Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


My Trinity Prime was insufficiently Bless-y; my everyday Trinity build is high-efficiency low-duration, so I was fine for keeping lures alive, but the team apparently wanted the damage reduction in the long run, too. Buff frames like Rhino or Volt aren’t as in-demand, but seem to be easier to build in a meta-compliant way.


Are there any good resources to check up on the eidolon hunting meta?


None that I’m aware of, maddeningly. I feel like it’s still kind of a moving target. Now that I’ve done a little reading, I see that some people go for the full-efficiency Trinity for reactive heals/damage mitigation. A Chroma set up to one-shot the limbs is pretty common. Rhino, Harrow, Volt, Octavia, and others seem to make appearances, too.

This page has an example of a possible composition.


Thanks, exactly what I needed.


That link has it right. Bless-spec Trinity, Vex Armor-spec Chroma, and two of whatever. Playing buffers like Harrow or Rhino will get you into teams, but they aren’t necessary.

I’d like to say screw the meta and bring what you want, but Chroma is so good at popping the limbs that it’s hard to ignore. Wouldn’t be surprised if it gets nerfed at some point.

Trinity really shouldn’t have to worry about keeping the other frames up. Everyone should be in operator mode most of the time, and void mode gives them invulnerability on demand. Unfortunately the problem is that if you’re pugging then you can never be sure about the skills of the other players on the team, so a good Bless spec is desirable. Add enough power strength to max damage reduction, then mix efficiency and duration.


I finally got around to upgrading my Amp and wow, I was really surprised. I got myself the basic rank 1 components and went to Hydron to level it up - and was pretty much oneshotting everything even at wave 15, using its secondary fire mode (charged shot). Do these things scale with mods of any equipped weapons?


AFAIK they don’t, but I’m not sure. I think there’s arcanes you can put on them or something? I honestly haven’t done much with the Amp, because just last night I finally upgraded from the Mote (I haven’t done any Eidolon hunting yet). I had similar results to you, though, I was surprised by the oomph of the charged shot.

Do they go up with Rank, I wonder? Else what is the point of ranking them to 30, does anyone know?


I think you only get mastery once you gild them (possibly the prism only, same as Zaw strikes), which you can’t do until they’re max rank.


Ahhh, that’s right. Thanks!


Last night I finished my long, long grind to get the sancti Tigris. I don’t play shotguns much, and lack all the necessary mods, but even with the few I have this thing one shots everything. It is also gorgeous.

I don’t have the right mods to Max the status chance, so in the interim I’m thinking of focusing on reload speed or critical chance… But I’m not sure I can get the reload speed faster than .9

Excited to try it in the sortie after Thanksgiving dinner.


So - if I wanted to play this, as a more or less newbie, who went through the tutorial and now probably is in the ship thing - Any tips, ideas, or how-tos on how to proceed? Its kinda daunting!

Oh - this is on PS4!



These helped me quite a bit, there are a few more pretty popular ones as well. This one gives you a very good general rundown of what to do next and what you should be shooting for. Try and look for ones that are very recent, as far as guides go, because quite a bit has changed, including the progression on early planets.


I used mostly this playlist:

It’s slightly dated, now that we have Plains of Eidolon, but the truth is that you shouldn’t be doing much on the Plains when you’re starting, it’s not ideal. Also, he doesn’t tell you to get Rhino, which I think is a mistake, the Rhino is excellent.


Rhino is good, and very easy to get, and there’s no reason not to get him, agreed. It’s also pretty good timing, as by the time you’re getting close to having you first frame (hopefully excalibur) to 30, you should have Rhino available. Most of the gag with Warframe, is to constantly be leveling something to 30 and then switching it out, as that is how you build your mastery levels. Rhino is the easy and obvious choice for your 2nd warframe.

I’d watch both those guides, there is a lot of useful info in them. The one I linked has a very good and clear progression for how the game is right now. It will take you up through the 3rd planet, where the more general strategies start to come into play.


The logic to that playlist is that he’s trying to go as far as possible on a F2P “budget”. So, you need to be very picky with your frames since you can’t really have many, at least before you start being able to get plat from trading.

So, go as far as possible with Excalibur, get Nova and Loki as your “extra” frames, since they’re both excellent and very useful. Of course, so is Rhino, and I’d take Rhino over Nova as a newbie, easier to play and mod (as much power as practical). The Youtuber has been playing for years though, and has no problem pulling off stuff with Excalibur that a newer player won’t.


I dislike watching videos to learn stuff, so haven’t seen those yet - BUT , I did play most of today, and since I have Amazon Prime Video (its 5 dollars here in Denmark currently), I apparently also have Twitch Prime -. That means, I have a Prime warframe thingie with Frost stuff. Great stuff!

I did quite a few things today, and got it to level 18 or so, and the first one to level 12. So, a few questions

  1. Are the Plains the place to be currently? And do you just do bounties? I already did the story thing with glass key.
  2. What on earth is the Prime Access? I can’t really seem to figure this out - is it a one time payment,and not a subscription? And does one keep the prime warframes in rotation? I am not adverse to paying for games, and my Prime Frost seems WAY better than the starter one.

Anyways - This game is pretty much all that Destiny aspires to be!


Not really. The Plains are an option, but they have a largely self-contained economy, and the harder bounties are generally aimed at late-game players (at least, that’s my feeling).

As for what to do, I think early-game players are best served by working their way through the map, unlocking nodes and getting deeper into the solar system.

Prime access is one option for buying stuff. It’s a one-time payment which gets you a Prime warframe plus possible weapons, equipment, and platinum (depending on how much you spend), which gives you an end run around the void relic grind.

Prime gear of all types gets vaulted after a while, meaning new void relics containing its parts won’t be dropped anymore (and you can’t buy them for real money, either). There are occasional unvaultings, during which you can buy vaulted prime gear. New relics will also drop during those windows.


I’m so glad this event is finally over. The rewards were so good that I felt bad every time I was doing something else in the game besides grinding Plague Star. By the time it was over I was ready to puke at the mere thought of running the same bounty again.

I did at least manage to get enough forma to build most, if not all the dojo weapons, and I’m sitting on about 50 weapons that are ready to level right now. I see a lot of Hydron waves in my near future.

On a related note, taking a speed Nova to Hydron is pretty fun, most people I’ve grouped with last night weren’t able to handle it and hilarity ensued.


I used Plague Star to grind Cetus Wisps for my first upgraded amp, which is an unbelievable upgrade over the base.

I also ran two Gara Chassis bounties and got nothing useful, then ran the 20-40 bounty for some focus lenses and got no focus lenses and two Gara Neuroptics drops (which brings me now to three total). The RNG on the plains can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

In mastery rank news, I’ve made it to 13, so I’m going to get my Tigris Prime blueprint and wrap up intentional mastery farming for now. Highlights:

  • Mesa, who is just excellent, though it’s sometimes a little boring being so awesome.
  • Excalibur, who is fun, but I’m still glad I started with Mag instead.
  • Titania, who doesn’t feel super-powerful to me but with whom I nevertheless often do the most damage in a group. I enjoy the ability to fly and don’t find her kit as clunky as some say. There’s good CC in there, and the -50% enemy accuracy aura is a notable survivability improver. Razorwing’s machine pistols are fine weapons, as far as I’m concerned, although I think they would benefit from using secondary mods instead of primary mods. On the other hand, my Opticor has more forma in it right now than even my beloved Twin Grakatas, so it’s not all bad.


  • Magistar, the slowest melee weapon I’ve used yet.
  • Leveling a bunch of frames with exalted weapons as main contributors to their damage, while trying to level weapons at the same time.
  • All builds besides max efficiency; Streamline and 4/5 Fleeting Expertise are pretty much the first two mods I put on every frame now, unless (like Limbo or Inaros) they have an easy or obvious way to generate energy passively. Especially for frames with toggled abilities, like the three up in the highlights section, I can’t wrap my head around how to play them without being able to run the toggled ability constantly.


Hey, just be happy you can actually get multiple rewards when you run Bounties- consoles don’t have that patch yet. I was running them for a few days, trying to get things like lenses and Intensify, but only getting one reward on completion was waaaay too slow, so I shelved that for a bit. They announced it’s in cert, though, so I can get back there in a few days.

On the plus side, I sold a mod for 200p the other day (Argon Scope)- I had multiple copies so it was a nice boost. Used a bit of the money to finally buy Excalibur myself during the sale over the weekend- I originally took Mag, too (still my most-played Frame!), and just the other day realized what a shitty grind it would be to get him in-game. They obviously realize this, too, as he’s the cheapest frame by far- like they’re just saying “just buy him already, it isn’t remotely worth it”. This is especially true when you consider the slot and reactor he comes with- at that point he was practically free. I just unlocked his 4th ability in the middle of my last run for the night. I’m glad I took Mag at the beginning.

I’ve got the prints for Zephyr and Wukong being researched right now, so I’ll have a few more frames to play with when I’m done with him. I’m also having fun leveling the Itzal and Velocitus, especially in Mobile Defence missions- fly to the target, turn invisible and snipe to your heart’s content, when you start running low on energy hit the black hole and stuck everything in, rinse, repeat.

Credits remain in short supply. Might have to buy a 3-day booster to get them back up. Have to play for the top ranks of Arbiters and Red Veil coming up (a million between them!). I’ve gotten to a nice equilibrium between those two and Meridian/Suda- I can run a few of one, a few of another and keep making progress on all. And once I pay for the final levels, I can grind any with impunity and not have to pay to re-level if I go down.