Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Some of both. For example, update 15.12 was mostly tweaks and bugfixes. Update 15.13 added a new quest and revamped the spy missions, among other things.

PC updates generally happen on a weekly basis. I think the console versions receive updates less frequently but with several of the PC updates rolled into one. Maybe. TBH I don’t pay very close attention to the console side.


Yeah, both.

Consoles will always lag behind the PC version by weeks to a couple of months. Today we’re supposed to get 15.10, so then we’re not that far behind. But the gap will of course increase again until the next console update.


I played to level ~20 on the console before switching to PC last night. I played through Vor and a little more and didn’t notice anything other than different items on the market. Playing on PS4 was good but the PC gameplay is sooo much better for me.


Well, basically…they’re usually one major content release behind.

x.1 in DE terms can be anything from a weekly bugfix update (and they DO patch every week, usually with i.e. one weapon, or a cosmetic), or a pretty darn major release with a Warframe or a new tileset or a new game mode… (A 1.x is usually a new warframe AND a whole bunch of other stuff)

They kinda need to use a better numbering system :)

Let me check, actually…on top of bugfixing…

15.6 - Weapon
15.7 - Nova Prime, 2 weapons
15.8 - Eyes of Blight, archwing event (not so hot, tbh)
15.9 - Weapon
15.10 - Weapon
15.11 - Wyrmius Minigame (a pretty random side-scroller ^^), Ember changes
15.12 - Networking stuff (which is pretty moot on the consoles), Nekros changes
15.13 - Weapon, cosmetic, quest, spy 2.0 (mission mode…they’re okay)

To be fair, it’s usually not this long AND they’re updating consoles this week.
Oh, and consoles don’t get the sort of MAJOR bugs the PC version routinely gets - usually patched within hours, but still.


Amazed at how much stuff they are churning out for the PC version of this game.

How is Destiny content updates in comparison?


New patch recently that seems to have done some magic with the graphics, looks even better now. They also added a new map tile to go with the current ‘weekend event’ that has you flood parts of the map with water; works quite nicely and the map design is phenomenal. Really a shame that you usually just rush through the maps, as there is such an attention to detail here that you usually just miss out on.

With the expanded universe and all the assets they’ve created; there should be room to make more “singleplayer/story” content in addition to the MP goodness we already have :)

Now I’m off to research new weapons, find parts for my last prime and hit Rank 19 before they add even more stuff. :)


This is a binge game for me. I won’t play it for months, then I’ll just the hell out of it for a few weeks. The last update I played much of was just before Archwing so when the urge strikes me again I’m going to have a ton of content to work through.


Looks like they brought back the strun wraith as a reward for the tactical alert this weekend. Good opportunity for anyone who missed it the first time to pick it up now. I already have it though, so it doesn’t look like there’s any reason for me to participate.


There is a mod+sigil for doing the Kubrow event to 300 points. Think i’ll do the missing 150 points tomorrow :)

Played a bit more on the “Tubemen” Event and I must say the map design/environment is some of the best I’ve seen.


Haven’t played this for a while. Might just jump in tonight.


It’s extraordinary how this game manages to do it, but I’m addicted to it [I]again[/I]. Been a week now, and I’m feverishly building some stupid imaginary weapons and trying out a new Warframe.

It’s amazing how I can completely forget about this for a while, then suddenly remember that it’s one of the best, most extraordinarily kinetic games around.


Same, even watched their full twitch streams last night and today… thats a first for me (watching Twitch more than 30 seconds, that is).
Back to leveling my Rhino Prime, checking when the trader is out, and trying to farm some VOLT Prime pieces to make that frame.
Rank 18 now. Hopefully hit 19 before v17 is out.

They showed a lot of new stuff today, the Excalibur revamp looks great, might even start playing it again (only leveled it to 30 and retired it). Also we’ll be getting new companion (cat/fox-like) as well as a 5th Kubrow (dog) type.

More PBR on stuff as well, and in the future they’ll revamp the Parkour system to make it even more agile.

they also have a 1 vs everyone and two 4 vs 4 team based Arenas for PVP now, they’re quite nice. Hopefully it doesn’t affect the PVE aspects (They limit the use of abilities/mod in PVP instead of nerfing them for both PVP/PVE purposes like some other games might have done.)


Yeah it was an excellent Devstream! Lots of goodies to look forward to.


And another devstream, #55, showing off some of the Parkour 2.0 WIP - looks nifty!


Yea, looked awesome.

The new Excalibur things I haven’t tried yet, but it looks fun. Will be interesting to see what changes they do to my Frost in terms of Globe-usage on Defense maps.

Got my Odonata Prime completed yesterday, so looks like i’ll be spending some time in Space. Void trader had a new Prime Archwing weapon for sale this weekend, so had to grab one of those – now I’m just farming Prime Parts to sell to buy the other two items he had for sale :)

Lots to do in Warframe! no time for anything else but Clicker heroes :)


The arrows are just cosmetic apparently, but grab the Primed Pistol Gambit if you use any pistols with decent crit rates. I use a crit build on my wraith twin vipers, and swapping Pistol Gambit for the primed version raised my average damage by about 20%. It’s the first primed mod that I think is worth maxing out.

As for Parkour 2.0… I dunno. From what I understand, coptering and wall-launching will be removed, and apparently none of the additions will match those moves in terms of speed. Can’t say I’m happy about the prospect of moving more slowly through a mission.


Oh… I love Coptering.

Will miss that. Apparently only a few % of players knew how to do it… it wasn’t that hard was it? Just took the right weapon and experimenting.


I love coptering too, but you’ve got to figure that a movement system that isn’t presented to newbies as a possibility in-game, and that people use specialized melee weapons to get the best out of, isn’t going to be very good for getting new people into the game.

I mean, speaking only for myself, I remember it was a bit touch and go in the first few days, because I had no idea what was going on - teams were strung out, and I (who obviously had no idea of the maps) was left waaaay behind, feeling like a complete chump.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that I particularly love the art design, I probably wouldn’t have persevered, discovering this “coptering” thing on the forums, etc. I would have just shrugged and uninstalled as it didn’t feel like a PUG-friendly game at all out of the box.

Basically, coptering is alienating to new players, and I think it was a terrible decision to keep it in when it was discovered, they should have nixed it immediately - and/or, if they felt the fact that people took to it suggested people wanted a faster movement in general, they should just have implemented faster movement (maybe with a small skill ceiling, but not so high that newbies couldn’t at least make a start of it, and generally keep up with teams that wouldn’t be too strung out).

I think DE sometimes take too much heed of what their players say. I mean it’s wonderful that they’re so responsive and all, but they need to stick to their guns more.

Another recent example is the GMag. They’ve dug a hole for themselves because they made Augments tradeable - if Augments weren’t tradeable, GMag wouldn’t be an issue because it would filter out new players (who at the moment can get a GMag for a few boss runs and a bit of plat) and keep GMag as a specialist tool for endgame farming efficiency amongst relatively more experienced players (obviously DE have nothing against building/composing for farming efficiency per se, otherwise they woudn’t invent things that make farming efficient, like GPull, at all). As it is, the GMag/Mesa combo has taken over the meta like a rash, hardly anybody asks for anything else. That’s a whole bunch of relatively new players acting like lemmings.

So DE should have stuck to their guns and made Syndicates the one element in the game that requires hard choices and a consideration of real cost. But no, they had to cave into pressure, just like they caved into pressure re. coptering because it was cool, and they wanted to look cool and accepting of emergent gameplay (which is what seems to have happened, might be wrong).


Well, newbies shouldn’t be expected to learn or know everything the first time they start up the game. same as the Parkour track in your clan takes practice and skill to get a good time on. I didn’t learn coptering for quite a while, by experimenting and playing the game. Before that, I didn’t really miss it as I figured the other guys were using a different frame. I guess the biggest issue is if you as a experienced player join a mission with lowlevels, you might “rush” to the exit so they do not get to enjoy the learning experience, map, graphics, shooting, audio, feel, etc… in their own time.

When I started they had the old star map, and i think I unlocked the first system solo mostly, cant remember if I had any groups for it. I guess they should add more 'tutorial 'content at the start, although a friend of mine hated it as he wanted to play with me.

Syndicate trading should be restricted to trading with players who have reached the same rank with other syndicates maybe?

Too late to ‘fix’ it now. I guess all they can do is to make something new, more restrictive or … different.


Yeah that was the biggest issue, most experienced players who joined in with the lower level missions [I]didn’t[/I] do that, which was alienating for newbies, made it not feel like a co-op or team game, made it feel like your contribution didn’t mean anything.