Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS

Thanks for posting the link. That tier list has been around for years, but it kept getting moved. Nice to see that it’s still being maintained.

I now have a herd of colorful space roombas roaming my lander/dropship. I may need professional help :-)

I just picked up the game after more than a year long hiatus and I have to say at first glance I’m loving some of the changes. UI is a little better at relaying the information now and the new melee system (even thought not 3.0 yet) feels pretty great, although I’m not really using any weapons that require button hold to execute some combos - apparently this isn’t possible with the new seamless transition system.

But as always, catching up with all the changes will be a challenge. DE changed quite a few frames and weapons, even added some new locations and game modes. In a way they remind me of road construction workers, when you’re observing them nothing ever happens but then you go away for a couple of days and bam, 100km of new highway. That’s how WF feels to me whenever I’m actively playing vs when I take a break.

The time has finally come - all focus schools maxed out. This is by far the longest grind I’ve ever done in a game.

How did you do it? Stealth kills? ESO?

The last half of it was running ESO - in the beginning in groups and later on solo as Saryn. But I started the grind a long time ago and did some sleep farming on Adaro, repeating Eximus sortie missions when they rotated in, etc.

Did you try using a Banshee Savage Silence build? I found that to be the fastest way to farm focus xp, as I could finish the mission in about half the time compared to an Equinox Sleep build.

Even so, I ended up a bit short on xp in a couple of the schools when I completely burned out. You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

I tried both but found Equinox a bit easier at the time. I didn’t run Adaro for long though.

This is currently my favourite setup (video is not sped up :); max tank Inaros with sprint mods and crit Dokhram zaw with melee dmg/range/attack speed/-status duration riven. According to overframe.gg I have 11.4m range which is pretty cool for a heavy blade. I’m also building a status focused Dokhram that I’ll use in a hybrid/CO config but for now I’m quite happy with how this one turned out.

Builds for the curious:

Zaw: https://overframe.gg/build/6477/ - I might put on Sacrificial mods to push the chc even further but I’d end up losing around 30% melee damage so I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

Inaros: https://overframe.gg/build/6525/

Not visible: Primary weapon with Amalgam Serration (25% sprint speed) and secondary weapon with Amalgam Barrel Diffusion (60% increased dodge speed). This fast and agile setup is insanely fun to play.

Railjack patch is out!

To clarify: you can build your Railjack. The adventuring in it part is still to come. I assume the early release is so folks will actually have one when the day comes to disembark.

Very cool. Feels about time for another Warframe binge.

Railjack complete!

Pretty nice and spacious inside. Building it wasn’t too difficult. 4 new resources were required but 2 of them I got automatically just from normal missions (the other 2 required mining). Took 6 million credits, but I got lucky and got at credit booster as a login reward.

Nice. Wonder if my clan has built one while I was away.

The Dry Dock is built by the clan, but the Railjack is personal so you have to build your own.

Edit: You can of course tag along on someone else’s Railjack

Not sure if I have the reflexes for another run, but …

That looks like a sub that has a pair of suitcase 4-number combo locks bolted to each side. Once I saw … could not unsee. I wonder what 8 digits unlock it?

If you see it from, say, a 3/4 profile, it looks more like a dog.

Just the initial portion:

Artists’ rendition:

Oh, I see it.

It is an eight digit suitcase lock Shiba Inu!

But to build the Railjack I need the dry dock :)
Missing a mutagent mass then I could build the cephalon item. Almost done then.

They did forget to add the digits to the lock. Another half-baked feature! :)