that this week? My kids have been clamoring for that one.


And Cogmind, which releases on steam today…


From a cursory look, it looks like every other roguelike with minimal graphics and turn-based combat. What sets it apart?

(Also it is going to be an Early Access release in about an hour, it says).


Thread below, but to try and answer your question, you play a robot with a really cool modular system where you slap parts you find onto your own body. So you are constantly evolving as you find new parts and they get destroyed. See the thread for more, but it has an old-school sensibility with a ton of modern, fresh ideas. The graphics are actually rather impressive n a brogue-like sort of way (e.g. Rendering rockets and explosions with animated ascii graphics). This sums it up well:


What are the color codes of the Wallet Threat? I want in on this. And is it only games coming out this week, or can I throw in a couple of pre-orders?


Tom had used the threat level the country switched to after 9/11:


And usually it was weekly, so the games coming out this week will pose this kind of danger to your wallet.

He did once have a Wallet Threat level Apocalypse, but I think that was because the Steam sale was coming for the first or second time ever.


From lowest to highest it goes:

No Joke
Kerrigan with dreads
Deja vu
Red red kroovy


Wallet Threat level Red this week I think.

Biggest Releases this week:

  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - PC, XB1, PS4
  • Super Mario Odyssey - NS
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins - PC, XB1, PS4
  • Destiny 2 - PC (already out for XB1,PS4)
  • Just Dance 2018 (all platforms known to mankind I think? I don’t keep up with this series).