Full trailer for this seems like as good an excuse as any to give WandaVision its own thread. I don’t think there’s an official release date yet, but I believe it’s now going to be ahead of Falcon and Winter Soldier thanks to COVID.

Not gonna lie: I don’t get it.

Definitely trying something very different than anything before in the MCU. Might be good…might have MCU fans going “WTF is this?”.

I’m here for it. “Scarlet Witch goes crazy with grief and creates crazy pocket realities” comics are some of my favorites.

I’ll watch it…whatever it is…

I had to read replies to figure out this is some random Avengers thing. I didn’t know what the hell I was watching.

Please, please, please let this show be as weird as this trailer implies. Legion has paved the way…

Very much looking forward to this. Plus I’m super jazzed it’s got Kitty Forman in it!

I don’t know what this is, but I’ll definitely watch it. Interesting trailer.

Hopefully it isn’t just a weird sitcom.

… watched it again and caught a lot of little references. I love it.

A sitcom set in a superhero universe is something I would actually watch from Marvel/DC. Especially if they leaned into the weirdness.

If Disney uses their D+ shows to do something more experimental in the MCU-adjacent parts, I’m all for it.

Now THAT makes me wish I had Disney+.

All you all that don’t know what this is clearly don’t know The Scarlet Witch character, lol.

After Legion, it’s hard to believe there’s anything left to try.

Perhaps, but I also think that Marvel has screwed up Scarlet Witch more than any other “major” character from what her origins were.

That was FOX before being bought. This is ‘Micky Mouse’ Disney approving this show.

Thinking about it I guess its not that surprising. It’s not a $150 million movie but a relatively cheap series so they are willing to try different things and its not that big of risk for a huge studio like them.

That looks fantastic. I’m definitely there for this premise.

That looks batshit crazy, which is totally appropriate if they are doing what I think they are. I loved Legion and thought it was an amazing take on the bizarre part of the Marvel universe. If this show captures even a bit of that esthetic, I’m in.

Ok this makes me wish I had Disney+ as well.

Watching the trailer, all I could think of was that this looks like a totally whacked out version of Bewitched.